1969 Honda Dream CB750 FOUR

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Honda Dream CB750 FOUR 1969 Blue
Photo of The Honda Dream CB750 FOUR Super Sports.
「ホンダドリーム CB750 FOUR」.
Release date : 1969-07-18.
1969 Honda Dream CB750 FOUR is a legendary classic big capacity super sport motorcycle powered by OHC 4-stroke 4-cylinder 736cc engine with 4 carburetors, 4 mufflers, and 5-speed transmission. It was claimed as The World's Finest Motorcycle

In order to enjoy long-distance driving more comfortably, more safely and comfortably, a vehicle with excellent mobility and absolute reliability is necessary. The Honda Dream CB750 FOUR is a big motorcycle that was born as a result of Honda's technology, which is the leader of a motorcycle manufacturer, and is the world's finest motorcycle that fully meets the demands of the long-distance touring era. Moreover, although it is a high-performance vehicle, it is easy to handle and has excellent steering stability.

1969 Honda Dream CB750 FOUR History

Honda started exporting this model mainly to the United States and Canada in spring 1969. At that time in the United States, there has been a growing tendency to love motorcycle sports and enjoy leisure, and it has been extremely popular. Honda have decided to start domestic sales also in response to the strong demand.

At that time, reliable information came in that British company Triumph was developing a high-performance 3-cylinder 750cc motorbike. This was the impetus for the concept of a large motorcycle with a 750cc engine and an output of 67 horsepower (because the Harley's 1300cc was 66 horsepower, the idea was that it would be better if it exceeded 1 horsepower), in October 1967.

About 20 people started a development project in February 1968, and began designing the CB750FOUR. At that time, Honda was the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles due to the explosive popularity of the Super Cub.
Rivals of the CB750FOUR were Triumph, BMW, Harley, etc., and it was necessary to ensure performance and reliability that could compete with them.

Therefore, the engine structure of 4 cylinders and 4 mufflers, which immediately makes you feel that it is a direct descendant of a Grand Prix machine, is the keynote, and by tailoring it to an up-handle that Americans like, it pushes a wild and dynamic image to the fore. . It was also the first large-displacement vehicle, and was equipped with technology that fully considered mass production and maintainability.

The basic development plan was not only to improve the output characteristics, but also to make the continuous high-speed long-distance touring on the highway safer and more comfortable.

With Honda's success, other Japanese manufacturers followed suit in the 750cc large-displacement sports bike category, sparking the so-called Nanahan boom. It is no exaggeration to say that the CB750FOUR has created a genre called Nanahan.

Honda Dream CB 750 FOUR 1969 red right side
1969 Classic Honda Dream CB750 FOUR picture.
Color: Red.

Honda Dream CB750 FOUR Price

Price: Nationwide standard cash net price: ¥385,000.
Release date: August 10, 1969.
Production plan: 3,000 units per month for the time being

1969 Honda Dream CB750 FOUR Features

New motorcycle products and information.
Majestic style, amazing performance, super-dreadnought motorcycle is finally here! .
1969 Honda Dream CB750 FOUR

In order to drive long distances more comfortably and safely, a vehicle with excellent mobility and absolute reliability is necessary. The CB750 FOUR, born here as a result of the unparalleled efforts and technology of Honda, the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, is the world's top luxury motorcycle that fully meets the demands of the long-distance touring era.

1969 Honda CB750 FOUR Red
1969 Honda Four (CB750) image.

Equipped with a maximum output of 67 horsepower, ample horsepower and outstanding durability, a 4-cycle, 4-cylinder, 4-carburetor 736cc engine with countless elaborate mechanisms and an extremely rigid double cradle. It has excellent body mechanics, such as a 2-inch frame, newly developed tires for high-speed driving, and four dynamic mufflers. The CB 750 FOUR perfectly meets the requirements for a top-notch motorcycle.

◎ Long-distance highway touring - more comfortable and safer -

The CB 750 FOUR doesn't require any special techniques despite its ultra-high performance! It has all the essential conditions for high-speed long-distance touring.

  • 1) Powerful engine – Powerful enough to deliver the sharp acceleration you need when starting or overtaking. An ultra-high-performance engine with high output and high torque that demonstrates jet-like acceleration that follows the driver's wishes. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 5-stage mission that fully draws out its intense power.
  • 2) Outstanding driving stability - Excellent road holding with a sense of security under all road conditions, including straight lines, curves, and wet roads. , correct alignment, cushioning properties and tires that are safe even at high speed.
  • 3) Safety is especially important - The higher the speed, the more reliable and reliable the braking function, and the more comfortable and easy to control the brakes are. Prove it brilliantly. Not only does it illuminate more powerfully, but it also incorporates lights that can be seen from other sources and a positive idea of ​​safety from every possible angle.
  • 4) Careful design for comfort: Proper operating position, appropriate driving position, steering wheel and seat shape, vibration-free body for comfortable long-distance running at high speed without fatigue. , easy-to-read instruments, and other details are ergonomically designed.
  • 5) High durability - Both the engine and frame are designed with the best of technology, pursuing the ultimate in every aspect. Always trouble-free even on long highway runs, it boasts amazing durability over all parts.
  • * The CB750 FOUR completely covers these severe conditions, and has more than 30 patents and utility models.

