2002 Honda FORZA Special & FORZA S Limited Edition

2002 Honda FORZA Spesial & FORZA S Special | 「フォルツァ」 スペシャル BA-MF06 Limited Edition

2002 Honda FORZA S Special Black-Beige Limited Edition
Picture of Honda FORZA S Special Limited Edition.
Colour Combination : Black & Beige.
Type: BA-MF06. Release date: 2002-05-31

Honda added a special model "FORZA Special" series to the light two-wheeled scooters "Forza" and "Forza S" with a shiny black body color and a beige special color for the floor panel and seats. Limited release from May 31st (Friday) 2002.

This Forza is a 250cc large scooter that was developed with the keyword "new stylish sports" and is popular among men in their 20s and 30s for its sporty and innovative styling and extensive equipment.
This time, the trunk space under the seat has been expanded by 5.5L to enable storage of a B4 size soft attache case, and the lighting lamp in the trunk is equipped with an ON/OFF switch. In addition, a high-class dimple seat is used for the seat, and the gasoline cap is changed to a keyed one, and the details are aged.
This special model is based on the pure black of the 2002 model released in March this year, the seat and floor panel are in a special color mocha beige, and the belt converter case cover and the knob of the front inner box are chrome with high texture. It is plated to enhance the sense of quality.
Body color: Pure black, Floor panel & Seat color: Mocha beige

Traditional Features Of The Forza Series

  • A stylish form reminiscent of a super sports model.
  • Adopts front and rear wheel interlocking brake system (combination brake) that enhances the sense of security when braking.
  • A water-cooled 4-stroke engine that achieves both high output and environmental performance.
  • The Forza S uses an advanced idle stop system and ABS (anti-lock braking system).
  • Large-capacity trunk space under the seat that can store a B4 size soft attache case.
  • Main switch with shutter that is effective in deterring theft.

About other changes in the "Forza" series

  • The dial of the meter has been changed to white, which enhances the sports image.
  • The ticket box on the left side of the instrument panel has a removable partition to improve usability.

About Honda Forza T/Forza ST

  • * About the naming of "Forza T/ST" with top box specifications :
    T is touring. ST means sports touring.
  • A top box with the same color as the body that matches Forza's stylish body form has been specially developed and equipped as standard equipment. (Capacity is 28L. According to Honda research.)
    This top box can be used for storing luggage such as when touring, and by equipping it with a backrest, it can also be used as a backrest for passengers when riding two people.

Price List of Honda FORZA (S / T / ST), Forza Special & FORSA S Special

Sales plan (Japan domestic market/annual)

  • All series total : 6,000 units
  • Special series total : 1,000 units (limited)
Manufacturer's suggested retail price
  • Honda Forza price : 549000 yen
  • Honda Forza S price : 599000 yen
  • Honda Forza T price : 569,000 yen
  • Honda Forza ST price : 619000 yen
  • Price of Honda Forza Special : 559,000 yen
  • Price of Honda Forza S Special : 609,000 yen

(Example of regional suggested retail price: Okinawa is 8,000 yen higher, excluding some other regions. Reference price. Consumption tax not included.)

* Forza and Forza S color order plans will be 20,000 yen higher each.

Forza/Forza S Color Order Plan

In addition to the standard colors, four special colors are set to create color variations that can meet the diverse needs of users.

Forza Series Color Variations

standard colorsColor order plan
Forza S
Forza T
Forza ST

2002 Honda FORZA Series Main Specifications

* There are no changes to the main specifications.

Common nameFORZA (Special) | FORZA S (Special)FORZA T | FORZA ST
Car name/modelHonda BA-MF06
Overall length x Width x Height (m)2.210 x 0.760 x 1.3602.325 x 0.760 x 1.360
Wheelbase (m)1.545
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.130
Seat height (m)0.720
Vehicle weight (kg)172 | 177176 | 181
Dry weight (kg)159 | 164163 | 168
Riding capacity (persons)2
Fuel consumption rate (km/L)41.0 (60km/h constant-land driving test value)
Minimum turning radius (m)2.5
engine modelMF04E (water-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, single cylinder)
Total displacement (cm3)249
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)72.7 × 60.0
compression ratio10.5
Maximum output (kW [PS]/rpm)16 [22]/7,000
Maximum torque (N ・ m [kg ・ m]/rpm)24 [2.4]/5,500
Starting methodSelf-style
Carburetor formatVE3B
Ignition system typeFull transistor battery ignition
Fuel tank capacity (L)12
Lubrication methodPumped splash combination type
clutch typeDry type multi-plate shoe type
Transmission typeContinuously variable transmission (V-matic)
Gear ratio1st speed2.250 ~ 0.830
Caster (degree)/Trail (mm)27 ° 30'/ 95
Tire sizeFront110/90-13M/C 55P
Rear130/70-12 56L
Brake typeFrontHydraulic disc
RearHydraulic disc
Suspension methodFronttelescopic
RearUnit swing type
frame formatbackbone


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