New Honda ADV160 2022

2022 New Honda ADV160 Specs, Review, Price & Photos Gallery | Adventure Scooter with Automatic Transmission and More Powerful 4-vlave 160cc Engine

Honda ADV160 2022
New Honda ADV160 photo.
Model year: 2022.
Colour: Red.
2002 Honda ADV160 is a new adventure-style motorcycle scooter equipped with more powerful 4-stroke 4-valve eSP+ 160cc engine, automatic transmission, urban explorer frame & body design, high-tech security system, ABS, semi dual-purpose tires and other advanced features to answer the needs of people who like to explore across various road conditions.

Honda ADV 160 Review

Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Indonesia launched the New Honda ADV160 cruiser scooter with a new more powerful engine, more comfortable and lower seats combined with high ground clearance, and more sophisticated thanks to high-tech features such as HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control). The New Honda ADV160 maintains its identity as the best road-cruising scooter that is tough, proud, and rich in advanced features. This answers the needs of people who have high activity and like to explore across various road conditions every day.

Equipped with a proportional tough and robust design, the New Honda ADV160 is more suited to the character of an active rider. This scooter is even more powerful through the new 160cc 4 valve eSP+ (enhanced Smart Power Plus) engine that provides responsive performance in daily driving and when exploring new experiences. The embedded features and high-tech touch also confirms the New Honda ADV160 as the best driving companion for self-actualization.

The New Honda ADV160 is here as an answer to consumer desires for large road cruisers with automatic transmission. Embedded updates further give pride in driving, both through the tough and sturdy urban explorer design, responsive performance of the new engine, increased comfort, to the embedding of advanced features.

With refinements on various sides, the New Honda ADV160 is increasingly presenting a different driving experience, whether used for exploring with joy or also for daily use. The excellent performance and features of this scooter support riders who have long-distance cruising range and provide driving power to explore various road conditions.

2022 Honda ADV160 Design Overview: New Design Touch

The New Honda ADV160 has a tough and sturdy urban explorer design. As in the rear side body which has a wider cross section, and the sharper front side body which makes the footrest (step floor) wider.

Changes in the shape of the side body increase the volume of the trunk. This model has a storage space of 30 liters (up 2 liters) which can support the needs of users in storing goods. From the front view, the lamp design is maintained with modern LEDs and daytime running lights (DRL). At the back, this scooter is equipped with stop lights and LED turn signals, combined with fenders that have a design like a big motorbike.

The two step adjustabe windshield makes the aerodynamics even better. Windscreen which is commonly used on large motorcycles, the height can be adjusted by 75 mm in two height levels with easy operation. The seat height is now 780 mm, or lower than before (reduced by 15 mm), combined with the ground clearance of the New Honda ADV160 which is quite high, which is 165 mm. This combination provides more comfort for the driver when exploring various road conditions.

The sturdy front suspension design and the embedding of 240mm wavy disc brakes on the front wheels and 220 mm on the rear wheels provide stability in braking and appear more sporty and leading in their class. At the rear, a twin subtank rear suspension is pinned to provide optimal comfort and stability when cornering, bumpy roads and riding together. The use of tapered handle bars and large semi dual-purpose tires 110/80 – 14 (front) and 130/70 – 13 (rear) gives a dashing impression and looks different.

2022 Honda ADV160 Features

2022 New Honda ADV 160 Features
2022 New Honda ADV160 pictures gallery.

More Powerful Engine and Rich of Features

The New Honda ADV160 is powered by a 160cc 4 valve, liquid-cooled, eSP+ engine with a PGM-FI injection combustion system. The new engine is able to support the user's driving style with greater power, reaching 11.8 kW @ 8,500 rpm. Torque is also abundant up to 14.7 NM @ 6,500 rpm.

Based on the results of internal tests using the WMTC-EURO 3 method, fuel consumption shows the figure of 45 km / liter (ISS feature on), so it can cover a distance of up to 364 km in a single full charge of fuel.

The ACG starter complements its ability to remain smooth when the engine is started. This feature works hand in hand with Honda's ISS (Idling Stop System) which makes the engine turn off automatically when it stops, and turn it back on just by turning the gas lever.

Tapered Handlebar

Gives a sporty image and comfort in driving in urban or long distances.

New Full Digital Panel Meter

For the sake of ease of driving, the full digital panel meter has a new design, has a large screen and looks tough. Users can now get information on engine speed (tachometer/rpm meter) and trip duration (elapsed time). The setting buttons are separated, located between the handle bar and the meter panel.

