Honda Forza 2BK-MF15 2021-2022 New

New Update on 2021-2022 Honda Forza 250cc Scooter (2BK-MF15) - Review, Specs, Price, and Photos Gallery

2021 Honda Forza 2BK-MF15 White
Photo of 2021 Honda Forza 「フォルツァ」.
Model type: 2BK-MF15 スクーター.
Release date:: 2021年3月25日.
Color: Pearl Horizon White.

Honda provides updates to the big scooter Honda Forza through a variety of the latest features and designs that strengthen its presence as a prestigious icon. Appearing more luxurious and sporty, Honda Forza is now increasingly providing comfort and pride for every rider.

The premium Honda Forza scooter comes with top-class performance of the liquid-cooled 250cc SOHC eSP+ (enhanced Smart Power) engine equipped with PGM FI with a maximum power of 17 kW/7750 rpm and peak torque of 24Nm/6250rpm so as to produce a frictionless engine with better efficiency but still powerful, and a part of the frame is newly designed. The remodeled two-wheeled big scooter "Forza" was released on March 25, 2021 (Thursday).

Since the first model was released in 2000, the Forza is a model that has been supported by a wide range of customers as a city commuter with a stylish appearance, full equipment and excellent convenience.

2022 Honda Forza Review

The newly designed engine eSP + installed in the Forza this time has achieved both better output characteristics and environmental performance at a high level, such as thorough friction reduction technology and renewal of the intake and exhaust system. In addition, by newly designing a part of the frame and changing the radiator position from the rear to the front of the fuel tank, the cooling effect of the engine and the shared load on the front are increased, further improving the stability and comfort of the vehicle body while driving. In addition, the range of movement of the electric movable screen has been extended to improve windproof performance, and the separately sold genuine accessory "Top Box 35L Smart Key System Type" We have pursued more comfort and convenience, such as unlocking by linking with the smart key of this unit.

New Honda Forza 2022 Pearl Horizon White
New Honda Forza. (Pearl Horizon White).

This model uses 120/70 tubeless tires with 15 M/C rings for the front tires and 140/70 with 14 M/C rings for the rear tires. Meanwhile, in the braking section, this large scooter is equipped with front and rear discs that use the 2 Channel ABS system.

The prestigious impression of the Honda Forza comes through the latest design on body curves that are getting sharper on several sides while still presenting a comfortable sitting position that is able to pamper its users. The latest winker design on the mirrors also reinforces the exclusive impression of this model by embedding LED light technology in all lighting points. At the bottom of the motorbike, the sporty impression is also further strengthened by the presence of the latest muffler cover design which has a sharper line pull.

Honda Forza MF15 2021 Gray Metallic
2021 Honda Forza Picture.
Body Colour: Indie Gray Metallic

Various other advanced features are maintained to support the modern lifestyle of motorists, including the Honda Smart Key System which is integrated with anti-theft alarm and Answer Back System. In addition to supporting the rider in giving a signal to the rider in front, this large scooter has been equipped with supporting features for passing lamps and hazard lights for emergencies, and has an extra large U-box size that can store 2 helmets and other luggage.

The best feature of the electrical adjustable windscreen as a windscreen height regulator comes with the first electrical adjustment method that is present in its class. This latest model has a higher adjustment distance, which is around 40mm, making the flagship model of this large scooter even more comfortable which pampers the rider so as to provide an increasingly enjoyable driving experience.

Honda Forza 250 has been equipped with the ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) feature which will automatically activate the hazard light when braking suddenly, so that it can give a warning to surrounding drivers, especially in the position behind the vehicle. In addition, to support the high mobility of the rider, this model has been equipped with a console box with a USB Charger on the front so that it allows users to drive long distances comfortably without worrying about running out of power.

The luxurious and prestigious impression on the Honda Forza is even more complete with the presence of a digital panel meter combination that has complete information such as the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) indicator as a motorcycle traction controller that functions to prevent tire slippage, maintenance indicators, trip meters, fuel consumption indicators, speed and RPM.

