2006 Honda Forza X & Z ABS 2nd Gen Facelift

2006 Honda Forza Type X, Z, Z ABS (BA-MF08) New Facelift - Specs, Price, Review

2006 Forza Z (BA-MF08) Silver Metallic
Photo of 2006 Forza Z (BA-MF08).
Color: Silver/Grey Metallic.
Release date: 2006-05-22.

Honda has remodeled the light two-wheeled scooter, Forza series, which has been well-received for its sporty styling and highly convenient functions such as the "Honda S Matic" and "Honda Smart Card Key System" that employ electronic control technology. The Forza Z equipped with the Honda S Matic will be the base model "Forza X" from March 27 (Monday). The Forza Z ABS equipped with front/rear interlocking ABS will be released on May 22 (Monday) 2006.

The "Forza" series has continued to sell well since the model change in 2004, and the number of reported units from January to December 2005 was 20,575 units. This time, while inheriting the basic design and basic performance of the conventional model, it was developed with the keyword "evolution of comfortable packaging and comfortable fun ride". It is a model with a sportier style and more fun to operate.
The design has changed the shape of the meter visor, garnish, and headlights on the front part. By reducing the area of ​​the cowl, it has a sporty front view. In addition, the left and right tail lamp units built into the rear cowl have been changed to clear lenses, the internal stop lamp and turn signal lamp designs have also been changed to a round shape, and LEDs (9 LEDs on each side) have been adopted. It enhances visibility from the rear and has a fearless rear view.
The "Honda S Matic" installed in the "Forza Z" and "Forza Z ABS" has changed the 6-speed manual shift mode to 7-speed. In addition, by newly adopting a "kickdown mechanism" and the world's first "auto shift mode" for motorcycle products, a delicate and optimal driving feeling according to driving conditions Is possible.
There are two colors, pure black and bright pearl milky white, which are popular with "Forza X". In addition to pure black and pearl milky white, the "Forza Z" is available in four colors: Winning Red, which is popular in the limited edition "Forza Z Special," and digital silver metallic, which is full of luxury. In addition, "Forza Z ABS" is available in two colors, pure black and digital silver metallic.

2006 New Honda Forza Price List

Sales plan (Japan domestic market / annual), Series total : 20,000 units.
Manufacturer's suggested retail price :
  • Forza X : 609,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 580,000 yen)
  • Forza Z : 640,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 610,000 yen)
  • Forza Z ABS : 703,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 670,000 yen)

* Prices (including recycling costs) do not include insurance premiums, taxes (excluding consumption tax), and various costs associated with registration.

Forza's main changes

Honda S Matic

The "Forza Z" and "Forza Z ABS" adopt the world's first "Honda S Matic" as a light two-wheeled scooter, and while it is automatic, it has a lot of driving performance and fun to operate like a manual transmission car. Has gained the support of. This "Honda S Matic" has two automatic modes, "S mode" and "D mode", and it is possible to select from three modes including "6-speed manual mode" according to the driving condition. There is.

This time, the "Honda S Matic" installed in the "Forza Z" and "Forza Z ABS" newly adopted the "auto shift mode" as a motorcycle product for the first time in the world. This makes it possible to select from 4 modes in addition to the previous 3 modes (S mode, D mode, manual mode). In addition, in the auto shift mode, a "kickdown mechanism" is adopted and the shift ratio is increased to 7 speeds, enabling a delicate and optimal driving feeling according to the driving conditions.

7-speed shift ratio

The shift ratio is set to a 7-speed ratio that is higher than the conventional model. When traveling at the same vehicle speed as the conventional model, it realizes driving in a lower engine speed range. As a result, the engine is quiet and the fuel consumption is substantially reduced.

Auto shift mode

The auto shift mode has excellent shifting characteristics in three modes: "D mode" for urban areas, "S mode" for suburbs, and "manual mode" for winding roads in the conventional model. ing. Mechanically, "throttle opening", "vehicle speed", "engine speed", "pulley position", "driven pulley speed", "FI mode signal", "mode change signal" are used as judgment factors, and information is sent to the "ratio control unit". Aggregate. It automatically selects the optimum ratio according to the driving environment, realizes smooth and optimum acceleration and deceleration, and prepares an environment where you can concentrate on throttle operation and braking. In addition, the shift feeling during driving is set so that you can directly experience the shift change and acceleration feeling by lowering the engine speed when shifting up, instead of intentionally making smooth shifting characteristics. Further, since the engine speed at the time of running and at the time of shifting is selected according to the throttle opening, it is possible to run at a constant engine speed.

Kickdown mechanism

The kickdown mechanism instantly increases the accelerator opening while driving, and shifts down without changing the speed at the discretion of the "ratio control unit", achieving powerful acceleration in the high rpm range. .. This function enables powerful and smooth acceleration when entering the highway or after cornering.

2006 Honda Forza (All Types) Main Specifications

Common nameForza XForza ZForza Z ABS
Vehicle name/modelHonda BA-MF08
Predessor2004 Forza XForza Z2005 Forza Z ABS
Overall length x Overall width x Overall height (m)2.165 x 0.760 x 1.1802.165 x 0.755 × 1.180
Wheelbase (m)1.545
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.140
Seat height (m)0.710
Vehicle weight (kg)187190196
Dry weight (kg)173176182
Riding capacity (person)2
Fuel consumption rate (km/L)41.043.0
(60km/h constant-land driving test value)
Minimum turning radius (m)2.7
Engine model/typeMF08E/Water-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder
Total displacement (cm3)249
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)72.7 x 60.0
compression ratio10.0
Maximum output (kW [PS]/rpm)16 [22]/7,500
Maximum torque (N ・ m [kg ・ m]/rpm)24 [2.4]/5,500
Starting methodSelf-type
Carburetor typePGM-FI (electronically controlled fuel injection type)
Ignition system typeFull transistor battery ignition
Fuel tank capacity (L)12
Lubrication methodPumping splash combination type
Clutch typeDry type multi-plate shoe type
Transmission typeContinuously variable transmission
None Speed ​​change type (V-matic)
With electronic manual mode
Gear ratio1 speed2.450 ~ 0.8302.600 ~ 0.800
Caster (degree)/Trail (mm)27 ° 30´/93
Tire sizeFront110/90-13M/C 55P
Rear130/70-12 56L
Brake typeFrontHydraulic disc
RearHydraulic disc
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic type
RearUnit swing type
frame formatbackbone


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