1970 Honda Dream SL350

Honda Dream SL350 Model Year 1970 Photos Gallery, Specs, Price & Features

Honda Dream SL350 1970 Blue
Photo of Honda Dream SL350.
〈ホンダドリームSL350〉. Color: Blue.
Release date : October 20, 1970.
Honda Dream SL350 is a classic adventure sport motorcycle equipped with 4-cycle OHC upright 2-cylinder engine and full-fledged functions as a motosport machine that “runs wildly in mountainous wilderness”.

1970 Honda SL350 Main Features

  • A sports car that can drive dynamically and safely in the wilderness.
  • The engine has sufficient functions as a motosport vehicle, with an intake/exhaust system selected mainly for off-road driving, a low-to-medium speed high output type, a 5-speed transmission with an appropriate gear ratio, and a primary kick starter. is incorporated into
  • The frame body is a rational double cradle type with thin steel pipes, further reducing weight and improving rigidity.
  • The front wheel suspension is a telescopic, oil damper type full clamp type with high rigidity from the axle to the top bridge. The rear wheel suspension is of the swing arm type and uses a highly rigid torii-style rear fork made of steel pipe.
  • The appropriate placement of switches and levers, the ideal riding position, and large-diameter tires with a block pattern match the engine's characteristics well. shows excellent driving performance.
  • Equipped with an ignition kill switch on the right side of the steering wheel that can stop the engine without taking your hands off the steering wheel in an emergency.
  • Equipped with reflectors on both sides of the front fork and both sides of the taillight so that the vehicle can be seen from any direction at night.
  • A stop switch is also attached to the front wheel braking system, and the brake light turns on when braking either the front or rear wheels.
  • The speedometer and tachometer have independent formats and are laid out at a higher position to make them easier to see.

Honda SL series 2nd installment
Honda Dream SL350 that runs vigorously in the wilderness

This is a full-fledged motosport machine from Honda following the already popular SL90. Wide and strong high fenders, motocross-type long-stroke forks, a shining silver frame, a black muffler, and vivid body colors all give off a fearless image of running through the wilderness.

4-cycle OHC upright 2-cylinder engine

The tenacious high-power engine with two dual black carburetors easily shows 30 horsepower (/9,500 rpm), and through the 5-speed transmission, the maximum speed is 135 km / h, and the reduction ratio is suitable for low and medium speeds. Set up and take off-the-road with ease, in the most extreme conditions.

Exquisite style suitable for rough roads

  • Silver-tone frame is light and strong, rational semi-double cradle. The front wheel has a telescopic fork and a full clamp type with high rigidity from the axle to the top bridge. The unique suspension has a long cushion stroke, and combined with the block-patterned large-diameter tires, it exhibits excellent off-the-road steering stability.
  • The wide steel fenders are short and set high. The brightly colored tank has smart stripes and is overflowing with a sense of fluidity. The tank cap is a one-touch quick open type. The up handle with a bar is equipped with a large diameter soft cover grip that prevents shock.
  • A fearless black muffler on the left and right sides of the engine, which boasts toughness, further emphasizes the image of motosport. The heavy muffler also has a built-in spark assuring device to prevent forest fires.
  • The seat is a semi-double, tuck roll type that holds the body securely.

Extremely safe for high-speed and city driving

  • Large tail lights and turn signals with high illuminance. Switches and levers are laid out for easy handling. Reliable braking performance, large specially patterned tires that grip any road surface, reflectors on both sides of the front fork and taillight, and an ignition kill switch are installed to ensure safety.

1970 Honda Dream SL350 Price when it was in new condition in year of 1970 : ¥217,000 (national standard cash price).
Monthly production plan : 5,000 units (including exports)


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