Honda CB650 (RC03) 1979-1985

1979-1985 Honda CB650 (RC03) Overview, Specs, Price & Photos Gallery

The Honda CB650, a big motorcycle with high power performance 4-cylinder engine that has excellent maneuverability, lightweight and easy to handle, went on sale from January 18, 1979. The CB650 is a 650cc class motorcycle produced by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. from 1979 to 1985. When the Dream CB550FOUR-K underwent a full model change in January 1979, it was a model that expanded the displacement and changed the car name. Like the previous model, the air-cooled 4-stroke 2-valve SOHC 4-cylinder engine is mounted on the double cradle frame.

Honda CB650 (RC03) 1979
1989 Honda CB650 photo. Body Color: Red.
Old motorbike picture in new & original condition. Model year: 1979-01-18.

This Honda CB650 is equipped with Honda's traditional OHC 4-cylinder engine. An engine with a maximum output of 53 horsepower, tenacious torque characteristics, reliability and durability. The lightweight design (dry weight 196kg) makes it easy to handle, and combined with the high-performance engine, it is agile and you can enjoy a leisurely ride. (Compliant with 1954 noise regulations)

As mentioned above, it is a full model change car of Dream CB550FOUR-K and the following changes have been made.

  • Changed the installed engine from CB550FE type to RC03E type.
    • Inner diameter x stroke: 58.5x50.6 → 59.8x55.8 (mm)
    • Displacement: 544 → 626 (cc)
    • Maximum output: 50ps/8,500rpm → 53ps/8,500rpm
    • Maximum torque: 4.4kg-m/7,500rpm → 4.6kg-m/7,500rpm
  • The ignition method adopts a full transistor type.
  • From the viewpoint of maintenance-free, the wheels are equipped with a unique assembly type all-aluminum Comstar wheel [Note 1], and the tires are tubeless.
  • The muffler is equipped with a 4into2 megaphone type with two left and right.
  • The damping force of the rear suspension, which was controlled only by the leaf spring and orifice, has been changed to the FVQ damper, which has a variable damping force characteristic according to the speed by adding a coil spring and a check valve.

The monthly production target is 4,000 units, of which 200 are for domestic use[1].In addition, we have a track record of manufacturing and delivering the CB650P, which has been partially changed to police motorcycle specifications, for the prefectural police.

1979 Honda CB650 Main Features

Quiet and reliable OHC upright 4-cylinder engine, displacement 626cc (38.3 cu in), 53 horsepower. Light and rigid double cradle frame. Uses comfortable seats and cushions. A two-wheeled vehicle with excellent total balance that can be used in a wide range of applications, from urban driving to long-distance driving.

  • A carburetor with an acceleration pump that provides quick acceleration. A maintenance-free full-transistor ignition device with strong spark characteristics. Equipped with a 4into2 type collective muffler with high exhaust efficiency.
  • Rear damper (FVQ type) with excellent ride comfort and maneuverability. Supple and highly rigid all-aluminum COMSTAR wheel. Hollow step rubber. Shield type drive chain with improved durability, quiet and durable hyvo primary chain. Consideration has been given to improving comfort, quietness, and durability, such as low seats that are easy to get in and out of.
  • Tubeless tire that does not have sudden deflation. A large 3-lamp type tail light with excellent visibility and a square direction indicator. Safety considerations such as large-diameter disc brakes and easy-to-read meters.

1979 Honda CB650 Price

Announced on January 17, 1979, released on the 18th of the same month. Model name RC03.
Standard Cash Price at the time release was 435,000 yen (excluding Hokkaido and some remote islands).
Production plan: 4,000 units per month (including 200 units in Japan)

1979 Honda CB650 Specifications

Motorcycle nameHonda CB650
ModelHonda RC03
Total length (m)2.140
Width (m)0.855
Height (m)1.170
Length (m)1.430
Vehicle weight (kg)Maintenance: 213, Drying: 196
Minimum turning radius (m)2.4
Fuel tank capacity (L)18
Fuel consumption rate (km/L)
(60km/h level running test value)
Slope climbing ability (tanθ)0.46
Engine typeAir-cooled 4-cycle OHC 4-cylinder
Total Displacement (cm3 )626 (38.3 cu in)
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)59.8×55.8
Compression Ratio9.0
Max Power (PS/rpm)53/8,500
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)4.6/7,500
Starting methodSelf-operated
Lubrication methodCombination of pressure feed type and splash type
Lubricant capacity (L)3.5
Primary reduction ratio2.737
Transmission ratio1st2.500
2 speed1.722
3 speed1.333
4 speed1.074
5 speed0.884
Final gear ratio2.312
Frame formatDouble cradle format
Suspension (front)Telescopic
Suspension type (rear)Swing arm type
Caster (degrees)27°30′
Trail (mm)105
Tire Size(Front)3.25S19-4PR Tubeless
(Rear)3.75S18-4PR tubeless
Brake type(Front)Hydraulic disc
(Rear)Rod type leading trailing

In 1980, the Honda CB650 was re-styled but there were no significant mechanical changes. After 1981, the CB650 had a modified cylinder head and new CV vacuum carburettors, and the bike was now available in either Standard or custom configurations.


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