1976 Honda Bials TL50

Information About Honda Bials TL50, Benly CB50JX-I, XE50/75 Model Year 1976-1977 - Specs & Pictures

Honda Bials TL50 1976
1976 Honda Bials TL50 photo.
Color: White Blue. Release Date : February 6, 1976

In February 1976, Honda launched the Bials TL50 which allows you to easily enjoy trials, a newly designed CB50JX-I and XE50/75 the cross-country (off-road endurance riding bike) all together to further enhance its 50cc motorcycle lineup.

The model name "Bials", which was a coined word with motorbike and trials, and as you can see from its appearance, the TL50 is a 50cc but full -fledged trial bike. The CB50 series vertical 49cc air -cooled 4 -stroke single -cylinder engine is set tailored to each character, although the trio announced at the same time, and the Vials TL50 adjusts the valve timing for trial driving that emphasizes low speed. Then, 4.2ps was generated at 9,500 rpm. The mission was a 5-step return type, and the rear shock was adjustable in 5 steps. However, even though it is "authentic", the wheel size is slightly smaller at 18 inches in the front and 17 inches in the rear. It was more true of the Vials TL50 that it was not enough to enjoy the trial easily, rather than using it for competitions.

As an introductory Trials bike, it was released following the Bials TL125 and TL250. A rear carrier and a dedicated tool box were standard equipment.

These new models are a full-fledged 50cc motorcycle trio that has sufficient performance despite its small displacement, and can be easily enjoyed for practical riding on weekdays and on/off road riding on weekends.

1976 Honda Bials TL50 Red
ホンダ バイアルス TL50.
1976 model Honda BIALS TL50 picture in original condition.

Price List

Standard cash price at the year of 1976:
  • CB50JX-I ¥119,000
  • TL50 ¥119,000
  • XE50 ¥109,000
  • XE75 ¥119,000

Monthly production plan in 1976 : 15,000 units (series, including exports)

1976 Honda Bials TL50 Photos

1976 Honda TL50 restoration
Old 1976 Honda Bials TL50 like brand new.
1976 Honda Bials TL50 headlights
1976 Honda Bials TL50 front view / headlights.
Classic trial motorbike.
Speedometer Honda Bials TL50
1976 Honda Bials TL50 speedometer.

