Honda CBR400R 1986

1986 Honda CBR400R Specs and Photos | "Near Future Form" Super Sports Bike

July 15th 1986, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. released a novel style super sports bike "Honda CBR400R" equipped with a water-cooled 4-cycle DOHC in-line 4-cylinder 400cc engine and wrapping most of the car body with a full fairing (windshield).

1986 Honda CBR400R
Photo of 1986 Honda CBR400R Shasta White/Fighting Red.

This Honda CBR400R greatly reduces air resistance by devising the shape of the front fender, fairing, headlights, rearview mirror, etc. In addition, by equipping the rear fender that moves with the swing arm, the air inside the fairing is directly flowed to the rear of the vehicle body, pursuing aerodynamic characteristics of a new concept everywhere. In addition, Honda's unique style, in which most of the body is wrapped in fairings, is "futuristic" in pursuit of rider comfort and a sense of unity with the motorcycle.

The engine is equipped with a newly designed water-cooled 4-cycle DOHC in-line 4-cylinder engine tilted forward by 35 degrees. In addition, a cam gait lane system (a system in which the camshaft is driven by gears), a new 4-unit carburetor, and a collecting pipe muffler are used to achieve more accurate valve operation and reduce frictional resistance at high rpm. As a result, the maximum output is 59PS/12,500rpm and the maximum torque is 3.8kg-m/10,000rpm.

1986 Honda CBR400R Price

Honda CBR400R Sales plan (Japan domestic/annual) in year of 1986 : 24,000 units
National standard cash price at that time (1986) : 669,000 yen (Hokkaido/Okinawa prices are 9,000 yen higher. Excluding some other remote islands.)

1986 Honda CBR400R Features

The frame is an aluminum twin-tube diamond type frame that achieves light weight and high rigidity due to Honda's unique "eye-shaped" cross-sectional structure.
Also, according to the high rigidity of the frame, flat tires, aluminum wheels with S-shaped cross-section spokes and wide rims, and aluminum swing arms (rear wheels) are adopted. In addition, both front and rear wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes (double front), making it suitable for super sports bikes.

1986 Honda CBR400R Original Body colors :
  • Shasta White/Fighting Red
  • Shasta White/Micronesian Blue Metallic
Other main features of Honda CBR400R 1986 :
  • Low seat height (765 mm) improves foot comfort.
  • Adopts duralumin separate handle, main step, and step holder.
  • Equipped with an oil cooler and an aluminum 2-split radiator.
  • Uses an MF (maintenance-free) type 12V8AH battery.

1986 Honda CBR400R Specifications

The standard original main specs of The 1986 Honda CBR400R :

Overall length x Overall width x Overall height (m)2.015 × 0.685 × 1.095
Wheelbase (m)1.380
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.140
Seat height (m)0.765
Vehicle weight (dry weight) (Kg)184 (165)
Riding capacity (persons)2
Fuel economy (km/L)43.0 (60km/h constant-land driving test value)
engine modelNC23E
Total displacement (cm3)399
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)55.0×42.0
compression ratio11.0
Maximum output (PS/rpm)59/12,500
Maximum torque (Kg-m/rpm)3.8/10,000
Starting methodSelf
Ignition methodFull transistor
Lubricating oil capacity (L)3.5
Fuel tank capacity (L)16
transmission typeAlways meshing 6-stage return
Tire sizeFront100/80-17 52H
Rear130/70-18 63H
Brake typeFrontHydraulic double disc
RearHydraulic disc
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic (with cylindrical air spring)
RearSwing arm (slant layout prolink)
frame formatdiamond


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