Honda CBR650R 2BL-RH03 2019

2019 New Honda CBR650R (2BL-RH03) Specs, Price, Photos & Review

Honda CBR650R is a big bike road sports model equipped with a water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder, 648cc engine and a compact full cowl, released on Friday, March 15th 2019.

Honda CBR650R 2BL-RH03 2019 Red
Photo of 2019 Honda CBR650R 2BL-RH03.
Color : Grand Prix Red
Release date: 2019-03-15

The 2019 Honda CBR650R was developed based on the conventional model CBR650F equipped with an in-line 4-cylinder engine that allows you to enjoy a relaxed rotation feeling from low to high revs in an easy-to-use body size. Focusing on the "enjoyment of maneuvering" in sportier driving such as winding and high-speed driving, the development keywords are "exciting driving proficiency straight-four Middle CBR R", and each part of the car body, suspension, and power unit is matured. The styling has been renewed while letting you do it. The name has been changed from the conventional CBR650F to CBR650R.

For the body and suspension, we reviewed the rigidity balance by changing the frame components and manufacturing method, and further reduced the weight and centralized mass, as well as newly inverted front forks and newly designed aluminum wheels. The exercise performance has been improved by adopting it, and a light and high-quality riding feel has been realized.

The power unit has improved output in the high rpm range compared to the conventional model while having torque characteristics that are easy to handle. In addition, the assist slipper clutch and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) are newly adopted, which contribute to reducing rider fatigue and driving with a sense of security. We have realized a more comfortable and smooth ride that is easier to handle, and have improved the "enjoyment of maneuvering".

Honda Selectable Torque Control is not a system for eliminating slip. It is a system that assists the rider's accelerator operation. Therefore, as with vehicles that are not equipped with Honda Selectable Torque Control, it is not possible to handle unreasonable driving.

The styling is equipped with a newly designed compact full cowl, and LEDs are used for all lighting equipment such as headlights and tail lamps.

2019 Honda CBR650R RH03 Black
Picture of Honda CBR650R 2BL-RH03 2019
Color: Matte Ballistic Black Metallic.

2019 Honda CBR650R 2BL-RH03 Price

Planned sales volume (Japan domestic/annual) : 600 units
Manufacturer's suggested retail price (including 8% consumption tax) :
CBR650R (Matte Ballistic Black Metallic) : 1,036,800 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 960,000 yen)
CBR650R (Grand Prix Red) : 1,069,200 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 990,000 yen)

Main features of Honda CBR650R 2019


  • -The pivot plate part of the frame has been changed to a box structure that combines press-molded products to achieve both weight reduction and high rigidity at a high level.
  • -The position where the pipe under the seat rail is joined to the pivot plate is moved upward to create a light silhouette, and the rear end of the seat is shortened to contribute to mass concentration.
  • ・ By setting the step position to the upper rear of the conventional model and fastening the separate handle to the lower side of the top bridge to lower the handle position, it is a riding position that makes it more enjoyable to run in winding etc.
  • -Aluminum wheels adopt a new design with 5 Y-shaped spokes. We tried to reduce the weight by thinning each part while optimizing the rigidity.
  • -The suspension of 2019 Honda CBR650R has a new inverted front fork that contributes to high-quality and nimble handling, and a pillow ball is used at the joint between the rear suspension and the swing arm to further improve cushioning and road surface followability.
  • -A radial mount caliper is newly adopted for the front brake. In addition, ABS is standard equipment as with the conventional model.

*ABS is a system that assists the rider's braking operation. As with vehicles that are not equipped with ABS, sufficient deceleration is required in front of corners, etc., and it is not possible to handle unreasonable driving. When ABS is activated, the system is activated by kickback (swing back).

Power unit

  • ・ We have changed to an output characteristic that provides a valley-free rotation rise feeling toward peak rotation, improving ease of handling and improving output in the high rotation range.
  • ・ The specifications of the valve train have been changed to improve the characteristics of the high-speed rotation type, contributing to improved output and smooth torque characteristics.
  • -The shape of the head of the piston has been changed to optimize the shape of the combustion chamber. In addition, by adopting an iridium plug and burning the air-fuel mixture more efficiently, it contributes to a feeling of blowing up and excellent throttle response.
  • -A dedicated twin ram air duct is used for the newly designed air cleaner. By increasing the air pressure inside the air cleaner box in the high speed range by the wind pressure (ram pressure) during driving, the intake filling efficiency to the combustion chamber is improved, and a sharper engine blow-up feeling is realized in the high speed range.
  • -Newly adopted assist slipper clutch. The assist mechanism reduces the operating load of the clutch lever, and is equipped with a slipper mechanism that reduces rear wheel hopping due to sudden engine braking caused by downshifting, further improving "fun to operate".
  • -Newly adopted Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). The engine torque is optimized by adjusting the fuel injection amount based on the value calculated from the difference in front and rear wheel speeds, and the rear wheel slip is mitigated by controlling the driving force of the rear tires. ON/OFF can be switched by operating the switch on the left handle.


  • -The styling of 2019 Honda CBR650R has been redesigned to emphasize the image of the CBR series, such as the adoption of LED dual headlights. Equipped with a full cowl with a lightweight and compact design that achieves both rider comfort at high speeds and a light feeling when turning the car body in winding etc.
  • -The coloring is "Grand Prix Red" which expresses a sense of speed with a graphic of racing image, and "Matte Ballistic Black Metallic" which incorporates highly saturated red as an accent in a calm impression based on black.

Other Honda CBR650R's equipment

  • -A new emergency stop signal that blinks the hazard lamp at high speed during sudden braking is installed.
  • -The newly designed meter adopts a full flat design that is lightweight and compact, and has newly added functions such as a gear position indicator.

2019 Honda CBR650R specifications

Common nameCBR650R
Car name/modelHonda 2BL-RH03
Predessor2017 CBR650F / 2BL-RC83
Overall length x Overall width x Overall height (mm)2,130 x 750 x 1,150
Wheelbase (mm)1,450
Minimum ground clearance (mm) ★130
Seat height (mm) ★810
Vehicle weight (kg)207
Riding capacity (persons)2
Fuel consumption rate* 3(km/L)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism notification value
Fuel consumption value* 4(km/h)
31.5 (60km/h constant-land driving test value)
[When two people are on board]
WMTC mode value ★
(class)* 5
21.3 (class 3-2)
[1 When boarding]
Minimum turning radius (m)3.0
Engine model/typeRH03E/Water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve in-line 4-cylinder
Total displacement (cm3)648
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)67.0 x 46.0
Compression ratio ★11.6
Maximum output (kW [PS]/rpm)70 [95]/12,000
Maximum torque (N ・ m [kgf ・ m]/rpm)64 [6.5]/8,500
Fuel supply device typeElectronic/electronically controlled fuel injection device (PGM-FI)
Starting method ★Self-type
Ignition system type ★Full transistor battery ignition
Lubrication method ★Pumping splash combination type
Fuel tank capacity (L)15
Clutch type ★Wet multi-plate coil spring type
Transmission typeAlways meshing 6-speed return
Gear ratio1 Speed ​​3.071
2 Speed ​​2.352
3 speed1.888
4 speed1.560
5 speed1.370
6 speed1.214
Reduction ratio (1st order ★/2nd order)1.690/2.800
Caster angle (degrees) ★/Trail amount (mm) ★25 ° 30´/101
TiresFront120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Rear180/55ZR17M/C (73W)
Brake typeFrontHydraulic double disc
RearHydraulic disc
Suspension methodPreviousTelescopic method
RearSwing arm type
frame formatdiamond


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