1968 Honda Dream CB450 K1

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Honda Dream CB450 1968 Black
Honda Dream CB450 photo in original condition.
Release date: 1968-11-01.
Body Color: Black.
Honda Dream CB450 K1 Super Sport model year 1968 is a classic bigbike with sleek and clean look powered by DOHC four-stroke vertical twin engine that produces 45bhp@9000rpm.


Honda CB450 K-1's top speed is over 110mph. It does the quarter in a fast 13.2 seconds. Another big performance feature is constant-velocity twin carburation for top performance at any attitude. The CB450 K-1 is equipped with classic-styling features such as: plenty of chrome, candy colors, rounded front and rear directional signals, independent tachometer and speedometer, and heavy-duty suspension.

A large high-speed, high-performance motorcycle equipped with a unique DOHC 450cc engine. A dynamic and dynamic design, a mobile king's personality. The engine and frame have all been further refined.

Honda Dream CB450 started exporting with domestic sales in April 1965, and is highly evaluated from all over the world as "the king of motorcycles", and most of them are used for police motorcycles of each country that requires the most mobility. , I want the name of "export flower shape".

1968 Honda Dream CB450 Features

Honda Dream CB450 K1 1968
Restored 1968 Honda Dream CB450 K1 picture
「ホンダドリームCB450」in standard condition like new.

Maximum output 45 horsepower! Maximum speed 180km/h!

Amazing output of 101 horsepower per liter. This is the result of Honda's technology crystal 4-cycle 2-cylinder DOHC engine.

0-400m acceleration 13.2 seconds!

The world's best wonder acceleration. Demonstrate the technology of participating in the World GP. It is a mobility that does not allow other vehicles to follow even when overtaking acceleration.

Return type 5-stage mission

The ideal gear ratio can always be selected according to all driving conditions, and the high output engine characteristics are fully demonstrated.

New type oil, high pressure nitrogen combined rear suspension

First appeared in motorcycles, it demonstrates outstanding road holding for high-speed cornering, rough road driving, etc., and the riding comfort has also improved dramatically.

1969 Honda Dream CB450
1968 Honda Dream CB450 K1 (45ps) Restoration.

Features of Each Part


◇ Improved performance and increased horsepower!

We have improved the intake and exhaust efficiency from low speed to high speed as a result of improving the intake and exhaust valve system and combustion chamber by utilizing the high level technology born from valuable racing experience.

◇ Torsion bar type valve spring

The valve train is compact and provides stable performance at high speeds. The excellent maintainability around the valve is already well-established.

◇ Luxury needle roller bearing

Crank bearings are supported at 4 points using a new type needle roller bearing. The bearings up to the main part of the mission are also needle roller bearings, and the rotation is smooth. It has less horsepower loss and is more durable even at high speeds and harsh driving.

◇ Complete oil lubrication

Highly efficient double filtration by filter net type and centrifugal type by forced lubrication method by plunger pump. It is a lubrication method that does not cause any anxiety even in continuous high-speed rotation.

◇ Wet multi-plate large capacity clutch

The connection is smooth, there is little shock, it withstands overuse in urban areas and mountain slopes, and boasts unrivaled durability.

◇ Negative pressure servo type double carburetor

From low speed to high speed, even intake can be obtained according to the driving condition, and the luck at the time of sudden acceleration is completely smooth.

◇ Quiet and efficient air cleaner

The two air cleaners are housed in a resin-integrated silencer to mute the suction noise, and because of the left-right communication, the suction is well-balanced, the filtration area works effectively, and the suction efficiency is outstanding.


◇ Semi-double cradle type frame

The pipe diameter has been increased, the torsional rigidity has been increased, the front alignment has been improved, and the wheelbase has been extended (25 mm), which has significantly improved steering stability at high speeds.

◇ Tireless riding position

The handle is a semi-up type with a larger width and height. Pursuing ease of operation based on ergonomics along with seats, meters, switches, pedals, etc. Careful consideration has been given to earthquake prevention measures, agile driving is possible, and long-distance continuous driving is not tiring.

◇ Stable telescopic suspension

The front fork has a fearless and stable telescopic suspension, little fluctuation in front alignment, and excellent shock absorption and road surface tracking. The bottom case is made of aluminum alloy with low unsprung weight, which enhances rigidity and improves operability, and combined with proper trail dimensions, improves steering stability.

◇ Rear suspension is a combination of oil and high pressure nitrogen

Oil and high-pressure nitrogen gas are used together, there is no loss of damping action due to foaming, and there is little effect of temperature changes and oil fatigue. It has excellent durability, good followability to the road surface, and excellent running stability. It is used only in luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce and Benz.

◇ Safe large diameter tires

It has excellent road grip and is safe and has good vet holding (biting on wet roads). The clearance with the fender is designed to be large, and it can be installed up to 4.00-18. There is plenty of room in the snow chain.

◇ Improved change feeling

Pole bearings are used for the shift drum. A new mechanism has been adopted for the stopper to ensure light operation. In addition, special consideration is given to jumping changes, and it can be operated safely even at high speeds.

◇ Meter is a separate type

Meters are independent types that emphasize the unique wild appearance and create a functional mood. Easy to check and easy to install the sports kit.

◇ Simple maintenance and inspection mechanism

The seat is a one-touch rear opening and closing type, and the battery and electrical components are placed directly under it, and the air cleaner cover can be easily removed, making maintenance and inspection of each part extremely easy.

◇ Complete safety design for everything

The front brake is a powerful and reliable large diameter 2-leading type. Lights are as large as a passenger car. All the operations while driving are collected at hand, and the tip of the lever is ball-shaped, and the protrusions such as pedals are rounded, giving consideration to safety.