◎The CB750 FOUR's engine-a mighty power that produces a dynamic performance-

1969 Honda Dream CB750 FOUR engine
Engine of Old Honda Dream CB750 FOUR 1969

  • OHC, 4-cycle, 4-cylinder.
    Honda's OHC engine not only produces full high-speed rotation and high output, but also has features such as easy maintenance and pollution prevention. And its high reliability is already well-established. Moreover, Honda's unique cam bearing system and forced lubrication system make it quiet and durable. In addition, the inertia of the reciprocating part maintains a perfect balance, and the vibration is extremely low, so you can enjoy comfortable touring.
  • 4 carburetors, 4 mufflers.
    Each cylinder is equipped with a carburetor, exhaust pipe, and muffler to improve the intake and exhaust system, as well as to achieve good combustion efficiency and an economical special engine. Combined with the hemispherical combustion chamber, it demonstrates overwhelming high power. .
    The four large-capacity mufflers, which symbolize the dignified style and powerful style, have a remarkable silencing effect and are fully considered for pollution.
  • Dry sump type lubricator.
     The engine is made lighter and more compact, the oil is prevented from deteriorating, and each bearing and moving parts are always lubricated with oil of the appropriate viscosity. A good dry sump method is adopted. The oil pump is a highly reliable large-capacity double pump and a full-flow oil filter that constantly feeds clean oil around the crank and cam.
    Equipped with an oil return prevention device to prevent the oil from flowing into the engine from the oil tank, so that the amount of oil can be checked reliably. In addition, a hydraulic pilot lamp is incorporated into the instrument to further enhance safety.
  • Large-capacity air cleaner.
    Equipped with a large-capacity air cleaner with a pre-chamber, it is particularly durable and has greater suction efficiency for improved performance.
  • Crankshaft with an integrated structure.
    Crankshaft bearings for high-speed, high-power engines require high precision, and a highly rigid and highly accurate integrated structure crankshaft bearing is required. We adopted a crankshaft and used a high-speed plain bearing (5-point support) developed in the running laboratory FI. It has excellent durability and is quiet.
  • Starter method.
    Combined with the engine built-in starter system that starts with one touch and his primary kick starter system that can be started even in gear. The cell has a double safety structure, and the part that transmits the driving force to the crank is a wet type, so durability is outstanding.
  • New generator (ACG).
    Equipped with a non-contact excitation AC generator for the first time in a motorcycle. It has a large capacity, is made compact, and has extremely high durability and reliability.
  • Wet-type multi-plate clutch.
    Wet-type multi-plate clutch with large capacity and no noise. A ball-type clutch lifter, resin-coated wire, and needle bearings provide smooth clutch connection and disconnection, and the change operation is light and durable.
  • 5-speed transmission.
    Equipped with a 5-speed transmission with an appropriate gear ratio so that you can fully bring out the wide range of engine characteristics from low to high speeds and enjoy dynamic techniques. Reliability is further enhanced with full forced lubrication. In addition, the new jump prevention device ensures reliable shift operation.
  • Primary chain drive.
    The placement of the primary reduction is Honda's unique center drive system. Accurate power transmission is possible with the chain, contributing to the reduction in weight and size. The special torque damper smooths out the rotation fluctuations, improving durability and reducing noise.

◎ CB 750 FOUR frame Outstanding running stability and ride comfort

  • Double cradle type frame.
    A double cradle type frame with a unique downtube head structure that is both light and highly rigid. Excellent handling stability under severe operating conditions, especially at high speeds.
  • Full clamp type front fork.
    A full clamp type that is strong from the axle to the top bridge improves steering stability when driving on highways, etc., and has a long stroke. Combined with special dampers and an adjustable carbon-type rear cushion, the ride is soft.
  • Rear fork with square cross-section.
    Steel plate rear fork with rational cross-section variation provides uniform high rigidity from the pivot to the rear axle. Stable alignment is always maintained by the rear detachable and full clamp type fastening.
  • Automatic lubricating drive chain.
    The drive chain is lubricated with ideal lubrication by its own automatic lubricating device, greatly contributing to improvement of friction loss and durability of the chain.
  • Exhaust System.
    The dynamic muffler reminiscent of an ultra-high-performance racer is equipped with a balance tube for even better performance. The exhaust pipe muffler also has a one-piece structure that helps prevent pollution and a safe muffler protector.
  • Safe high-speed tires.
    Large tires with a special pattern developed based on the experience of Grand Prix races prevent high-speed shimmy and standing waves, and provide excellent road holding. In addition, the wheel balance is completely corrected, so there is no vibration at high speeds.
  • Seats that won't tire you out on long-distance touring.
    The gorgeous quilt-patterned seats hold your body securely and offer a soft ride that's perfect for long-distance continuous driving. I don't get tired. The side-opening one-touch open/close type makes maintenance and inspection of electrical components easy. Moreover, it is safe with a double safety lock.
  • A graceful tank that symbolizes high performance.
    The tank, which is easy to operate with a one-touch cap, is a new design full of flowing beauty that is reminiscent of a Grand Prix racer.
  • Auxiliaries that are easy to maintain.
    Since a distributor is not used in the ignition system, security is as easy as before. We have devised ways to make maintenance of each part easy, such as the unit full floating type electrical equipment, the tank with the structure that is easy to attach and detach, and the one-touch left and right side covers.

