1977 Honda Benly CB125T-I

Information About Honda Benly CB125T-I Model Year 1977 Specs, Price, Photos Collection

Honda Benly CB125T-I 1977 Red
1977 Honda Benly CB125T-I photo in original standard condition.
Release date : 1977-03-24.
Body colour: Red.
Honda Benly CB125T-I is a sports-like motorbike in the popular 125cc class as an affordable motorcycle with a small engine displacement that fuel efficient but durable. It as released on March 24, 1977.

This CB125T-I is a sports-like two-wheeled vehicle with a small displacement, newly designed with the aim of adopting advanced mechanisms in each part and aiming for a fresh style and agile performance.

Product Overview

  • Equipped with a newly designed 4-stroke 124cc compact engine that pursues combustion efficiency and high output. The adoption of 3 bearings and high intake/exhaust efficiency ensure smooth and good response even at high revs.
  • The newly designed diamond frame, slender body, and design focused on running give it a fresh feel.
  • It is a quiet motorcycle with a two-chamber air cleaner and a large-capacity muffler.

Main Features



  • 1. The crankshaft uses three-point support with ball bearings in order to support high engine revolutions. It reduces friction and has excellent durability.
  • 2. A lightweight cam chain is placed between the cylinders. Since the point is also provided on the crankshaft, tappet adjustment can be easily performed simply by removing the head cover.
  • 3. 16ps/11,500rpm/10Kg-m/10,500rpm 2-chamber air cleaner with low intake noise and intake resistance, large diameter 22φ new cab and hemispherical combustion chamber, intake and exhaust with large capacity muffler A combination of systems achieves high power.
  • 4. By adopting a 180° crankshaft, vibration is reduced without a balancer. The weight of the engine is also light, and a wide rotation range with high rotation and high output is obtained.
  • 5. The crankcase is a left-right split type.
    This has made it possible to reduce the overall weight and size of the vehicle as well as the size of the engine.


  • 6. The newly designed diamond frame is light and has less frontal resistance, and the slender body makes it easy to handle.
  • 7. From the tank to the seat and side covers, he has a design that matches his agile running personality. While the seat cushion has a sufficient stroke (85m/m), the seat height is also lowered to provide excellent ride comfort and ease of entry and exit.
  • 8. The lightweight resin fender has a fresh design with a sense of speed. There is also a toolbox in the rear.
  • 9. The bottom case of the front fork has a longer overlap to reduce twisting and improve operability.
  • 10. Like the CB125JX, the fuel tank cap is covered with a lid. There are no protrusions on the top of the tank, which further enhances its fresh appearance. A large capacity tank (11L) and good fuel efficiency give it a long cruising range.
  • 11. The handle and grip are newly designed with both hardness and pattern. The soft feel reduces fatigue even when driving long distances.
  • 12. Road clearance is high, and the slender body provides plenty of bank angle (46° on both sides).
  • 13. The tire size is 2.75-18 at the front and 3.00-18 at the rear. High running performance can be obtained by installing wide and roomy tires.

Handling and Safety Considerations

  • 1. A centralized indicator panel is installed between the speedometer and tachometer. Along with various warning lights, the main switch is also set, and combined with the double-sided key, operation is easy.
  • 2. Left and right rearview mirrors are standard equipment.
  • 3. Wear indicators are provided on the front and rear brake pads/linings for easy inspection.

1977 Honda Benly CB125T-I Price

Standard cash price in new condition at that time (1977) : 198,000 yen.
Monthly production plan in Japan : 4,000 units (including export)

1977 Honda CB125T-I Main Specifications

Total length (m)1.980
Width (m)0.760
Total height (m)1.045
wheel distance (m)1.275
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.160
Vehicle weight (Kg)124
Fuel consumption (Km/L)
(50Km/h level running test value)
Slope climbing ability (tanθ)0.40
Minimum turning radius (m)1.9
Engine typeAir-cooled 4-stroke OHC 2-cylinder
Total Displacement (cc)124
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)44.0×41.0
Compression Ratio9.4
Max output (ps/rpm)16/11,500
Max torque (Kg-m/rpm)1.0/10,500
Starting methodBrimary kick method
Lubrication methodCombination of pressure feed type and splash type
Lubricant capacity (L)1.5
Fuel tank capacity (L)11
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeConstant mesh 5-speed return
Transmission operation methodLeft foot type
Primary reduction ratio3.833
Transmission ratio1st2.769
2 speed1.882
3 speed1.450
4 speed1.217
5 speed1.083
Final gear ratio2.600
Frame formatDiamond format
Suspension method(Front) telescopic type (rear) swing arm type
Caster (degrees)27
Trail (mm)90
Tire size(Front)2.75-18-4PR
Brake type(Front)Mechanical disc
RearRod type leading trailing


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