Honda Ape 50cc (BA-AC16) 2001-2005

2001-2005 Honda Ape 「エイプ」 Specs & Photos Gallery.
A Friendly and Compact 50cc Geared Motorcycle

Honda Ape 50cc BA-AC16
2001 Honda Ape photo.
Model: BA-AC16. Body Colour: Red
Honda Ape is mini classic naked sport bike equipped with a return-type 5-speed transmission and an upright air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder 50cc engine that allows you to experience the fun of changing gears, and has a friendly styling. It was released on February 15th 2001.

This Ape is a model developed with the keyword The Basic Fifty, focusing on the basic materials of the bike and aiming for a simpler body structure. The air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder 50cc and the return-type 5-speed transmission make it fun to operate. The compact body, easy-to-handle wide steering wheel, and wide front and rear tires create a simple and friendly styling.  

The body color is set to a total of three colors.

Solid Type: Classical White, Fighting Red

Stripe type ・・・ Black

Origin of the car name:
"Ape" means "ape, ape-man, monkey without a tail" in English. The ape is the closest animal to humans, meaning that everyone is familiar with it.

Honda Ape 50 Price in 2001

Planned sales volume (domestic/annual), Series Total : 5,000 units

Manufacturer's suggested retail price:

  • Ape (solid type) : 199,000 yen
  • Ape Deluxe (stripe type) : 209,000 yen

(Example of regional suggested retail price: Hokkaido is 8,000 yen higher, Okinawa is 5,000 yen higher, excluding some other areas.)
(Reference price. Consumption tax not included.)

2001 Honda Ape Features

Main features of Honda Ape 50cc model year 2001-2005

Engine that is smooth and easy to handle even at high revs

Based on the off-road bike XR80R engine, we have developed an upright air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder 50cc engine that is smooth and easy to handle up to the high speed range while ensuring practicality in the low and medium speed range. . By optimizing the carburetor, it complies with domestic emission regulations and is environmentally friendly.

Return-type 5-speed transmission that allows you to enjoy gear operation

It adopts a return-type 5-speed transmission, and realizes the enjoyment of "manipulating" the motorcycle by accelerating with growth in each gear position according to the output characteristics.

Flexible suspension for a comfortable ride

The suspension employs an upright telescopic front fork with a long stroke, and the well-established Pro-Link on the rear provides a comfortable ride in urban driving and a flexible suspension with excellent road-following performance. Realizing footwork.

Simple and compact styling

The design aims for a simple, compact and friendly styling, and by adopting an engine with an upright cylinder, it realizes a simple motorcycle-like appearance. In addition, the balance of each part has been carefully constructed, and the basic style has been achieved with easy-to-handle wide handles and a lightweight and highly rigid diamond frame. Furthermore, by adopting wide 120/80-12 54J front and rear tires and small and short front and rear fenders, the tires and legs are emphasized to create a powerful image.

Battery-less specification with a lightweight and simple configuration

In order to realize a simple, lightweight and compact body, it adopts a batteryless system, eliminating the need for battery maintenance.

Expression of different images for each body color

  • 1. In Classical White, in addition to the tank, the front and rear fenders and side covers also use classical white to emphasize the basic bike.
  • 2. Fighting Red uses black on the front and rear fenders and side covers to highlight the vividness of the tank.
  • 3. The striped type with a black base color has a clear coating on the striped part and a chrome plated handle to achieve a high-class image.

2001 Honda Ape 50 Specifications

Main specification of the first generation Honda Ape 50cc (BA-AC16) model year 2001-2005:

Car name/modelHonda BA-AC16
Total length (m)1.710
Width (m)0.770
Total height (m)0.970
Length (m)1.185
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.165
Seat height (m)0.715
Vehicle weight (kg)80
Dry weight (kg)75
Capacity (persons)1
Fuel consumption rate (km/L) 30km/h level running test value90.0
Minimum turning radius (m)1.9
Engine model/typeAC16E (air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder)
Total Displacement (cm3 )49
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)42.0×35.6
Compression Ratio9.2
Max output (kW[PS]/rpm)2.7[3.7]/7,500
Max torque (N・m[kg・m]/rpm)3.6[0.37]/6,500
Carburetor modelPB3NA
Starting methodKick method
Ignition device typeCDI magnet ignition
Lubrication methodCombined pumping and splashing method
Fuel tank capacity (L)5.5
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeConstant mesh 5-speed return
Transmission ratio1 speed3.083
2 speed1.882
3 speed1.400
5 speed0.960
Reduction ratio (primary/secondary)4.437/3.285
Caster angle (degrees)28°30´
Trail amount (mm)89.0
Tire sizeFront120/80-12 54J
Rear120/80-12 54J
Brake typeFrontMechanical leading trailing
RearMechanical leading trailing
Suspension systemFrontTelescopic
RearSwing Arm (Pro-Link)
Frame formatDiamonds
Honda Ape 50 Special Colour
Honda Ape Special Edition. Model year: 2002.

2002 Honda Ape - Adopted color order plan for 50cc sports bike "Ape" and launched.

Honda has newly adopted a total of 42 types of color order plans for the 50cc sports bike "Ape" with gear transmission, and was released from February 15 (Friday) 2002.

2002 Honda Ape - color order plan
2002 Honda Ape picture.
color order plan

Honda introduced a color order plan that allows you to choose the color combination that suits your taste from the VTR released in February 2000. Ape is the sixth model after Hornet, CB400SF, Forza and FTR.
For the five models so far, the ratio of purchasing the color order plan has reached about 20%.
In addition, these color order plans can be simulated on Honda's website, making it possible to easily check color combinations.
This time, the color order plan allows you to choose from a wide variety of color variations of 42 types (including 1 standard color) by combining the following parts.

  1. 7 colors for the fuel tank
  2. Set 3 colors for the frame
  3. Two-color set for fenders, side covers, and headlights.

Check also Honda Ape 100 for biger engine capacity. With its compact body, easy-to-handle wide handlebars, and wide front and rear tires, the Ape achieves simple and friendly styling. It is a model that has been very well received in the center.


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