Honda CBR600RR (BC-PC37) 2003 1st Gen

Honda CBR600RR (BC-PC37) 2003, Super sports bike with RC211V MotoGP Racing Machine Technology

The first generation Honda CBR600RR super sports bike released in July 4th 2003 in Japan. The design is similar to that MotoGP Honda RC211V with 990cc V5 engine, which led Valentino Rossi to become the MotoGP world champion in 2002 and 2003. The fairing shape is identical with a fairly large size. The undertail exhaust trade mark already exists in the model circulating until 2006, which is the exhaust gas outlet from the newly developed, lightweight, compact water-cooled, 599cc DOHC 16 valve inline 4 cylinder engine that incorporates the advanced technology of the MotoGP entry machine "RC211V".

Honda CBR600RR (BC-PC37) 2003 First Generation
Photo of 2003 Honda CBR600RR (BC-PC37). Release date: 2003-07-04. Color: vivid Italian red with a sense of speed.

Based on the concept of "Innovative Wonder", the CBR600RR was developed by incorporating the advanced technology and styling cultivated in the racing machine "RC211V" everywhere with the aim of reducing the weight as much as possible and concentrating the mass.

In addition, by adopting the newly developed PGM-DSFI (Programmed Dual Sequential Fuel Injection System) / electronically controlled fuel injection device, high-efficiency combustion is realized from the low rpm range to the high rpm range.

The frame adopts the world's first hollow structure aluminum die-cast frame based on a new casting plan, achieving high rigidity and compactness. In addition, the unit Prolink suspension, which is the advanced technology of the "RC211V", is adopted for the first time as a commercial vehicle, achieving stable and high turning performance.

The styling follows the "RC211V" image, such as the smart front cowl realized by adopting thin two-lamp line beam headlights and the center-up exhaust system arranged inside the rear cowl.

In addition, it is fully equipped with HISS (Honda Ignition Security System) that is effective in deterring theft and a compact and multifunctional LCD digital meter.

2003 Honda CBR600RR (BC-PC37) Price

Planned sales volume (domestic / annual) : 800 units
Manufacturer's suggested retail price of Honda CBR600RR in Japan (2003) : 890,000 yen
(An example of the suggested retail price in the region: Okinawa is 10,000 yen higher, excluding some other regions.) (Reference price. Consumption tax not included.)

2003 Honda CBR600RR (BC-PC37) Features

Main features of CBR600RR model year 2003:

Lightweight and compact engine that uses the newly developed PGM-DSFI (electronically controlled fuel injection system)

The engine size, layout, materials, etc. of the CBR600F4i have been thoroughly reviewed, and a newly developed lightweight and compact engine is installed. Along with the realization of an outstanding power feel, mass centralization has become possible, and exercise performance has improved dramatically. In addition, by adopting the newly developed PGM-DSFI (electronically controlled fuel injection device), the upper injector operates in addition to the lower injector only when the throttle is wide open in the high rpm range of 5,500 rpm or more. The filling efficiency and combustion efficiency of the air-fuel mixture are improved, and the running performance is improved.

Frame and fuel tank for compactness and centralized mass

High rigidity and light weight are achieved by adopting a hollow structure aluminum die-cast frame based on the world's first new casting method that allows free creation of organic structural shapes. In addition, the fuel tank, whose weight distribution changes greatly depending on the increase or decrease in fuel, is stored under the seat near the center of the mass. As a result, the change in weight distribution caused by the increase or decrease of fuel during running is reduced, and stable running is possible.

The 2003 Honda CBR600RR seat position is set so that the rider is brought closer to the steering head and the weight is placed near the center of the mass, thereby improving the exercise performance.

Adopting unit prolink suspension proven in "RC211V"

The advanced technology "Unit Prolink Suspension", which is characteristic of the suspension of the "RC211V", is adopted for the first time as a commercial vehicle. The epoch-making structure that the shock unit is not mounted on the main frame reduces the impact transmitted from the suspension to the main frame. In addition, the structure that supports the rear suspension is no longer required on the frame side, making it possible to set the rigidity to optimize turning performance. As a result, it greatly contributes to the improvement of turning performance and the stability when turning in various road surface conditions.

"RC211V" image styling with an emphasis on functionality

A newly developed thin two-lamp multi-reflector line beam headlight is used for the front cowl to reduce air resistance. This realizes a compact front view similar to the "RC211V". In addition, the center-up exhaust system located inside the rear cowl sets the center of gravity at the center of the frame to achieve stable driving performance and a powerful rear view.

Honda CBR600RR 2003 - Blue
Picture of Honda CBR600RR 2003. Color: Candy Tahitian Blue. Release date: 2003年11月15日

スーパースポーツバイク「CBR600RR」Full equipment and option settings for ease of use

  • The combination meter that integrates the LCD meter that displays speed etc. and the analog tachometer adopts the racing type of the same design as the "RC211V" with excellent visibility.
  • HISS are standard equipment, which makes it impossible to start the engine with a key other than the genuine key and is effective in deterring theft by blinking the indicator lamp for 24 hours.
  • It is possible to install a unit of SECOM Co., Ltd.'s location information service "Kokosecom" and an in-vehicle charger
  • The remote control immobilizer alarm function that detects vibration and emits a sharp warning sound is set as an option.
  • A dedicated U-shaped lock that can be stored in the utility space under the pillion seat is available as an option.

2003 Honda CBR600RR Specs

Standard original main specifications of CBR600RR model year 2003:
Common nameCBR600RR
Vehicle name/modelHonda BC-PC37
Overall length x Width x Height (m)2.010 x 0.695 x 1.115
Wheelbase (m)1.395
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.130
Seat height (m)0.820
Vehicle weight (kg)199
Dry weight (kg)171
Riding capacity (person)2
2003 Honda CBR600RR Fuel consumption rate (km/L)29.0 (60km/h constant-land driving test value)
Minimum radius of gyration (m)3.2
Engine model/typePC37E/water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-cylinder
Total displacement (cm3)599
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)67.0 x 42.5
compression ratio12.0
Maximum power output (kW [PS]/rpm)51 [69]/11,500
Maximum torque (N・m [kg・m]/rpm)51 [5.2]/7,500
Fuel supply device typeElectronically controlled fuel injection type (PGM-DSFI)
Starting methodSelf-type
Ignition system typeFull transistor battery ignition
Lubrication methodPressure-fed splash combination type
Fuel tank capacity (L)18
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeAlways meshing 6-speed return
Gear ratio1st Speed2.666
2nd Speed1.937
3th Speed1.611
4th speed1.409
5th speed1.260
6th speed1.166
Reduction ratio (1st/2nd)2.111/2.562
Caster angle (degrees)/trail amount (mm)24° 00´/95
2003 Honda CBR600RR standard Tire sizeFront120/70ZR17 M/C (58W)
Rear180/55ZR17 M/C (73W)
Brake typeFrontHydraulic double disc
RearHydraulic disc
Suspension methodPreviousTelescopic method
RearSwing arm type
frame formatdiamond


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