Honda PCX 160 2BK-KF47 2021-2022

2021 All New Honda PCX 160 2BK-KF47 Review, Specs, Price, Photos

2021 Honda PCX160 2BK-KF47 Matt Dim Gray Metallic
Photo of Honda PCX 160 (Model: 2BK-KF47).
Release date: 2021-02-05.
Body color: Matt Dim Gray Metallic.
The All New Honda PCX160 serie is equipped with the latest 4-stroke 4valves eSP+ 160cc engine, making this premium scooter even more comfortable to drive in various situations, both in urban and long distances.

Carrying the 'Personal Comfort Saloon' design concept, the identity of the Honda PCX 160 as a premium scooter is immediately obvious when you first see it. The most striking change is seen on the front which now looks more modern and elegant. The premium impression is further strengthened by the copper PCX logo for the CBS version and gold for the ABS type. The new look is able to provide a high class expression and further supports the appearance of the rider.

PCX 160cc Engine Performance Review

This big scooter carries the latest generation engine with a capacity of 160cc 4 valve eSP+, liquid cooled, which is able to reduce friction and produce maximum power of up to 11.8 kW @ 8500 rpm with a peak torque of 14.7 Nm @ 6500 rpm. The great power of the engine makes this premium matic increasingly embody a pleasant driving experience whether for urban mobility or for long trips.

Honda PCX 160 - Luxurious Design and Sophisticated Features

2022 All New Honda PCX 160 Features
Main Features of HondaPCX 160 2022

Striving to bring comfort and high-class driving with the basic concept of PCX "Personal Comfort Saloon", the latest design of this premium scooter is a combination of luxury with a touch of line that gives dynamic expression. To add an elegant impression, changes are also found in the logo.

Flowing and High-Quality Styling design

By designing a horizontal and relaxed proportion, a simple and elegant surface composition, and an edge line that makes you feel a dynamic flow, the appearance has been renewed to emphasize the advancedness and high quality of the PCX.

LED Headlight

Appear more elegant and exclusive with headlights that use an LED lighting system so that they shine brighter. The changes in the design of the lights also support the impression of luxury on this premium scooter. The design of the angular headlights with a more horizontal and wider position is in harmony with the overall design of the All New Honda PCX160. The impression of a three-dimensional effect of light is presented in the design of this premium scooter taillight. By maintaining LED lights in all lighting systems, it further supports the luxury and sophistication of the Honda New PCX 160cc.

New Full Digital Panel Meter

The new wider full digital indicator LCD panel shows sophisticated display and more complete information which includes Smart Key indicator, HSTC Indicator, Oil Change Indicator, Battery Indicator, Idling Stop Indicator, Trip Meter, Fuel Consumption Indicator, Digital Clock and ABS Indicator (*ABS Indicator specifically for ABS type). The latest information features on this LCD panel meter include battery indicators, v-belt maintenance, and HSTC feature indicators on ABS and e:HEV types.

New USB Charger

To support the lifestyle of today's riders, the All New Honda PCX is a pioneer in its class by presenting a USB charger type A, where a socket is available for charging with maximum power 5V 2.1A.

Honda Smart Key System

This premium scooter has also been supported by the Honda Smart Key that can give pride and a classy appearance. Advanced technology that can be controlled using a remote, which no longer requires a mechanical key to start the engine and lock the handlebars. Integrated with Immobilizer, Anti Theft Alarm security system and Answer Back System to make it easier to find the position of the motorbike in the parking location.

30 Liter Extra Large Luggage Box

Luggage with a capacity of 30 liters and equipped with a seat stopper. Makes it easy to carry things while driving.

The use of a new frame provides more comfort and supports the high performance of the All New Honda PCX. With a simpler structure without changing the shape of the body design, providing an increase in luggage capacity for the CBS and ABS types to 30 liters and for the e:HEV type to 24 liters. The fuel tank capacity is getting bigger, becoming 8.1 liters. Changes are also found in the driver's leg area, which is now 3 cm longer, thus making the driving position more comfortable in traveling urban areas and long distances.

New Cast Wheel Design With Wider Tire

Drive more confidently with larger tire sizes and a new cast wheel design. This premium scooter is supported by wider tubeless tires with tire sizes of 110/70-14 front and 130/70-13 rear through a touch of new Y shaped 5 spoke alloy wheels. In addition, there are also changes to the rear suspension with an axle that is getting longer to 1 cm to support comfort when crossing rough roads. Safety features such as the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) are also embedded in the All New Honda PCX 160.

The presence of the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) feature on ABS and e:HEV types makes Honda PCX 160 provides a sense of security in supporting the best performance when crossing slippery road conditions, so that the sensation of the pleasure of driving this premium scooter is maintained.

New Fuel Tank With Cap Holder

Filling fuel becomes more practical without having to open the seat, and it is easier to put the fuel tank cap.

In supporting its performance, the All New Honda PCX 160 is able to consume fuel up to 45 km/l. The test is carried out by activating the environmentally friendly feature Idling stop system (ECE R40 method) with the EURO3 test method.

All New Honda PCX 160 Specifications

Here the main specs of Honda PCX160 2021-2022:

Common namePCX160
Vehicle name/modelHonda.2BK-KF47
Machine Type4-Step, 4-Valve, eSP+
Cooling TypeLiquid Cooling
Fuel Supply SystemPGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
Step Volume156.9 cc
Diameter X Step60 x 55.5 mm
Compression Comparison12:1
Maximum Power11.8 kW (16 PS) / 8,500 rpm
Maximum Torque14.7 Nm (1.5 kgf.m) / 6,500 rpm
Transmission TypeAuto, V-Matic
Starter TypeElectric
Clutch TypeAutomatic, Centrifugal, Dry Type
Lubricating Oil Capacity0.8 liters (Periodic Replacement)
Frame TypeDouble Cradle
Front Tire Size110/70 - 14 M/C Tubeless
Rear Tire Size130/70 - 13 M/C Tubeless
Front Braking SystemHydraulic disc - (CBS Type: TriplePots Hydraulic, Combined Brake System) / (ABS Type: Anti Lock Braking System)
Rear Braking SystemHydraulic Disc
Front Suspension TypeTelescopic
Rear Suspension TypeDual Rear Suspension
Length X Width X Height1,936 x 742 x 1,108 mm
Axle Distance1.313 mm
Lowest Distance To Ground135 mm
Seat Height764 mm
Empty Weight131 kg (CBS type), 132 kg (ABS type)
Fuel Tank Capacity8.1 liters
Ignition SystemFull Transisterized
Battery type12 V - 5 Ah, MF type
Spark Plug TypeNGKLMAR8L-9
Power Charger5V,2,1A

Predessors / older generations of Honda PCX:

All New Honda PCX 160 Price

Price of Honda PCX160 in Japan is about 407,000 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax: 370,000 yen).
While in Indonesia, the Honda PCX 160 is marketed with prices starting at IDR 30,350,000 for the CBS type; IDR 33,950,000 for the ABS type; and IDR 43,550,000 for the e:HEV type (*On The Road price).

List of body color options for All New Honda PCX160:

  • "Candy Raster Red" that expresses high-quality clothing.
  • "Poseidon Black Metallic" with a fearless and calm impression.
  • "Pearl Jasmine White" with a clean and elegant impression.
  • "Matte Dim Gray Metallic" that give a strong impression of metal
  • "Matte Cosmo Silver Metallic" that gives a fresh and youthful impression.
  • PCX e: HEV is set in one color, "Pearl Jasmine White", which expresses an advanced image with a combination of white and blue.


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