Honda ZOOMER BA-AF58 2001

2001 Honda ZOOMER Specs, Review, Price, Photos - A Playful 50cc Naked Scooter

2001 Honda ZOOMER AF58
Photo of Honda ZOOMER 「ズーマー」 2001.
Model code : BA-AF58.
Color : Orange.
Honda ZOOMER is a naked mini scooter with a playful design, powered by a water-cooled 4-stroke 50cc engine that is fuel efficient and has excellent environmental performance such as clean exhaust gas and quietness. It was launched by Honda on June 1st, 2001.

This ZOOMER is the second product by N Project*, which developed Ape as a model to create a new scooter category, and cherishes individuality. The design has a new sensation, such as adopting extra-thick front and rear tires and dual headlights in a naked (no cover) style to match the feelings of young people.
The frame uses Crea Scoopy's modular aluminum frame as part of the frame, while combining steel pipes to achieve a unique styling.
The engine used is the Crea Scoopy and Dio, and the water-cooled 4-stroke 50cc engine, which has been highly evaluated for its high environmental performance and light driving feeling, is used.
As a theft deterrent system, a shutter function for the main switch, a U-lock storage space under the seat, and pre-wiring to easily install the immobilizer alarm system, which is an option of the dealer, are provided for high security. Has been realized.

* N Project is an abbreviation for NEW Project, which develops attractive products that suit the lifestyles of young people, and is a development team composed of young researchers.

Main Features of Honda ZOOMER

Unique and new sense of naked design

The frame body uses a Crea Scoopy module aluminum frame for the front part, and a steel pipe frame is combined with the rear part to create a unique and new sense of naked style. The steel pipe frame is the same color as the body to make it stylish and playful.
The headlights are dual type to enhance their individuality.

High-performance water-cooled 4-stroke engine with excellent environmental performance

Based on the water-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine that has been adopted for the Claire Scoopy and Dio and has been highly evaluated for its low fuel consumption and quietness, the intake/exhaust system and drive system have been refined for a lighter ride. Has been realized.

Install extra-thick tires on the front and rear wheels

The front and rear wheels are equipped with powerful extra-thick tires for a unique and powerful styling accent.
Front wheel size: 120/90-10 Rear wheel size: 130/90-10

Free space under the seat where skateboards can be stored

The free space under the seat can store skateboards, sports bags, etc. depending on the device, and can behave fashionably.
* It is necessary to fix it with a rope or rubber net when storing it. Also, heavy and fragile items are not suitable for storage.

Theft deterrence system with excellent security

As a theft deterrent system, a shutter function is provided in the main switch and a key is used in the iron fuel tank cap. In addition, a U-lock storage space is provided under the seat, and pre-wiring is provided so that the immobilizer alarm system, which is an option installed at dealers, can be easily installed.

  • * Three body colors are available: shiny orange, classical white, and black.
  • * Origin of the ZOOMER name:
    A coined word that expands the concept of existing scooters (ZOOM) as a tool that expands the lifestyle of the owner more actively and creatively (ZOOM). Named for the meaning of a new life tool.

Honda ZOOMER Specifications

Here the main specs of Honda ZOOMER AF58 first generation, a cute playful naked scooter:

Common nameZoomer
Vehicle name/modelHonda BA-AF58
Overall length x Width x Height (m)1.860 x 0.735 x 1.025
Wheelbase (m)1.265
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.145
Seat height (m)0.735
Vehicle weight/Dry weight (kg)84/79
Fuel consumption rate (km/L)75.0 (30km/h constant driving test value)
Minimum turning radius (m)1.9
Engine modelAF55E (water-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder)
Total displacement (cm3)49
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)38.0 x 44.0
compression ratio12.0
Maximum output (kW [PS]/rpm)3.6 [4.9]/8,000
Maximum torque (N ・ m [kg ・ m]/rpm)4.5 [0.46]/7,000
Carburetor modelNVK00C
Starting methodSelf-type (combined with kick type)
Ignition system typeCDI type battery ignition
Lubrication methodPumping splash combination type
Lubricating oil capacity (L)0.7
Fuel tank capacity (L)5.0
Clutch typeDry type multi-plate shoe type
Transmission typeContinuously variable transmission (V-matic)
Gear ratio1 speed2.80 to 0.86
Caster (degree)/Trail (mm)26 ° 30´/75
Tire sizeFront120/90-10 54J
Rear130/90-10 59J
Brake typeFrontMechanical reading trailing
afterMechanical reading trailing
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic
RearUnit Swing
Frame formatUnderbone

2001 Honda ZOOMER Price

Sales plan (Japan domestic market/annual) : 10,000 units
Manufacturer's suggested retail price : 189,000 yen

(Example of regional suggested retail price: Hokkaido is 8,000 yen higher, Okinawa is 5,000 yen higher, and some other areas are excluded.)
(Reference price. Consumption tax not included.)


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