1975 Honda Benly CB125JX

New Honda Benly CB125JX Model Year 1975 Specs, Value, Photos Collection

1975 Honda BENLY CB125JX
1975 Honda Benly CB125JX picture.
《ホンダ・ベンリイCB125JX》. Body color: Blue.
Release date : 1975-05-01
1975 Honda Benly CB125JX is a lightweight road sports motorbike equipped with 4-cycle single-cylinder OHC 125cc engine that has excellent fuel efficiency, performance and durability.

Honda Motor released Honda Benly CB125JX, a new single-cylinder model road sports motorcycle suitable for a wide range of applications from city driving to touring, on May 1, 1975.

In the frequently used carburetor opening of 60% to 70%, the cross-sectional area of ​​the inlet port is suppressed to about 70% to increase the flow rate of the air-fuel mixture, and a plate that divides the inside of the port into upper and lower parts is used to improve atomization. Adopted "atomizer plate". This improves combustion efficiency, prevents the momentary breathlessness that tends to occur when starting and accelerating, and achieves sharp response and low fuel consumption.

This motorcycle is a simple, compact, lightweight, highly maneuverable, quiet two-wheeled vehicle with excellent fuel efficiency and performance.

1975 Honda BENLY CB125JX Main Features

  • Equipped with a newly-designed single-cylinder OHC 124cc 14-horsepower engine that is lightweight and has high output.
  • A new mechanism (atomizer plate) is adopted for the engine intake system. It achieves sharp starting and acceleration performance, and is also excellent in fuel efficiency.
  • Equipped with a large capacity muffler. It achieves both a quiet exhaust sound and high performance.
  • Simple functional beauty is emphasized from the front to the tank and seat. A light and sporty design.

Honda BENLY CB125JX Price in new condition (year of 1975) : 163,000 yen (national standard cash price).
Monthly production plan: 13,000 units (including exports)

Features Summary

Engine related

  • 1. Newly designed 4-cycle single-cylinder OHC 125cc engine with excellent engine response
  • The newly designed main engine parts, such as the highly efficient crankshaft, piston, cylinder head, cam, and valves, are the best match for the intake and exhaust system of the carburetor, exhaust pipe, and muffler, resulting in extremely high output and extended performance. I realized a good engine.
  • 1) Low friction, highly durable crankshaft (left and right large ball bearings, single roller bearings at connecting rod big ends)
  • 2) Lightweight piston made of special aluminum alloy
  • 3) Head with large ports for efficient intake and exhaust and a newly designed hemispherical combustion chamber
  • 4) Cam/valve area with excellent follow-up up to high revs, with special consideration given to reducing reciprocating weight
  • The inlet pipe of the intake system is a new mechanism that uses an atomizer plate.
    The synergistic effect with the large carburetor (24φ) provides smooth starting acceleration performance.
  • * What is the atomizer plate?
    When the carburetor is open at 60% to 70%, which is the most frequent use, this mechanism reduces the cross-sectional area of ​​the inlet port to about 70% to increase the flow rate of the air-fuel mixture. A plate is provided to divide the inside of the port into two parts, upper and lower, to improve atomization.
    This improves combustion efficiency, prevents momentary breathlessness that tends to occur when starting and accelerating, and not only provides a sharp response, but also helps improve fuel efficiency.
  • 2. Large fins with excellent cooling performance Large fins are used in the cylinder head to provide a large cooling area.
    Cooling performance is even better, and it can respond to all changes in driving conditions.
  • 3. Large wet-type urethane-type air cleaner
    Equipped with a large-capacity wet-type urethane-containing air cleaner, the air intake is efficient and quiet.


  • 1. A diamond-type frame made of light and highly rigid body steel pipes and steel plates has been adopted. Combined with the light single-cylinder engine, an excellent power-weight ratio was obtained. The body size is also compact, realizing easy handling and agile maneuverability.
  • 2. Slim and large-capacity fuel tank The design provides a reliable knee grip and a riding position that reduces fatigue even during long touring. It also has a large capacity of 9.5 liters, which, combined with good fuel efficiency (at 60Km/L, 50Km/h), saves you the trouble of refueling.
  • 3. Appearance design that emphasizes lightness and functional beauty The tank cap is covered with a lid and painted in the same color as the tank. It is an accent point while emphasizing flowing lines. Combined with the front fork that is lightly put together, it emphasizes the sporty and mechanical beauty.
  • 4. Efficient, efficient large muffler with a new feel The large-diameter, large-capacity muffler provides high output and a quiet exhaust sound. The first expansion chamber, which greatly affects the output, is enlarged to reduce the back pressure, and the muffler end is divided into three chambers to increase the noise reduction effect. As a result, both the output improvement and the noise reduction effect, which are contradictory characteristics, are excellent, and a powerful and flat torque characteristic and a quiet exhaust sound are obtained.

Consideration for ease of handling and safety

  • 1. Good handling, riding position that does not make you tired, and an engine that has good extension and flat torque and is easy to start. Combined with these, it is highly safe and is also ideal as a town bike.
  • 2. The front is equipped with a mechanical disc brake with a simple mechanism and reliable performance. In addition, the check mark indicating the wear limit of the pad is placed in an easy-to-see position.
  • 3. The cam chain adopts an easy maintenance mechanism that allows you to adjust the tension by loosening the adjustment bolt. Excellent maintainability.
  • 4. The handle grip uses a soft pattern that does not make you tired. The throttle uses a coiled wire system that is easy to control, so if you release your hand, it automatically returns to idling rotation, so you don't have to worry about frequent throttle operations such as driving in town.
  • 5. Rearview mirrors are standard equipment on both the left and right sides to ensure safe rearward visibility.
  • 6. Double-sided keys are used to make it even easier to use.

Optional Parts

  • Rear carrier
  • Five-stage adjustable rear cushion

1975 Honda BENLY CB125JX Main Specifications

Total length (m)1.880
Width (m)0.750
Total height (m)1.050
Length (m)1.205
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.145
Vehicle weight (Kg)104
Fuel consumption (Km/L)
(50Km/h time constant driving test value)
Slope climbing ability (tan)0.36 (about 20 degrees)
Minimum turning radius (m)2.0
Engine typeAir-cooled 4-cycle OHC single cylinder
Total Displacement (cc)124
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)56.5×49.5
Compression Ratio9.4
Max output (PS/rpm)14/10,000
Max torque (Kg-m/rpm)1.0/9,000
Starting methodKick method
Lubrication methodPumping method
Lubricant capacity (L)1.0
Fuel tank capacity (L)9.5
Clutch typeWet multi-plate
Transmission typeConstant mesh 5-speed return
Transmission operation methodLeft foot type
Transmission ratio1st2.769
2 speed1.882
3 speed1.450
4 speed1.173
5 speed1.000
Frame formatDiamond format
Suspension methodFront telescopic type Rear swing arm type
Caster (degrees)62°50′
Trail (mm)96
Tire sizeFront 2.75-18-4PR Rear 3.00-17-4PR
Brake type Front Mechanical disc
AfterRod leading trailing
Headlight25W/25W 130φ
Taillight5.3W (also used as number light)
Direction indicatorFront 10W×2 Rear 10W×2
HornSwirl Electric
TachometerEddy current


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