2014 Honda CBR650F & CB650F (EBL-RC83)

2014 Honda CB650F & CBR650F (EBL-RC83) Specs, Price, Review, Photos

2014 Honda CB650F Blue
Picture of Honda CB650F (EBL-RC83).
Colour: Atmosphere Blue Metallic.
Model year: 2014-04-21.

The road sports models Honda CBR650F and Honda CB650F equipped with the newly developed water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder 650cc engine will be released on April 21 (Monday) 2014.

2014 Honda CBR650F (EBL-RC83) White
Photo of Honda CBR650F (EBL-RC83).
Color: Pearl Glare White.
Release date: 2014-04-21.

In developing both models, we aimed to realize a machine that can enjoy the easy-to-use body size that is accepted by a wide range of riders from the entry layer to the veteran layer, and the relaxed rotation feeling that is typical of an in-line 4-cylinder engine.

The engine has a lightweight and compact design, and pursues output characteristics that are easy to handle in the low and medium revs, and a stretchy feeling and high-quality exhaust sound that are typical of in-line 4-cylinders in the high revs. In addition, we emphasize the functional beauty with a high-quality feel, and add fun to see to the mechanical and powerful appearance of the engine and the exhaust pipe composed of flowing lines.

The body and suspension are designed with an emphasis on downsizing the engine and centralizing the mass. The frame adopts a newly developed twin tube type with an oval cross section. It has a slim body that is easy to straddle. The newly designed aluminum cast wheel with a lightweight hollow cross-section structure contributes to a light maneuvering feeling.

The styling consists of a dynamic line that flows from a fearless V-shaped headlight to a lumpy fuel tank and a narrowed tail end. The beautifully curved exhaust pipe and short muffler realize a glamorous form. The CBR650F uses a sporty full cowl, while the CB650F has a strong naked style.

2014 Honda CB650F & CBR650F Price

Planned sales volume (domestic/annual)
  • CBR650F : 700 units
  • CB650F : 300 units
Manufacturer's suggested retail price (including 8% consumption tax)
  • 2014 Honda CBR650F price : 999,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 925,000 yen)
  • 2014 Honda CB650F price : 923,400 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 855,000 yen)

Main features of CBR650F and CB650F


The newly developed water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line 4-cylinder 650cc engine that pursues functional beauty has been made compact by optimizing the mounting angle of the throttle body and adopting an efficient layout of accessories. It was realized. The bore x stroke is set to φ67.0mm x 46.0mm in order to achieve a powerful and easy-to-use feeling in the low and medium rev range and a relaxed feeling in the high rev range. The valve timing minimizes the amount of overlap when the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time. In addition, by setting the minimum inner diameter of the air funnel to φ30 mm, smooth acceleration is achieved when the engine speed is from 6,000 rpm to 9,000 rpm. By setting the exhaust pipe of the beautiful line to the optimum pipe length, it has realized the characteristics that it is easy to handle with strong torque in the low rotation range of 4,000 rpm or less. A short type muffler is placed in the lower center of the car body to centralize the mass, and the structure pursues the heart-throbbing exhaust sound unique to an in-line 4-cylinder engine.


The frame adopts a newly developed twin tube type with an elliptical cross section in order to realize a supple and nimble driving feeling with excellent rigidity. It has a slim structure that makes it easy to straddle, allowing a compact engine to be installed.

The front suspension uses an upright telescopic inner tube with a diameter of 41 mm and a stroke of 120 mm. The rear suspension is equipped with a 7-step adjustable preload adjuster to suit the rider's taste.

The newly designed aluminum cast wheels are 17-inch in size both front and rear.

The front brake is equipped with a 2-pot caliper on the double disc and a 1-pot caliper on the single disc on the rear, and ABS with a sense of security is standard equipment.

With these, a wide range of riders, from entry to veteran, can enjoy easy-to-use and sporty driving.


Both models use the same platform but have different designs.

As an all-round full cowl sports model, the CBR650F has adopted a sleek full cowling that pursues aerodynamic performance and wind protection effect.

As a naked sports model, the CB650F is equipped with a tank shroud and has a massive design.

The exhaust pipe with a distinctive and flowing design and the short muffler full of lumpiness further enhance the fearless image.

The CBR650F is available in three colors: pearl glare white, Victory red, and graphite black. The CB650F is available in two colors: Atmosphere Blue Metallic and Matte Gun Powder Black Metallic.

Other main equipment

  • Full LCD twin-lens meter that enhances sports mind
  • Tail lamp with LED
  • Secure a space under the seat to store small items and U-shaped lock. Some U-shaped locks cannot be stored depending on their shape and size.

Honda CBR650F vs CB650F Specs

The comparation between CBR650F and CB650F main specifications.
Common nameCBR650FCB650F
Vehicle name/modelHonda EBL-RC83
Overall length x Width x Height (mm)2,110 x 755 x 1,1452,110 x 775 x 1,120
Wheelbase (mm)1,450
Minimum ground clearance (mm)130150
Seat height (mm)810
Vehicle weight (kg)211208
Riding capacity (person)2
Fuel consumption rate* 2(km/L)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism notification value
Constant fuel consumption value
31.5 (60km/h constant ground driving test value)
When two people are on board
WMTC mode value
22.2*(Class 3- 2)* 3
When one person is on board
Minimum turning radius (m)3.02.8
Engine model/typeRC83E Water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve in-line 4-cylinder
Total displacement (cm3)648
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)67.0 x 46.0
compression ratio11.4
Maximum output (kW [PS]/rpm)61 [83]/9,500
Maximum torque (N ・ m [kgf ・ m]/rpm)63 [6.4]/8,000
Fuel supply device typeElectronic control fuel injection device (PGM-FI)
Starting methodSelf-type
Ignition system typeFull transistor battery ignition
Lubrication methodPumping splash combination type
Fuel tank capacity (L)17
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring type
Transmission typeAlways meshing 6-speed return
Gear ratio1st speed3.071
2nd speed2.235
3rd speed1.777
4th speed1.520
5th speed1.333
6 speed1.214
Reduction ratio (1st/2nd)1.690/2.800
Caster angle (degrees)/trail amount (mm)25 ° 30´/101
TiresFront120/70ZR17M/C 58W
Rear180/55ZR17M/C 73W
Brake typeFrontHydraulic double disc
RearHydraulic disc
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic type
RearSwing arm type
frame formatdiamond


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