◎ CB 750 FOUR's outstanding safety mechanism Honda's safety philosophy seen in all aspects

  • Unparalleled Front Disc Brake.
    Smooth, soft, yet reliable, with excellent braking performance and a unique feel, DI's disc brake is the highway. Essential for high speed touring. The front wheel disc brake, which makes full use of the highest-grade mechanisms such as a special alloy disc that has a strong braking effect and does not rust, a hydraulic operation system, a self-adjusting pad, and a master cylinder with a leak-proof mechanism, can be adjusted freely and always delivers reliable braking power. To do.
  • Easy-to-handle control device.
    Anti-glare treated handle fittings and top bridge to prevent eye fatigue. Handle centralized switches that do not require you to let go of the steering wheel while driving. Combined with a comfortable riding posture based on accumulated ergonomic considerations and a vibration-free body structure, you can enjoy long-distance touring safely.
  • Easy-to-see and luxurious instruments.
    The speed tachometer uses a luxurious structure and has the most comfortable viewing angle and layout for the driver. Equipped with luxury and safety-conscious instruments such as anti-glare treatment meter housing, easy-to-read pilot lamps, trip meter, and special night lighting.
  • Large Bright Lights.
    The headlamps are large, bright with sealed beams and have excellent durability. The blinkers and taillights are also large and can be easily seen from a distance. The brake lights also come on when the front and rear brakes are applied individually.
  • Side reflectors.
    When parking at night, reflectors are installed on both sides of the front fork and taillight so that the motorcycle can be seen from any direction for safety. I am raising it.
  • Ignition Kill Switch.
    In an emergency, the engine can be stopped without releasing the steering wheel by pressing the emergency stop button on the right side of the steering wheel.
1969 Honda Dream CB750FOUR specification
Four side views, engine performance curve, running performance curve of The Honda CB750 1969.

Comparison Table of Main Specifications (Major Large-Displacement Vehicles In The World)

Country nameModelEngine modelDisplacement CCMax output PS/rpmNumber of gears
JapanHonda Dream CB 750 FOUR4 cylinder OHC73667/ 8,0005
TRIUMPH TRIDENT3-cylinder OHV74060/7,7504
NORTON COMMANDO2 cylinder OHV74560/6,600
HARLEY-DAVIDSON XLH2 cylinder OHV88358/6,6004
BSA ROCKET 33-cylinder OHV74060/7,750
JapanKawasaki W-I Special62453/7,000
Kawasaki Matsuha III3 cylinder 2 STROKE49860/7,5005


Honda Four (CB750) Parts and Accessories

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  • Exhaust Headpipe Gasket Set of 4 - Honda CB750 OEM Ref.#18291-MM5-860.
    Fits: All SOHC CB750's (1969-78).
    Fits: CB750K (1979-82) CB750F (1979-82) CB750L (1979) CB750C (1980-82).
    Fits: CB750SC (1982-83) CB700SC (1984-86). ACS
  • 4 Honda Cb750 C Custom K Carb Rebuild Repair Kits 1980 1981 - $.
  • Voltage Rectifier Regulator Fits Honda CB 400cc CB 500cc CB 550cc CB 750cc.
    High quality aftermarket item
    Fitment(Honda only): Please make sure this part fits your motorcycle before you purchase CB 400cc F 1976-1978,CB 500cc F 1973-1977,CB 550cc F/K3 1975-1978 CB 750cc K1-K8 F1/F2 SOHC 1975-1976. Uptogreen.
  • 1976-1977 HONDA CB400F REGULATOR/RECTIFIER HONDA CB350F-750F, Manufacturer: PROCOM, Manufacturer Part Number: ESR240-AD, Stock Photo - Actual parts may vary. - $99.00.
    l. ProCom.
  • 4 Pod Air Filters Honda Cb 750 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 39Mm - $0.00.
    The listing is for Four 39mm (1.535inches) airfilter.
    Will work for: Honda CB750 750 1969-1974.
    Kawasaki KZ550A 550 1980-1981. alphamoto
  • Carburetor Rebuild Kits - Complete Set - Honda CB750K - 1972-1976 - .
    Carburetor Rebuild Kits - Complete Set
    Honda CB750K - 1972-1976. 4into1.
  • Fuel Tank Switch Valve Petcock for Honda Cb550f Cb550k Cb750a Cb750f Cb750k Motorcycle 16mm x 1.5mm New.
    Nut threading is 16mm x .51mm.
    22mm hex nut.
    Package include 1pc. ZY. Silver.
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    Covers Honda CB750 Fours 1969-1979..
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