1968 Honda Dream CB450 K1 Blue
1968 Honda Dream CB450 K1.
Body Color: Blue.

Honda Dream CB450 Price/Release time

National standard cash net price ¥ 268,000. Release date November 1, 1968.
(Price is national standard cash net price, conventional deferment)
The production plan is initially planned to be 4,000 units per month (both export and domestic).

1968 Honda CB450 K1 Specs
1968 Honda Dream CB450 K1 Size / Dimension.

1968 Honda Dream CB450 Specifications

 CB450, CB450 exportold model
Caster62 ° 30'64 °
Tank capacity12.5L12.5L
13.5L (export only)
Dimensions mOverall length2.115
Full width0.775
Overall height1.090
Minimum ground clearance0.140
Weight kgVehicle weight175 (dry)
Riding capacity (persons)2
PerformanceMaximum speed km/h180
0-400m acceleration seconds13.2
Paved flat road fuel consumption rate km/L35 (60km/h)
Climbing ability °20 °
Minimum turning radius m2.29
Braking stop distance m14.5 (initial speed 50km/h)
MotorCooling method and cycleAir cooling 4 cycles
Number and arrangement of cylinders2-cylinder upright parallel
Valve arrangementOverhead 2-camshaft type
Total displacement cc444
Inner diameter x stroke mm70 x 57.8
Maximum power output PS/rpm45/9.000
Maximum torque kg-m/rpm3.88/7,500
Compression ratio9.0
Compression pressure kg/cm213.0/1000rpm
Combustion chamber shapeHemispherical
Explosion interval ° 
Crank shaft
Bearing type
4-point support needle bearing
Cam chain
Tensioner device
Starting methodStarter type kick type combined use
Ignition methodBattery ignition
Ignition timing5 ° -40 ° before top dead center
Ignition coil typeDC high pressure coil
Spark plug modelB-7ES
Vaporizer type and numberNegative pressure servo type 2
Air purifier typeFilter paper type 2
Fuel tank capacity L12.5
Lubrication methodForced splash combination type
Oil pump typePlunger type
Oil strainer typeCentrifugal type and wire mesh type combined
Lubricating oil capacity L2.8
Battery voltage capacity12V 12AH
Generator typeRotor type ACG
Power transmission deviceMechanism from engine to transmissionGear type
Same as above Reduction ratio3.304
Clutch typeWet multi-plate
Transmission typeAlways meshing forward 5 steps
Transmission operation methodLeft foot movement type
Gear ratio 1st speed2.412
Gear ratio 2nd speed1.636
Gear ratio 3rd speed1.269
4th gear ratio1.000
Gear ratio 5 speed0.844
Mechanism from transmission to rear axleChain
Same as above Reduction ratio2.333
Steering angle °Left and right 40 °
Traveling deviceCaster °64 °
Trail m0.080
Tire sizeFront3.25-18 4PR
Rear3.50-18 4PR
Braking deviceBrake type TypeFrontInternal expansion Expression
RearInternal expansion
Operation methodFrontRight manual type
RearRight foot movement
Suspension deviceSuspension methodFrontTelescopic type
RearSwing arm type
shock absorber typefronthydraulic
Frame formatSemi-double cradle type
Sheet formatDouble sheet
Chain case typeHalf chain case
Combined use
Number lights
Brake lightV-W (color)12-23 (red)
Turn signalV-W (color)12-10 (orange)

The following design changes have been made to the model with the engine compression ratio changed from 8.5 to 9.0 and the intake / exhaust valve system and combustion chamber improved to increase the maximum output to 45ps / 9,000rpm and maximum torque to 3.88kg-m / 7,500rpm..

  • Type 2 of 360 ° crank, which existed only in Japan, was abolished and the crank phase of all cars became only 180°.
  • Changed the crank bearing to a 4-point support needle roller bearing.
  • The transmission has been changed from 4-speed to 5-speed, and the main transmission bearings have also been changed to needle roller bearings.
  • Increased torsional rigidity by increasing the pipe diameter of the frame. Therefore, the mounting method of the tandem step has also been changed.
  • The wheelbase was extended by 25mm to 1,375mm for the purpose of improving high-speed stability, which was said to be insufficient, and the trail was changed from 80 to 104 (mm) and the casters were changed from 64° to 62.5°.
  • Changed the front fork to a specification with boots and the bottom case to an aluminum alloy.
  • The rear suspension has been changed to the world's first oil / high-pressure nitrogen gas combination type for motorcycles. In addition, the clearance with the fender was increased in consideration of the installation of a snow chain.
  • The characteristic integrated meter has been changed to a twin-lens separate type.
  • Changed the design of the fuel tank.
  • Changed the design of the side cover emblem.

Due to these changes, the 0 → 400m acceleration data announced by the manufacturer has also been increased to 13.2 seconds. The popular name was also called K1 as opposed to K0 with 43ps specifications.

Minor Changes

Next model Announced on September 16, 1969, and released on September 17, 1969, a minor change was made to the so-called K2, which will be changed to a tack roll sheet. Announced on September 16, 1970, and released on the 25th of the same month, a minor change was made to the so-called K3 with enhanced safety equipment [Note 8], but production was discontinued in 1972.

Dream CB450 export

It is a variation model announced and released on November 1, 1968.
The difference from the original model is that the fuel tank capacity has been increased from 12.5 to 13.5L and a metallic color has been adopted.

In 1969 and 1970, minor changes similar to the 45ps specifications mentioned above were implemented. It was discontinued in 1972.


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