Full digital indicator panel with sophisticated display and complete information which includes Smart Key indicator, HSTC Indicator, Oil Change Indicator, Battery Indicator, Idling Stop Indicator, Trip Meter, Fuel Consumption Indicator, RPM, Trip Duration, Digital Clock, and ABS Indicator (*ABS and HSTC Indicator for ABS type only).

In addition to the two new things, other information obtained included battery indicators, outside temperature indicators (the first in its class), average fuel consumption, instant fuel consumption, engine oil change indicators, hours, Trip A and Trip B.

New Higher Adjustable Windscreen

Wind screen has a higher size and consists of 2 levels of height that can be adjusted easily without the need to open bolts.

Honda Smart Key System

Operation system with Smart Key to increase motorcycle safety and give the owner a high class impression.

On the security side, the New Honda ADV160 has been supported by a Honda Smart Key and an alarm system.

LED Headlight with DRL

Full LED lighting system on headlights, taillights and turn signals for better and longer-lasting lighting capabilities.

New USB Charger in Console Box

Honda ADV 160 is equipped with a USB Charger.

For convenience, it has been equipped with a USB charger in the console box with a maximum power of 5V 2.1A, replacing the power charger on the old model.

New Extra Large Luggage Box

Large capacity luggage. Large capacity luggage (30L). Can be used to insert helmets and other items to support daily activities or hobbies.

LED Taillight with ESS​

LED Taillight with "X" pattern to give a tough and futuristic impression. Equipped with Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) for emergency situations when braking suddenly at high speed. *ESS is only available on ABS type.

In addition, the ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) feature remains a mainstay, which will automatically activate the hazard lights when suddenly braking. This technology is useful for providing warnings to drivers in the vicinity, especially in the position behind the vehicle to avoid possible accidents.

Twin Subtank Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is equipped with a tube to get a better and more comfortable suspension rebound performance. First on automatic Honda​.

Wide Tire with Semi Dual Purpose Pattern​

Wide tires measuring 110/80-14 (F) & 130/70-13 (R) with a semi dual purpose pattern to pass through various road conditions.

ABS* & Wavy Disc Brake

Braking system with wavy disc brakes on the front and rear to provide better braking ability and give the motorcycle an aggressive impression.

Equipped with a choice of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Combi Brake System (CBS) features with triple pots hydraulic, the New Honda ADV160 will increasingly make the rider feel safe and comfortable. Especially for this type of ABS, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) technology is embedded. This feature, which is usually attached to big bikes and premium Honda motorcycles, serves to limit engine torque if a difference in the rotational speed of the front tires and rear tires is detected, so that the potential for tire slippage can be avoided.

ADV 160 Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system schema
How HSTC system works.

2022 Honda ADV 160 Specifications

ADV160 Engine Specs
Machine type4-step, 4-katup, eSP+
Cooling TypeFluid Cooling
Fuel Supply SystemPGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Volume Step156.9 cc
Diameter x Step60 x 55.5 mm
Compression ratio12:1
Maximum power11.8 kw (16 ps) / 8,500 rpm
Maximum torque14.7 Nm (1.5 kgf.m) / 6,500 rpm
Transmission TypeAutomatic, V-Matic
Starter typeelectric
Clutch typeautomatic, centrifugal, dry type
Lubricating Oil Typewet
Lubricating oil capacity0.75 liters (periodic replacement)
ADV 160 Frame
Fradle TypeDouble Cradle
Front tire size110/80 - 14m/c tubeless
Rear Tire Size130/70 - 13m/c Tubeless
Front brake typewavy disc brake
Rear Brake TypeWavy Disc Brake
Braking SystemTriple Pots Hydraulic Combi Brake System (CBS) / Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Front suspension typetelescopic
Rear suspension typeMultiple rear suspension with a tube
New ADV 160 Dimensions
Length x width x height1,950 x 763 x1.196 mm
Wheel axis1,324 mm
Lowest distance to the ground165 mm
Seating height780 mm
Empty weight (curb weight)133 kg (CBS & ABS)
Fuel tank capacity8.1 liters
Battery/battery typeMF 12V-5AH
Spark plug typeNGK LMAR8L-9

Predessor: 2020 Honda ADV150 (2BK-KF38).

2002 Honda ADV 160 Price

The New Honda ADV160 is marketed in two types, ABS and CBS with a total of 6 color variants. The ABS type is marketed in Indoensia at IDR 39,250,000 (On The Road Jakarta), available in three colors, namely Tough Matte Black, Tough Matte Red, and Tough Matte White. In this type, the emblem on the side of the body is sweeter with the Burn Titanium color coating, as well as the rims and handle bars. Meanwhile, the CBS type, which is marketed for IDR 36,000,000 (On The Road Jakarta), gets three color choices, namely Dynamic Black, Dynamic Red, and Dynamic White.


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