Honda Benly CB90JX-DISK 1972

1972 Model Honda CB90JX-DISK Specs and Photos in Original Standard Condition

1972 Honda Benly CB90JX-DISK
Photo of Honda Benly CB90JX-DISK 1972.
Release date : April 11, 1972. Body Color: White.
Honda Benly CB90JX(-DISK) is a light-weight sportbike that combines an 89cc air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder OHC engine with a 5-speed transmission in a classic design with round headlight, turnsignal lamps and stoplamp.

The change from Benly CB90 is that the seat opens sideways. It can be opened and closed with a single touch, and the area under the seat can be used as a tool holder. This is a model that uses mechanical disc brakes.

Honda has adopted the world's first mechanical disc brake with an automatic adjustment device (JX-DISK) for the Honda Benly CB90, which is popular as a light sports type, further improving usability and design. We will add the JX series that incorporates light sportiness and release it newly.

Honda Benly CB90JX Main Features

  • The world's first mechanical disc brake with an automatic adjustment device (JX-DISK) …… For those who enjoy a sportier ride, we have adopted a disc brake that is easy to control. The brake pads are also a unique mechanism that can be adjusted automatically. (Patents and utility models pending)
  • Newly adopted side-opening seat …… The seat has adopted a type that opens sideways with a single touch. The space under the seat is convenient as a tool holder and a document holder.
  • Bright coloring and light and sporty style …… The flowing tank shape and powerful megaphone type muffler match the bright colors of red and blue to emphasize modern sportiness.

Honda Benly CB90JX Photos Gallery

Here the photos of Honda Benly CB90JX and ベンリイCB90JX-DISK in new/original condition for your reference or inspiration before doing classic motorcycle restoration.

1972 Honda Benly CB90JX Standard Drum-Brake
Honda Benly CB90JX picture.
Standard version with drumb brake system for front wheel.
Honda Benly CB90JX-DISK 1972 white
Image of Honda Benly CB90JX-DISK photo.
Model Year : 1972.
This type is equipped with disk-brake system for front wheel.

Both of them equipped with drumb brakes system for rear wheel.

Honda Benly CB90JX Main Specifications

Overall length (m)1.870
Full width (m)0.745
Overall height (m)1.025
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.150
Dry weight (kg)9192
Fuel economy (km/L) official test value65 (at 50km/h)
Climbing ability tan0.36 (about 20 degrees)
Braking stop distance (m)14 (initial speed 50km/h)13.5 (initial speed 50km/h)
Engine model4-cycle OHC
Displacement (cc)89
Maximum output (PS/rpm)10.5/10,500
Maximum torque (kg-m/rpm)0.76/9,000
Fuel supply methodCarburetor
Fuel tank capacity (L)8.5
Cruising distance at full tank (approximate/reference value)552.5
Engine start methodKickstarter type
Spark plug standard equipment/modelD8EA
Installed battery/model6N6-3B
Battery capacity6V-6Ah
Engine lubrication methodWet sump type
Engine oil capacity * Total capacity (L)1.0
Clutch typeWet/multi-plate
Transmission typeReturn type, 5-speed
Transmission/operation methodFoot shift
Primary reduction ratio4.055
Secondary reduction ratio2.923
Gear ratio1st speed 2.500/2nd speed 1.722/3rd speed 1.332/4th speed 1.082/5th speed 0.922
Power transmission methodChain
Frame modelSemi-double cradle
Caster angle63 ° 40'
Trail amount (mm)78
Brake type (front)Mechanical disc
Brake type (rear)Mechanical leading trailing
Suspension system (front)Telescopic fork
Front fork typeUpright fork
Suspension system (rear)Swing arm system
Number of shock absorbers (after)2
Tire (front)2.50-18
Tire (front) structure nameBias
Tire (front) ply rating4PR
Tire (front) typeTube tire
Tire (rear)2.50-18
Tire (rear) structure nameBias
Tire (rear) ply rating4PR
Tire (rear) typeTube tire
Wheel rim width (front)1.4
Wheel rim width (rear)1.4
Tire standard specified air pressure (at the time of passenger capacity/front)1.80
Tire standard specified air pressure (at the time of passenger capacity/rear)2.00
Headlight rating (Hi)25W/25W
Tail light rating (braking/tail light)10W/3W
Speedometer display formatAnalog

About mechanical disc brakes of CB90JX-DISK

Main features of mechanical disc brakes

  • Stable braking force and smooth braking feeling
    ○ Excellent braking performance from high speeds.
    ○ Even if it gets wet with water, the effect does not change much and recovery is quick.
    ○ The effect does not decrease even if the brake is applied repeatedly.
  • Fully automatic pad gap
    Detects the amount of play in the pad and automatically adjusts the pad gap, which saves time and effort.
  • High transmission efficiency
    A ball braking cam system, a brake arm with thrust needle bearings, etc. are used to show transmission efficiency that does not seem to be mechanical.
  • Excellent waterproof and dustproof measures
    ○ Completely sealed caliper ○ The disc cover protects each operating part from earth and sand, water, etc., and enhances safety and durability.

Disk caliper structure and operation

Caliper structure and operation
The force of the brake lever rotates the brake arm (1) and pushes the thrust plate (3) through the steel ball (2). Furthermore, the force is transmitted to the nut (4) and shaft (5), and the pad A is pressed against the disc. On the other hand, the reaction force that pushes the thrust plate pushes the pad B against the disc via the needle bearing (6), thrust washer (7), and caliper body (8) to obtain braking force. The arm is returned by the return spring (9).

Honda CB90JX Price List

National standard cash price of Honda Benly CB90JX in new condition at that time (year 1972):

  • Honda Benly CB90JX price : 93,000 yen
  • Honda Benly CB90JX-DISK price : 99,000 yen

Monthly production planning : 3,000 units


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