Honda CB400LC (Luxury Custom) 1982

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1982 Honda CB400LC (Luxury Custom)
1982 Honda CB400LC (Luxury Custom) picture.
Release date: 1982-04-01.
1982 Honda CB400LC (Luxury Custom) is a classic American-style sports cruiser motorbike model equipped with a 4-stroke 2-cylinder OHC 395cc engine.

The Honda CB400LC was released in April 1982 as a sports model equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke 2-cylinder engine. LC is derived from the initials of luxury custom, and Honda at that time called the American type as "custom" type, so the CB400LC was also a luxuriously equipped American-style sports cruiser. CB400LC is a luxurious sports bike with a wide range of equipment and a high-quality chrome finish that is designed to provide a relaxed riding posture.

At the same time as the CB400LC, the CX-Euro and XL400R were released, and it was the spring of 1982 when 400cc American, European sports, and off-road motorcycles appeared all at once. CX-EURO is a sophisticated European type design, the engine is equipped with a water-cooled 4-cycle V-twin cylinder, adopts a shaft drive mechanism, and is equipped with Honda's original pro-link rear suspension and It is a sports bike equipped with brake torque response type anti-dive mechanism. Equipped with an air-cooled 4-cycle single-cylinder engine, the XL400R is a land sports bike with a slim and lightweight design (dry weight of 136 kg) that is equipped with Honda's unique pro-link system for the rear suspension and has excellent running performance. be. With the release of these 3 models, Honda's 400cc sports bike has expanded to 9 models, meeting the needs of a wider range of users.

The engine displacement was 395cc, air-cooled, parallel 2 cylinders, OHC 3 valves (2 intakes, 1 exhaust), and the maximum output was 40ps. Although the mission was a 6-speed return, the press release at the time described it as "5-speed plus O/D gear". OD (overdrive) was a gear for cruising, and the seat was a stepped type like a cruiser. The Honda CB400LC was the first two-cylinder model in the 400cc CB series since the Hawk, and the "two-cylinder CB400" after the CB400LC was the CB400F (2013) 30 years later.

Main Features of CB400LC 1982

  • The engine is an air-cooled 4-cycle OHC 3-valve 2-cylinder engine with a displacement of 395cc and 40 horsepower. The ignition method is a non-contact transistor type. Combined with the adoption of a newly designed power chamber, it has an easy-to-ride and flexible characteristic.
  • The front employs a dual-piston caliper disc brake that exhibits excellent braking power.
  • Equipped with a 5-speed plus O/D gear for comfortable cruising and fuel economy.
  • Uses lightweight all-aluminum black Comstar wheels that keep your feet sharp.
  • Adopted aluminum die-cast rear grip integrated with step holder and helmet holder. The front fender, chain case, rear cushion cover, headlight case, stays, etc. are all chrome-finished for a high-quality finish.
  • The shape of the handle allows for a relaxed riding posture and the seat (seat height 785mm) provides a comfortable grounding position.
  • Sophisticated side view created by the lines flowing from the tank to the side cover and rear cowl and the short-cut megaphone muffler.

1982 CB400LC Price/sales plan (domestic annual)

Price of the new Honda CB400LC and other 400cc models in the year of 1982:

ModelStandard retail priceSales plan
CX-EURO498,000 yen3,000 units
CB400LC398,000 yen6,000 units
XL400R¥428,00010,000 units

Hokkaido, Okinawa price plus 6,000 yen, excluding some remote islands.

Honda CB400LC model year 1982
Photo of Honda CB400LC (Luxury Custom) model year 1982.
Body Color: Blue.
A classic American-style sportcruiser motorbike made by Honda.

1982 CB400LC Specifications

Table of main technical specs of Honda CB400LC, XL400 and CX-EURO model year 1982:

Total length (m)2.2352.1602.185
Full Width (m)0.7550.7850.865
Total height (m)1.1901.1451.240
Length (m)1.4901.4451.395
Seat height (m)0.8100.7850.850
Weight (kg)228 (dry: 209)188 (dry: 176)146 (dry: 136)
Fuel consumption (km/L)33 (60km/h
Steady road test value)
39 (60 km/h
steady state running test value)
39 (60 km/h
steady state running test value)
Engine modelWater-cooled 4-cycle
V-twin OHV 4-valve
Air-cooled 4-cycle
2-cylinder OHC 3-valve
Air-cooled 4-cycle
Single-cylinder OHC 4-valve
Total Displacement (cm3)396395398
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)73.0×47.470.5×50.689.0×610
Max output
Maximum torque
3.2/75003.2 /80003.2/5000
Ignition methodTransistor non-contact typeNon-contact CDI
Contactless CDI
Fuel tank capacity (L)19
Transmission type
Constant mesh 5-speed returnConstant mesh 6-speed returnConstant mesh 5-stage return
Tire size(Front)100/90-18-56S3. 25S19-4PR3.00-21-4PR
Rear120/80-18-62S130/90-16-67S4. 60-17-4PR
Brake type(Front)Hydraulic double discHydraulic discMechanical 2-reading
RearHydraulic discMechanical leading
Mechanical leading trailing
Suspension method(Front)Telescopic
(Using cylindrical air springs)
(Combined with cylindrical air spring)
(Combined with cylindrical air spring)
(pro link)
Frame formatDiamondDiamondDiamond


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