Main Features

  • 1. Equipped with a newly designed 4-cycle 49cc (XE75 is 74cc) short-stroke single-cylinder engine. It has a wide power range from low rpm to high rpm, and demonstrates sharp acceleration performance. It has excellent cooling performance, and despite its small size, it is an engine with high output and durability.
  • 2. By adopting an appropriate gear ratio that matches a wide range of uses, you can select the gear that matches the speed and driving conditions, and enjoy advanced driving. In addition, it is equipped with a primary kick that makes it easy to start the engine.
  • 3. The adoption of an air cleaner with excellent airtightness and the equipment of a highly responsive carburetor combine with the exhaust effect to achieve a quiet engine with high output.
  • 4. Despite being in the 50cc class, it is equipped with a suspension that is equivalent to that of a high-end car, providing excellent maneuverability and stability.
  • 5. Reliable braking performance is achieved by adopting brake linings with excellent water resistance and recovery. Equipped with wear check scales on the front and rear wheels.
  • 6. The main switch with a double-sided key is installed on the top of the handle.
  • 7. Functional and unique design suitable for each purpose such as touring, trials, cross-country.
  • 1. The engine is 6.3 horsepower / 10,500 rpm. Pistons, camshafts, valve springs are designed for high speed rotation. (Mission is 5 speed)
  • 2. Uses a large megaphone type exhaust pipe. The inner diameter has a three-step special shape. The pulsation effect provides ample output and quiet exhaust sound.
  • 3. The front suspension is a telescopic type (27φ). Rigidity around the front increases and damping force characteristics also improve. In particular, it has excellent stability and easy maneuverability, and the ride comfort is also improved.
  • 4. The slim and large fuel tank holds 8.5 liters, which, combined with good fuel efficiency, allows longer refueling intervals.
  • 5. A compartment box with a lock is provided behind the seat to store personal items.
  • 6. Equipped with a large meter, rearview mirror, headlights, etc., like a luxury car.
  • 1. This series follows the TL125/250 as an introductory Trials bike. Like the TL125, you can fully enjoy on-road driving.
  • 2. The engine has a carburetor of 15 mm diameter, and the valve timing is set to be suitable for trials. (4.2 horsepower / 9,500 rpm, 5-speed transmission)
  • 3. A middle-up muffler with a raised exhaust port for underwater driving is stored inside the frame.
  • 4. The front fork is a highly rigid 27φ. The rear cushion uses a double-acting type (5-stage adjustment), and in combination with a newly designed spring, it has spring characteristics suitable for both trials and on-road touring.
  • 5. The minimum ground clearance is 215m/m, which is a high figure suitable for Trials.
  • 6. Comes standard with a rear carrier and a dedicated tool box, making it convenient for touring.
  • 1. A sports bike with excellent durability and reliability that makes it easy to enjoy the new cross-country category. (XE50-4.5 hp / 9,000 rpm, XE75-6.0 hp / 8,000 rpm. Both are 4-speed transmissions)
  • 2. The muffler is a slim, middle-up type suitable for cross-country machines, and has a quiet exhaust sound.
  • 3. A large-capacity damper (27.5 mm diameter rear wheel) that demonstrates excellent running performance on rough terrain with a long cushion stroke, which is indispensable for a cross-country machine, and a thick and comfortable large seat. Combined with the shape of the handle, it is a riding position that reduces fatigue even on long rides.
Cushion stroke126m/m84.6m/m
Oil volume110cc50cc
  • 4. Equipped with a high ground clearance and a skid plate to protect the engine when driving on rough terrain, it is also suitable for rough road driving.
  • 5. The large, easy-to-read speedometer suitable for a cross-country machine is equipped with a trip counter for the first time in this class.
  • 6. Comes standard with a convenient rear carrier. (XE50)

1976 Honda TL50 Specifications

Main specs of 1976 Honda Bials TL50, Benly CB50JX-I and XE 50/75.

Total length (m)1.7901.8251.725
Full width (m)0.6650.7350.710
Total height (m)0.9500.9850.935
wheel distance (m)1.1751.1851.105
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.1800.215(*0.165)0.190
Vehicle Weight (Kg)83807879
Fuel consumption (Km/L)
(30Km/h time constant driving test value)
858075 (50Km/h time constant driving test value)
Slope climbing ability (tanθ)0.320.360.38
Minimum turning radius (m)1.81.7
Engine typeAir-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder
Total Displacement (CC)4974
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)42.0×35.648.0×41.4
Compression ratio9.59.0
Max output (PS/rpm)6.3/10,5004.2/9,5004.5 /9,0006.0/8,000
Max torque (Kg-m/rpm)0.43/9,5000.36/7,5000.37/8,0000.57/6,000
Starting methodPrimary kick method
Lubrication methodCombination of pressure feed type and splash type
Lubricant capacity (L)0.9
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeConstant mesh 5-speed returnConstant mesh Formula 4-stage return
Transmission operation methodLeft foot type
Primary gear ratio4.437
Transmission ratio1st gear3.083
2 speed1.882
3 speed1.4001.333
4 speed1.1301.041
5 speed0.960
Final gear ratio3.5003.9163.3842.571
Frame formatDiamond format
Suspension system(Front) Telescopic
(Rear) Swing arm type
Caster (degrees)64°00′62°00′63°00′
Trail (mm)699768
Tire size (front)2.50-17-4PR2.50-18-4PR2.50-16-4PR
Tire size (after)2.75-17-4PR2.75-14-4PR3.00-14-4PR
Brake type (front)Wire type discWire type leading trailing
Brake type (rear)Rod type leading trailing
Headlight15W/15W 132cm215W/15W 95cm2
TachometerEddy Current
* Factory order specification (main stand).


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