Suzuki Address FI 2014-2022

2014-2022 Suzuki Address FI (Fuel Injection) - 110cc Scooter Overview, Specs, Photos

Suzuki Address FI White scooter
Suzuki Address FI photo
Suzuki Address FI is a 110cc scooter that is fuel efficient, reliable and practical for daily drive euipped with a large luggage under the seat and big fuel tank, launched on October 29, 2014 in Indonesia.
Suzuki Address FI 2014 Putih
Image of Suzuki Address FI model year 2014.

Suzuki Address FI 2016 Merah
Picture of Suzuki Address FI model year 2016.

2022 Suzuki Address FI Two tone Red Black
Photo of Suzuki Address FI model year 2022.
Two tone colour: Stronger Red - Titan Black

Suzuki Address uses a 110cc SOHC fuel injection (FI) engine with LEaP (Light, Efficient and Powerful) technology that is fuel efficient, supported by a large fuel tank capacity of 5.2 liters. Spacious luggage, 20.6 liters is also Address's advantage, so it's not too bothersome to carry things. The record for fuel consumption that Suzuki Address has set is 93.9 km per liter with a total distance of 320 km from Pekanbaru City to Padang City with varied track and weather conditions.

2022 Suzuki Address FI Features

Suzuki Address FI Features
Main features of Suzuki Address FI scooter.

How wide is the Suzuki Address 110 FI's trunk?

Able to accommodate 20.6 liters of luggage. Isn't it wide enough? Even a full-face helmet can be stored safely in the trunk. With a wide trunk like this, your belongings will be protected safely and driving a motorbike on the streets is guaranteed to be more comfortable because there is no need to hang your luggage on the handlebars or on the legs of the scooter.
In addition to the widest luggage capacity in the 110 cc scooter class, the Suzuki Address 110 FI's fuel tank capacity is also the largest in its class, 5.2 liters.

Another Advantage of Suzuki Address 110 FI

Another advantage that can be felt by Suzuki Address 110 FI riders is a comfortable riding position. Having a height of 170 cm, the Suzuki Address 110 FI rider will feel comfortable and steady when sitting on the seat because the distance to the ground is not too high and not too low.

Plus, the body that is quite slim makes the rider's sitting position more comfortable when driving across the streets of the capital. Laying the handlebars of the Suzuki Address 110 FI which is quite straight with the rider's body will also not make the hands or body feel sore quickly.

Suzuki Address FI Photos Gallery

Gambar motor Suzuki Address FI 2022 Hitam
2022 Suzuki Address FI Titan Black.

2022 Suzuki Address FI Matt Black
2022 Suzuki Address FI - Matt Black.

2022 Suzuki Address FI Red Maroon Predator Series
2022 Suzuki Address FI - Matt Bordeaux Red
Predator Series.

Suzuki Address FI Specifications

Complete specs of Suzuki Address FI model year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 :

Length1,855 mm
Height1,095 mm
Axis Distance1,260 mm
Treading Distance120 mm
Seat Height755 mm
Empty Weight97 kg
Type4-stroke, 1 cylinder, water-cooled, SOHC
Cylinder Fill113
Compression Ratio9.4:1
Fuel SystemFuel Injection
Ignition SystemElectronic ignition (Transistorized)
Starting SystemElectric & Primary Kick
Tank Capacity5.2 Liter
Front SuspensionTelescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear SuspensionSwingarm type, coil spring, oil damped
Front BrakeDisc brake
Rear brakeDrum brake
Front Wheel Size80/90-14 M/C 40P
Rear Wheel Size90/90-14 M/C 46P

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Suzuki Address FI is a solution for public transportation needs whose mobility intensity is quite high, due to the large fuel tank capacity (5.2 liters). Suzuki Address FI's fuel consumption is efficient. Equipped with an ignition lock system with safety magnets and seat openers provide extra security. Its practicality in carrying a lot of goods is very useful for workers, families, housewives and as a mainstay of entrepreneurship.


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