Honda New CBR1000RR EBL-SC59 2011-2012 Facelift

Super sports motorcycle Honda New CBR1000RR 2011 remodeled and released

2011 Honda CBR1000RR New Facelift Red
Picture of Honda CBR1000RR 2011 New Facelift.
Colour: Victory Red.
Release date: 2011-12-15.

The large supersport model Honda CBR1000RR equipped with a high-performance water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder 1000cc engine will be remodeled and released on Thursday, December 15th 2011.

While inheriting the basic concept of styling and the basic specifications of the engine, this model has undergone a major overhaul, focusing on the suspension, to improve ease of use so that you can enjoy more sports riding.


The Power of CBR1000RR is provided by a 4-stroke, 999cc, liquid cooled, DOHC, horizontal in-line engine with electric starter. The engine is paired with a 6-Speed manual transmission and total fuel capacity is 4.7 gallons. The CBR 1000RR rides on aluminum wheels with a 120/70 ZR17 front tire and a 190/50 ZR17 rear tire. The front suspension is a inverted fork while the rear suspension is a twin sided swing arm. Front dual hydraulic disc brakes and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide stopping power. The CBR 1000RR comes standard with a two-piece, 2-passenger seat. The Honda CBR 1000RR is a sport style motorcycle with an MSRP of $13,800 and is upgraded for 2012.

Honda New CBR1000RR EBL-SC59 2011 Facelift Tricolor
Photo of 2011 Honda New CBR1000RR EBL-SC59 Facelift.
COlor: Pearl Sunbeam White (Tricolor)

For your information, the Honda CBR1000RR was developed by the same team that was behind the MotoGP series. Many of the new technologies introduced, a direct descendant of the RC211V, were used in the new CBR1000RR such as a lengthy swingarm, Dual Stage Fuel Injection System (DSFI) and Unit Pro-Link rear suspension. Production years : 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2000, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

The styling is sharp and dynamic based on the wedge shape, with the keywords "speed" and "dynamic", while inheriting the compact form that aims to improve aerodynamic performance and centralize the mass. In addition, under the nose cowl on the front, a chin spoiler * 1 that controls the air flow and contributes to excellent handling is newly equipped.

The body has changed the front and rear suspension structure and front and rear wheel shapes that greatly contribute to maneuvering performance, improving the sense of security during braking and traction performance during acceleration, and further improving the ease of handling during sports riding.

In addition, the instrument panel has a new full LCD screen with high visibility. A gear position indicator, a lap timer that is useful for sports driving on the circuit, etc. have been added to enhance the functionality, making it suitable for sports riding.

Two colors, Pearl Sunbeam White and Victory Red, are available for coloring. The CBR1000RR ABSequipped with the electronically controlled "combined ABS" that was adopted for the first time in the world for super sports is also available.

Honda CBR1000RR EBL-SC59 2012 Rose White
Image of 2012 Honda New CBR1000RR EBL-SC59.
Color: Rose White.
Release date: 2012-11-13

Honda New CBR1000RR EBL-SC59 Price

Planned sales volume (domestic/annual), Series total 200 units
Manufacturer's suggested retail price Honda CBR1000RR 2011/2012 Basic/Standard
  • Honda CBR1000RR Victory Red 2011 : 1,396,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,330,000 yen)
  • Honda CBR1000RR Pearl Sunbeam White 2011 : 1,428,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,360,000 yen)
  • CBR1000RR Graphite Black 2012 : 1,396,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,330,000 yen)
  • CBR1000RR Ross White 2012 : 1,428,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,360,000 yen)
  • CBR1000RR Special Edition Non-ABS : 1,491,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,420,000 yen)
2011/2012 Honda CBR1000RR ABS Price
  • Honda CBR1000RR ABS Victory Red 2011 : 1,564,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,490,000 yen)
  • CBR1000RR ABS Pearl Sunbeam White 2011 : 1,596,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,520,000 yen)
  • CBR1000RR ABS Graphite Black 2012 : 1,564,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,490,000 yen)
  • CBR1000RR ABS Ross White 2012 : 1,596,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,520,000 yen)
  • CBR1000RR ABS Special Edition price : 1,659,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 1,580,000 yen)

2012 Honda New CBR1000RR Special Edition Repsol Orange
2012 Honda New CBR1000RR EBL-SC59 Special Limited Edition wallpaper.
Color: Repsol Honda MotoGP Team Livery (Vibrant Orange).
Release date: 2012-11-13

