Honda TLM220R (MD23) 1988-1993

Information About Honda TLM220R Model Year 1988-1993 (MD23) Trial Bike Overview, Specs, Features, Photos

1988 Honda TLM220R (MD23)
1988 Honda TLM220R (MD23) photo.

In March 19th 1988, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. released a 2-stroke trial bike Honda TLM220R with enhanced equipment and functions that is popular for its wide range of usability, from urban driving to rough terrain, as well as full-scale trial competitions that make use of its lightweight and slim body.

The engine is a lightweight, compact, air-cooled, 2-cycle, single-cylinder engine with displacement increased from 193cm3 to 216cm3 by changing the bore/stroke amount. In particular, the torque characteristics in the intermediate throttle opening range, which is often used in trials, have been greatly improved, and combined with the use of a large flywheel and a large capacity ignition coil, the instantaneous power unique to a 2-stroke engine is achieved. It is designed to demonstrate smooth and tenacious output characteristics. In addition, along with the improvement in torque characteristics, the clutch capacity has been increased and the operating load has been reduced, enabling more subtle clutch operation.
The front wheel is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake for the first time in Japan as a trial bike on the market. The brake hose uses a hard nylon resin hose that resists expansion and has high pressure resistance. Combined with the dedicated opposed piston brake caliper and master cylinder, it realizes a direct brake operation feeling.

The predecessor model was the Honda TLM200R, which expanded the displacement of the engine from 193cc to 216cc and enhanced equipment and functions. By increasing the clutch capacity, the operating load has been reduced and more delicate operations have become possible. In addition, by enlarging the flywheel, etc., a tenacious output characteristic was obtained. In terms of equipment, the big topic is that the front brake has become a hydraulic disc type. It was the first commercial trial bike to be adopted in Japan. The brake hose also uses a hard nylon resin hose with high pressure resistance that does not expand easily, and combined with the exclusive opposed piston caliper and master cylinder, it realized a direct brake operation feeling.

1988 Honda TLM 220R Key Features

  • Diamond type frame with a lightweight and compact design and good rigidity balance.
  • Upward extraction type air cleaner with improved maintainability.
  • Small-diameter hubs that reduce unsprung weight and TL spokes that prevent loosening.
  • Simple and lightweight design, including an oil tank that utilizes the frame and a battery-less electrical system
1988 model Honda TLM220R

It is the first commercially available trial bike to use hydraulic disc brakes in Japan. For the brake hose, a hard nylon resin hose with high pressure resistance that is hard to expand was used, and combined with the dedicated opposed piston brake caliper and master cylinder, it realized a direct brake operation feeling.

Honda TLM220R Price in 1988

Sales plan (domestic/annual) :: 3,500 units.
National Standard Cash Price (in Japan) : 369,000 yen.
[Hokkaido and Okinawa are 9,000 yen higher. Other than some remote islands. ]

In the front fork, the polishing accuracy of the inner pipe has been improved to improve initial operability, and the valve structure that reduces oil passage resistance has further improved road-following performance. In addition, the rear suspension is equipped with a cushion with a reservoir tank that employs a mechanism that allows stepless adjustment of the damping characteristics on the compression side. In addition, needle roller bearings with excellent operability are used in the pro-link pivot section, making it a full-fledged suspension that is more suitable for trials.

Honda TLM220R Photos

Thanks to its lightweight and slim body, the TLM220R, which could be enjoyed in a wide range of applications, from full-scale trial competitions to city driving to rough terrain driving, was set up until the 1993 model while undergoing three color changes after its introduction. It was the last model as a trial bike made by Honda that could run on public roads.

ホンダ TLM220 R 1990 red
1990 Honda TLM220R photo.
It has adopted a bright and bold graphic color that is full of dynamism, renewing the image of the conventional trial bike.
1992 Honda TLM220R
1992 Honda TLM220R picture.
The coloring is based on the 1992 HRC commercial racer "TLM260R," and the TLM logo is boldly placed on the side of the tank in a brushed pattern to further enhance the sporty and dynamic image.
Honda TLM 220R 1993
1993 Honda TLM220R image.
This time, the coloring is based on Shasta White, and the brushed TLM logo is boldly placed on the left and right of the fuel tank, which is based on the image of the '93 HRC commercial racer "TLM260R", and a new rear fender. It is also arranged on the upper part, making it more sporty and full of dynamism.

1988 Honda TLM220R Main Specifications

Length×Width×Height (m)2.010×0.820×1.080
Length (m)1.320
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.310
Seat height (m)0.770
Vehicle weight/dry weight (kg)95/89
Capacity (persons)1
Fuel consumption (km/L) 50km/h level running test value52.3
Minimum turning radius (m)1.5
Engine modelMD23E (air-cooled, 2-cycle, piston reed valve, single cylinder)
Total Displacement (cm3 )216
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)69.0×58.0
Compression Ratio6.8
Max output (PS/rpm)13/5,500
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)2.0/3,500
Carburetor modelPE63
Starting methodKick method
Ignition methodCDI magnet ignition
Lubrication methodSeparate lubrication method
Lubricant capacity (L)0.6
Fuel tank capacity (L)6.0
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeConstant mesh 6-speed return
Transmission ratio1st3.090
2 speed2.461
3 speed1.888
4 speed1.421
5 speed1.000
6 speed0.703
Reduction ratio (primary/secondary)3.750/2.384
Caster (deg)/Trail (mm)22°30′/54
Tire sizeFront2.75-21-4PR
Brake typeFrontHydraulic disc brake
RearMechanical leading trailing
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic
RearSwing arm
Frame formatDiamonds


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