Honda TL125S Ihatovo (JD03) 1981

A Fashionable 125cc Old Trekking Bike, 1981 Honda Ihatovo TL125S Specs, Features, and Photos Collection

1981 Honda Ihatovo TL125S
1981 Honda Ihatovo TL125S photo.

In April 23rd 1981, Honda released the Honda Ihatov as the second trekking bike for leisurely touring around the magnificent nature such as fields and mountains.

This Ihatov TL125S was developed as a versatile sports bike that can be used not only for trekking, but also for touring and trial riding, and it also has a fashionable look that blends in with the urban scenery. The engine is equipped with a highly reliable 4-cycle 124cc single-cylinder 8.5 horsepower engine. The front suspension uses a semi-air type and the rear uses a pressurized type. In addition, the body is designed to be used for trials, and the body is slim and has a fresh and unique design, making it a highly sporty and fashionable motorcycle.

Honda TL125S Ihatovo JD03 1981
Honda TL125S Ihatovo (JD03) 1981 trials bike picture.

1981 Honda TL125S Ihatovo Price

Sales plan: 4,800 units a year (1981) in Japan.
Standard Cash Price : 248,000 yen.
(Hokkaido price is 253,000 yen・excluding some remote islands).

As a result, trekking bikes are enriched with two models for the previous Silk Road and this time Ihatov. In addition, the 125cc class sports bike has four models, CB125T, CM125T, CB125JX, and E-Hitobu, which can meet a wide range of users from young to adult.

Honda Ihatovo 1981
Image of Honda Ihatovo model year 1981.

IHATOVO: Iwate Prefecture as a dreamland for children, where you can talk to the wind and live in the clear air in the midst of magnificent nature.
Kenji Miyazawa sent these words to children around the world to encourage the seeds of righteousness to sprout.
Honda believes that human happiness lies in harmony with nature, and that motorcycles are one way to nurture that happiness. He named it "Ihatov" with his desire to improve the relationship between humans and nature through motorcycles.

Trekking bike

TREKKING (English), which means ``to take a slow trip on an oxcart, to make a strenuous trip'', is currently used as a national sporting term, mainly for health and recreation, such as ``mountain walking, skiing on flat ground, etc.''. It is used in the wind such as walking exercise for the purpose and "turning the bosom of nature".
Honda further develops this meaning and advocates the enjoyment of leisurely touring around the grandeur of nature on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Honda TL125S Ihatovo restoration
Well maintained Honda TL125S Ihatovo (JD03) 1981 collection.

1981 Honda Ihatovo TL125S Main Features

  • The tenacious 4-cycle, 124cc, 8.5-horsepower engine was developed for ease of use at low and medium speeds, and is powerful enough for trials and off-road driving. In addition to obtaining torque characteristics, it also has excellent economy (60km/L fuel consumption: 50km/h constant driving test value). In addition, consideration is also given to maintenance-free, such as by adopting a CDI ignition device.
  • The front suspension employs a semi-pneumatic system that offers excellent ride comfort and road-following performance. Combined with the rear suspension's inverted pressurized damper, it enhances ride comfort and off-road performance.
  • The lightweight (dry weight 95kg) and slim body design provides excellent maneuverability and a low seat height (800m/m). It is designed to meet a wide range of applications such as trial driving.
  • The body design, which blends in with the city and the great outdoors, makes use of the slim body to give it a fresh and unique look.
Speedometer Honda TL125S Ihatovo
Honda TL 125S Ihatovo (JD03) 1981 speedometer.

1981 Honda TL 125S Ihatovo Various Equipment

  • Equipped with a convenient bag for storing small items during touring.
  • The grip rubber uses a rubber with excellent footability for accurate operation. In addition, the handle lever is a dog leg reverse ball type with improved operability.
  • The rearview mirror is a ball joint type that allows you to freely adjust the angle.

1981 Honda TL125S Ihatovo Main Specifications

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ModelJD 03
PredessorsBIALS TL125
Length×Width×Height (m)1.995×0.835×1.095
Length (m)1.290
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.265
Vehicle weight (kg)99
Dry Weight (kg)95
Capacity (person)1
Fuel consumption (km/L)60 (50km/h level running test value)
Slope climbing ability (tanθ)0.67
Minimum turning radius (m)1.6
Fuel tank capacity (L)4.5
Engine typeJD03E
Total Displacement (cm3 )124
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)56.5×49.5
Max output (PS/rpm)8.5/8,000
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)0.86/4,000
How to startKick type
Transmission typeConstant mesh type (5-speed return)
Transmission ratio1st2.769
2 speed2.125
3 speed1.450
4 speed1.000
5 speed0.724
Tire sizeFront2.75-21-4PR
Brake typeBoth Front and RearLeading trailing
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic
RearSwing arm
Frame formatSemi-double cradle


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