Honda CTX1300 (EBL-SC74) 2014

2014 Honda CTX1300 (EBL-SC74) Cruiser SportBike Review, Photos, Specs, Price & Features

Honda CTX1300 (EBL-SC74) 2014 Black
Honda CTX1300 (EBL-SC74) picture.
Colour: Darkness Black Metallic.
Release date: 2014-02-21

On February 21 (Friday) 2014, Honda launched the new cruiser model "CTX1300" equipped with a water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, vertical V-type 4-cylinder 1,261cc engine. The CTX1300 is the flagship model of the CTX series with the development concept of experiencing comfortable technology. In addition to the low-seat body that makes it easy to get your feet on the ground, we have pursued excellent comfort in all areas, including the engine and various equipment.

It was the debut as the flagship model of the CTX series, which is higher than the CTX700 and CTX700N that appeared in the previous year. The exterior of the CTX series was characterized by a design with a horizontal tone, and the CTX1300 followed that model, realizing low and long proportions. The unique layout in which the water-cooled V-type 4-cylinder engine was installed vertically was inherited from the ST1100 Pan European (since 1989), and produced ample torque from a displacement of 1,261cc. Speaking of vertical V-type engines, there is an image of Moto Guzzi's proprietary patent, but Honda has also been working on the GL series and CX series since the 1970s. Quiet topic. The development concept of the CTX1300 bibike is experiencing comfortable technology. A specially designed frame with a seat height of 740 mm is equipped with an inverted front fork and aluminum swing arm with two shocks. Equipped with front and rear interlocking ABS (combined ABS), equipped with a pannier case and an audio system compatible with Bluetooth as standard equipment, it was sold with a grip heater and an ETC on-board device pre-installed, which was rare at the time in 2014. It was also equipped with traction control, headlights and other lights were LED, and it had a USB port, but the mission was a manual 5-speed transmission (shaft drive).

2014 Honda CTX1300 White
2014 Honda CTX1300 Cruiser photo.
Body Color: Pearl Sunbeam White

The styling uses a powerful horizontal tone design common to the CTX series. The characteristic front cowl has a unique and dynamic surface configuration with the adoption of LED headlights. A vertically mounted V-4 engine with a strong presence that pursues functional beauty, and elegantly designed exhaust pipes and mufflers create a dynamic and luxurious styling. In addition, by realizing a low seat height of 740mm *2, it is possible to achieve both low and unique proportions and ease of handling.
The engine has powerful torque characteristics in the low and medium speed range, making it easy to handle in urban areas, and you can enjoy the unique throbbing feeling of a vertical V-4 cylinder. In addition, the front and rear wheels are newly designed and stylish cast aluminum wheels.
Equipment includes combined ABS, pannier case that enhances touring convenience, ETC in-vehicle device, grip heater, and audio as standard equipment.

Main Features of Honda CTX1300


It adopts a horizontal keynote design common to the CTX series, and has low and long proportions. The headlights, blinkers, and taillights use highly visible LEDs, contributing to greater design freedom. The front view is elegant and dynamic, and the front cowl is equipped with 4 high-brightness LED headlights. In addition, the LED turn signals are integrated into the side mirrors integrated with the front cowl to create a unique and fearless image.
The rear view has a unique design and excellent visibility through the use of LED tail lamps with a shape that jumps up to the left and right, as well as LED stop lamps and blinkers. In addition, the standard stylish pannier case gives the CTX1300 a distinctive presence.

Honda CTX1300 Engine

The liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, longitudinally mounted V-type 4-cylinder 1,261 cm3 engine is characterized by full torque in the low and mid ranges, pursuing ease of handling in urban areas. In addition, the adoption of a 2-axis secondary balancer suppresses unpleasant vibrations, realizing a quiet and comfortable ride at high speeds. The exhaust pipes, which are divided into two on each side, have extensions on the front side to control the exhaust sound of each cylinder and accentuate the throbbing sound of the V-type 4-cylinder.