2011 New Honda CBR1000RR EBL-SC59 Features

  • Sharp and aggressive form full of speed. Based on mass concentration, light weight, and compactness, the styling that insists on a sense of speed and dynamism realizes highly efficient air management that achieves both engine cooling and reduction of air resistance with the new shape front cowl and side cowl. I am. In addition, a chin spoiler that contributes to light handling is newly adopted under the nose cowl. The headlights are a sharp and fearless new design line beam variant 2 light type.
  • Unit Pro-Link® rear suspension
  • Balance Free Rear Cushion, made by Showa has been adopted, and its performance maximized through optimal combination with the unique Unit Pro-Link suspension.
  • Suspension that combines smooth operation and high rigidity at a high level. The front suspension is an inverted type telescopic type with a diameter of 43 mm, and a new big piston front fork that operates more smoothly at the beginning of the stroke is adopted. The rear suspension follows Honda's original unit pro-link type, which has high road followability, and is combined with the world's first balanced-free rear cushion with excellent damping force response to greatly improve traction performance. I am letting you. The front and rear wheels have been changed to 12-spoke aluminum cast wheels with a newly reviewed rigidity balance. By changing the front and rear suspension structure and wheels, which greatly contribute to steering performance, handling characteristics that are easier to handle, smoother, and have higher steering stability are realized in sports riding.
  • Highly functional instrument panel. The compact instrument panel has a new full LCD screen with high visibility, and in addition to switching display functions such as trip meter, clock, fuel consumption, fuel consumption display, gear position indicator and sports driving on the circuit Equipped with a new useful lap timer. It is a function more suitable for sports riding.
  • New 12-spoke cast aluminum wheels provide more consistent rigidity
  • Multi-function LCD instruments. Full LCD meters are adopted for a variety of functions, to further improve the user-friendliness of circuit riding
  • New revised fuel injection settings
  • Electronically controlled Combined ABS (C-ABS) system
  • telescopic inverted fork with an inner tube diameter of 43 mm, and a big piston front fork
  • a compact 4-piece type, aluminum die-cast frame is adopted, achieving both high rigidity and a slim body
  • Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD), a compact and lightweight, electronically-controlled hydraulic steering damper
  • The styling expresses a sense of speed and dynamic action, that allows people to imagine sporty riding performance at a glance
  • The CBR1000RR is a example of typical Honda industry-leading innovation. Combining tons of power, light weight, and refined, responsive handling with drop-dead good looks

2011 Honda CBR1000RR EBL-SC59 Main Specifications

Below the Complete Technical Specification for The 2012 New Honda CBR1000RR.

Common nameCBR1000RR
Vehicle name/modelHonda EBL-SC59
Predessor2009 Honda CBR1000RR
Overall length x Width x Height (m)2.075 x 0.680 x 1.135
Wheelbase (m)1.415
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.130
Seat height (m)0.820
Vehicle weight (kg)202 [212]
Riding capacity (person)2
Fuel consumption rate (km/L)24.5 (60km/h constant-land driving test value)
Minimum turning radius (m) 3.3
Engine model/typeSC59E/Water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve in-line 4-cylinder
Total displacement (cm3)999
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)76.0 x 55.1
compression ratio12.3
Maximum output (kW [PS]/rpm)87 [118]/9,500
Maximum torque (N ・ m [kgf ・ m]/rpm)95 [9.7]/8,250
Fuel supply device typeProgrammed Dual Sequential Fuel Injection System (PGM-DSFI)
Fuel type usedUnleaded premium gasoline
Starting methodSelf-type
Ignition system typeFull transistor battery ignition
Lubrication methodPressure-fed splash combination type
Fuel tank capacity (L)17.0
Clutch typeWet multi-plate diaphragm spring type
Transmission typeAlways meshing 6-stage return
Gear ratio1 Speed2.285
2 Speed1.631
3 Speed1.333
4 speed1.137
5 speed1.033
6 speed0.967
Reduction ratio (1st/2nd)1.717/2.562
Caster angle (degrees)/trail amount (mm)23 ° 30´/96
TiresFront120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Rear190/50ZR17M/C (73W)
Brake typeFrontHydraulic double disc
[electronically controlled "combined ABS"]
RearHydraulic disc
[electronically controlled "combined ABS"]
Suspended methodFrontTelescopic inverted fork
with an inner tube diameter of 43 mm,
and a Big Piston Front Fork with preload,
compression and rebound adjustment, 120mm stroke
RearSwing arm type Unit Pro-Link
with gas-charged HMAS damper
featuring 10-step preload,
stepless compression and
rebound damping adjustment, 138.2mm stroke.
Rear Balance Free Rear Cushion with preload,
compression and rebound adjustment, 62mm stroke.
frame formatDiamond; aluminium composite twin-spar

Honda CBR1000RR Parts price list:

  • Clutch Friction Plate Kit : $55.93
  • Clutch with Steel Separator Plates and Springs : $153.14
  • Yoshimura Exhaust R77 Cf Cbr1000Rr : $1,034.10
  • Multi-Fit Lower Fork Mount Kit : $19.90
  • Brake Kit Front Smoke for Honda CBR 1000RR 08-09 : $72.37
  • Brake Line Kit : $47.43
  • Throttle Kit : $148.49
  • Front Sprocket-16T Conv for Honda CBR : $29.71
  • 8mm Swingarm Spool : $22.00
  • Rear Sprocket : $24.92
  • Steering Stem Bearing Kit : $46.99
  • High Performance Oil Filter : $10.25
  • Replacement Air Filter : $64.99
  • Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Pack of 2) : $42.98
  • Yuasa YUAM727ZS YTZ7S Battery : $90.80
  • Splined Adapter Mount : $24.99
  • 50mm Fork Tube : $133.49
  • Replacement Passenger Seat for Honda CBR 1000RR : $72.66


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