Honda CBR250RR MC22 (1990-1994) 4-Cylinder

1990 Honda CBR250RR (Double R) MC22 「ホンダCBR250RR(ダブルアール)」

The popular "Honda CBR250R" was remodeled and released as Honda CBR250RR (Double R) on March 19th, 1990. Honda CBR250RR is a high-performance yet easy-to-use advanced super sports bike equipped with a precise water-cooled, 4-cycle, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder engine that uses the only camgear train (method that drives the camshaft with gears) mechanism in the 250cc class.

1990 Honda CBR250RR MC22
1990年03月19日 Honda CBR250RR photo

This 1990 Honda CBR250RR has the keyword of "high-dimensional human fitting" that pursues the enjoyment of maneuvering by enhancing the sense of unity between the human and the machine when driving, and the rider's operation (acceleration, deceleration, cornering, etc.) is combined. ), In order to bring out a lighter and more straightforward ride, the engine, frame, suspension, etc. have all been redesigned to bring heavy objects closer to the center of gravity of the vehicle and reduce the weight of parts far from the center of gravity. ) Thorough pursuit of centralization.

The engine has an almost straight intake passage from the air cleaner to the carburetor and the combustion chamber, and together with the newly designed port shape, achieves high filling efficiency. In addition to the light and stretchy output characteristics of an in-line 4-cylinder engine, such as by reviewing the weight reduction of the connecting rod and the increase in rigidity around the crank, the agile response in the middle and low speed range has been further improved.

The frame is a newly designed aluminum LCG (LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY, low center of gravity) that sets the center of gravity of the frame itself low by holding the lightweight and compact engine as close as possible and thoroughly pursuing the concentration of inertial mass. Meaning) Adopting a twin tube frame, lightweight and highly rigid front fork around the suspension, new shape aluminum rear fork (gull arm) that can efficiently lay out the exhaust pipe while ensuring high rigidity, wide front and Rear radial tires (front 110/70R17 54H, rear 140/60R17 63H), lightweight six-spoke aluminum wheels that reduce unspring weight and reduce inertial moments, lightweight impact-molded aluminum silencers, etc. Equipped in combination. Furthermore, the brake adopts a floating hydraulic double disc with excellent braking feeling at the front. The entire body and suspension balance high rigidity and suppleness at a high level, and the mass concentration and exquisite center of gravity setting realize a light maneuvering feeling that responds more honestly to the rider's sensibility.

In addition, outside air is directly introduced from the front of the front cowl (direct air intake) to promote the introduction of fresh air for combustion and improve efficiency. In addition, there is a storage space (5.5l) that allows one-touch opening and closing (hinge type) of the rear seat with a key operation, dual halogen headlights (60/35W x 2) with wider light distribution during low beam, and loads. Usability has also been improved, such as by adopting a retractable pillion step that doubles as a hanging hook.

Honda CBR250RR (MC22) Price

Sales plan (domestic/annual) : 22,000 units
Manufacturer's suggested retail price in 1990 : 599,000 yen. (Vehicles equipped with speed warning lights are 10,000 yen higher. Hokkaido/Okinawa is 9,000 yen higher, excluding some other remote islands.)

1990 Old Honda CBR250RR (MC22) Specifications

Main specs of Honda CBR250RR 1990 / 1992 / 1994 :
Common nameCBR250RR
Vehicle name/modelHonda MC22
Successor2017 Honda CBR250RR ABS (2BK-MC51) twin-cylinder
Overall length x Width x Height (m)1.975 x 0.675 x 1.080
Wheelbase (m)1.345
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.130
Seat height (m)0.735
Vehicle weight/Dry weight (kg)158/143
Riding capacity (persons)2
Fuel consumption rate (km/L) 60km/h constant-land driving test value40 (1990-92) | 37.0 (1994)
Minimum radius of gyration (m)2.9
Engine modelMC14E (water-cooled, 4-cycle, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line 4-cylinder)
Total displacement (cm3)249
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)48.5 x 33.8
compression ratio11.5
Maximum output (PS/rpm)40/14,500
Maximum torque (kgm/rpm)2.4/11,500
Carburetor modelVP20
Starting methodSelf-type
Ignition system typeFull transistor type battery ignition
Lubrication methodPressure-fed splash combination type
Lubricating oil capacity (L)2.7
Fuel tank capacity (L)13.0
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeAlways meshing 6-speed return
Gear ratio 1st speed2.733
2nd speed2.000
3rd speed1.590
4th speed1.333
5th speed1.153
6th speed1.035
Reduction ratio (1st/2nd)2.966/3.058
Caster (degree)/Trail (mm)24° 00′/89
tire size Front110/70R17 54H
Rear140/60R17 63H
Brake type Fronthydraulic double disc
Rearhydraulic disc
Suspension method Fronttelescopic
RearSwing Arm type
Frame Formatbackbone

Honda CBR250RR (MC22) Colors

1992 Honda CBR250RR
Picture of old Honda CBR250RR 1992

1992年05月25日. This time, the body color of Honda CBR250RR is set to two colors, a tricolor (white/red/blue) color with a bright and refreshing image that uses a vibrant brush pattern, and a black color with a fearless and firm image. Combined with the "CBR" brush character logo, the sportiness is further enhanced.

1994 Honda CBR250RR MC22 Old Generation
Image of 1994 Honda CBR250RR MC22. Classic sports motorbike.

1994年06月21日. Along with the maturation of the super sports bike "Honda CBR250RR" equipped with an in-line 4-cylinder engine, the coloring has been renewed and released. The engine inherits Honda's original cam gear train (a method of driving the camshaft with gears) mechanism, and by changing the valve timing and exhaust pipe structure this time, the output is improved in the middle and low speed range and it is used in urban driving. The usability is improved.
This time, the body color is two colors, tricolor (white/red/blue) full of dynamism and calm metallic red, which inherits the image of the super sports bike CBR900RR which is gaining popularity mainly in Europe. It is supposed to meet the needs of a wide range of users.


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