Vehicle and Equipment

The low seat height of 740mm and the adoption of a wide up handle allow for a relaxed riding position. In addition, the low center of gravity design with the fuel tank placed under the seat contributes to stable driving. The brake system is equipped with a combined brake that appropriately distributes braking force to the front and rear wheels when the foot brake is operated, and a combined ABS that combines ABS as standard equipment. In addition, the Traction Control System (TCS), which suppresses excessive slippage by controlling the number of rotations of the drive wheels, suppresses changes in vehicle behavior as standard equipment. This system sends the signal information obtained from the wheel speed sensor to the ECU via the ABS modulator to calculate the slip ratio. Judging the injection thinning pattern of the electronically controlled fuel injection device (PGM-FI *3 ), it controls the rotation of the drive wheels.
On the utility side, 35L*2 pannier cases, which are specially designed and equipped as standard equipment, are placed on the left and right to enhance the convenience of long-distance touring. In addition, the specially developed audio is compatible with Bluetooth®*4. Compatible digital sound products (audio, smartphones, headsets) can be used wirelessly. In addition, high-quality 50W speakers placed on the left and right of the meter and amplifiers with a maximum output of 40W x 2 provide powerful sound.

  • *3 PGM-FI is a registered trademark of Honda
  • *4 We do not guarantee connectivity with all Bluetooth® devices. Also, depending on the position of the Bluetooth® device, sound dropouts may occur. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Other Equipment of Honda CTX1300

  • Equipped with ETC in-vehicle device as standard
  • Equipped as standard with a grip heater that can be set to 5 different temperatures for increased comfort in cold weather
  • Blinker auto canceller that automatically turns off the blinking of the blinker
  • Main stand convenient for maintenance
  • Equipped with a USB terminal for playing music files in the audio system (USB device can be charged)
  • Equipped with an accessory socket under the seat

Color variations

Two types are available: Darkness Black Metallic and Pearl Sunbeam White.

2014 Honda CTX1300 Specifications

Main specs of Honda CTX1300 sport cruiser model year 2014

Common NameCTX1300
Car name/modelHonda EBL-SC74
Length×Width×Height (mm)2,380×940×1,170
wheelbase (mm)1,645
Minimum ground clearance (mm)130
Seat height (mm)740
Vehicle weight (kg)338
Capacity (persons)2
Fuel consumption rate *5 (km/L)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism reported value
Fuel consumption value
27.2 (60km/h level driving test value)
When two people are on board
WMTC mode value (class)17.8* (class 3-2)*6
1 When boarding
Minimum turning radius (m)3.2
Engine model/typeSC74E・water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve V-type 4-cylinder
Total Displacement (cm3 )1,261
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)78.0×66.0
Compression Ratio10.0
Max output (kW[PS]/rpm)62[84]/6,000
Maximum torque (N・m[kgf・m]/rpm)106[10.8]/4,500
Fuel supply systemElectronic (Electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI))
Starting methodSelf-operated
Ignition typeFull transistor battery ignition
Lubrication methodCombined pumping and splashing method
Fuel tank capacity (L)19
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring type
Transmission typeConstant mesh 5-speed return
Transmission ratio1 speed2.571
2 fast1.722
3 fast1.285
4 fast1.041
5 fast0.862
Reduction ratio (primary/secondary)1.785/0.878×2.833
Caster angle (degrees)/Trail amount (mm)28°30´/118
TireFront130/70R18M/C 63V
Rear200/50R17M/C 75V
Brake typeFrontHydraulic double disc
RearHydraulic disc
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic type (inverted type)
RearSwing arm type
Frame FormatDouble Cradle
  • *5 The fuel consumption rate is the value under specified test conditions. Varies depending on various conditions such as the customer's usage environment (weather, traffic jams, etc.), driving method, vehicle condition (equipment, specifications), and maintenance status
  • *6 WMTC mode values are calculated values based on emissions test results measured in driving modes that have become international standards, including starting, accelerating, and stopping. Driving mode classes are classified by displacement and maximum speed

Honda CTX1300 2014 Price

Planned sales volume (Japan domestic/annual 2014), Series total : 200 units.
Manufacturer's suggested retail price (including 5% consumption tax) at that time was 1,837,500 yen (1,750,000 yen without consumption tax).
* Prices (including recycling costs) do not include insurance premiums, taxes (excluding consumption tax), registration fees, etc.


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