Honda Caren NX50 (AB04) 1979

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Honda Caren NX50
Honda Caren NX50 picture.
「ホンダ カレンNX50」(AB04) Model year 1979.

On September 7th, 1979, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. released 2 types of new, more fashionable and well-equipped family bikes Honda Caren nationwide.

Honda Caren has a smart and pretty style of the floor step type, and there are many convenient new mechanisms such as a cell that can start the engine with one touch (NX50M) and an automatic mechanism that provides smooth running. It was adopted. Fuel consumption is 75km per liter (30Km/h ground test value), making it highly economical.

Honda Caren Price

Production plan
Monthly production of 15,000 units (domestic only).

Standard cash price of Honda Caren NX50 was 89,000 yen. NX50M with cell was 98,000 yen.

The motorcycle name "Caren" comes from the pretty style, and was named with the meaning of "gently", "beautiful" and "lovable and his".

In February 1976, the Road Pal was released as a bike in a new field that could be handled as easily as a bicycle. Its functionality and convenience have become part of everyday life as a new form of transportation, and today, family bikes account for about 47% of the total motorcycle market (January to July this year).
With the launch of the Honda Karen, Honda's family bike range has grown to 10 models and 14 types.

Main Features of Honda Caren

  • Smart and pretty style, floor step type for easier riding
  • With a self-starter that can start the engine with one touch (M type)
  • Using a maximum output of 3.1 horsepower engine and an automatic transmission (Honda V-Matic), it offers smooth driving and plenty of room for hill starts and long trips
  • Rubber-mounted engine hanger that prevents transmission of engine vibrations to the vehicle body
  • Convenient and easy-to-handle friendly design

Other Equipments

  • Equipped with handle lock and helmet holder
  • Maintenance-free CDI ignition system with excellent startability
  • Easy-to-operate automatic choke and automatic fuel cock at start-up
  • Blinker buzzer to let you know if you forgot to put it back In addition, the headlight is 25W (M type), a large speedometer, a large front basket, and a rear carrier.

1979 Honda Caren NX50 Main Specifications

Popular nameCaren NX50
ModelHonda AB04
Total length (m)1.550
Width (m)0.630
Total height (m)0.960
Wheel Distance (m)1.095
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.110
Vehicle weight (kg)Maintenance: 55, Drying 52 (Maintenance 58, Drying 55)
Fuel consumption (km/L) (30km/h time constant driving test value)75
Slope climbing ability (tanθ)0.25=about 14.5°
Minimum turning radius (m)1.5
Engine typeAir-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder, CDI ignition
Total Displacement (cm3 )49
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)40.0×39.3
Compression Ratio7.3
Max Power (PS/rpm)3.1/5,500
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)0.43/4,500
Starting methodKick type (both self and kick)
Lubrication methodSeparate lubrication method
Lubricant capacity (L)1.2
Fuel tank capacity (L)3.0
Clutch typeDry automatic centrifugal shoe type
TransmissionContinuously variable 1.000-2.000
Reduction ratioPrimary 2.615 Final 3.916
Frame typeLow floor backbone type
Suspension methodFront: telescopic type, rear: swing arm type
Caster (degrees)25°30′
Trail (mm)65
Tire size (both front and rear)2.75-10-2PR

() is with M type cell


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