  • *By adopting value-added technology for the environment-friendly scooter engine "eSP", not only high environmental performance but also output improvement and friction reduction are realized, and high output and excellent environmental performance are realized. It is a general term for engines for new-generation environment-friendly motorcycles that also have. eSP stands for enhanced (enhanced, value-enhancing) Smart (sophisticated, precise and sensitive) Power (power, engine)
  • *Range of motion + 40mm from the previous model. Total range of motion 180mm
  • *Not compatible with the previous model Honda SMART Key smart key system
2022 Honda Forza 2BK-MF15 Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic
Image of 2022 Honda Forza (2BK-MF15).
Color: Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic

2021 Honda Forza Specifications

Main specs of New Honda Forza 250 model year 2021 (2BK-MF15) :

Common nameForza
Vehicle name/modelHonda 2BK-MF15
Length X Width X Height2.145x 750 x 1,360 mm
Seat Height780 mm
Axle Distance1,510 mm
Lowest Distance To Ground145 mm
Curb Weight186 Kg
Engine TypeMF15E/Water-cooled eSP+, 4-valve, 4-stroke, SOHC single cylinder engine
Step Volume249 cc
Fuel Supply SystemFuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Diameter X Step67 x 70.7 mm
Transmission TypeAuto
Compression Ratio10.2 : 1
Maximum Power17 kW/7,750 rpm
Maximum Torque24 Nm/6250 rpm
Starter TypeElectric
Clutch TypeAutomatic Centrifugal Clutch Dry Type
Engine Cooling SystemLiquid Cooling
Frame TypeUnder bone type
Front Suspension TypeTelescopic
Rear Suspension TypeSwing arm with dual suspension
Front Tire Size120/70-15M/C 56P
Rear Tire Size140/70-14M/C 62P
Front BrakesHydraulic, single 256mm disc - ABS
Rear BrakesHydraulic, single 240mm disc - ABS
Fuel Tank Capacity11.7 L
Fuel consumption rate (km/L)
Constant fuel consumption value (km/h)
41.5 km/l
(60km/h) When 2 people are on board
WMTC mode value ★33.2 (2-2) When 1 person onboard
Lubricating Oil Capacity1.3 L (periodic replacement)
Battery or Battery Type12 V - 8.6 Ah (10h), MF-Wet Type
Ignition SystemFull transisterized
Spark Plug TypeNGK LMAR8A-9

2021-2022 Honda Forza Features & Equipment

2022 Honda New Forza 2BK-MF15 Features
Main Features of The New Honda Forza 250.

Newly designed engine "eSP +" that demonstrates high environmental performance and excellent output characteristics

The engine is equipped with the eSP + 249cc engine, which is a new-generation environment-friendly scooter engine. In order to improve the output, eSP + has adopted a 4-valve mechanism, a change in bore x stroke, high rigidity around the crank, and a piston oil jet.
The intake and exhaust ports have been completely redesigned, the intake port has improved intake efficiency and the combustion efficiency tumble flow has been strengthened, and the exhaust port has been changed from a curved shape to a more linear shape for exhaust efficiency. Has been improved.
In addition, the intake efficiency is improved by expanding the intake path of each component that composes from the air cleaner to the inlet pipe. By changing the structure inside the muffler from 3 rooms to 2 rooms, the arrangement and size of the catalyzer have been optimized, contributing to powerful driving and high environmental performance.
Furthermore, in order to improve fuel efficiency, in addition to the friction reduction technology that has been used conventionally, a scavenging pump that contributes to the reduction of rotational friction in the same room by sucking lubricating oil in the crank room. It also uses a hydraulic cam chain tensioner lifter that suppresses noise and vibration, and a balancer shaft that reduces vibration and contributes to more comfortable driving.

Body/suspension that pursues stability and comfort while driving

The car body has a newly designed part of the frame in order to further evolve the sense of stability and comfort in each speed range. We reviewed the pipe diameter, wall thickness, and material that make up each part of the frame, and the joint positions of these. By arranging the radiator in front of the fuel tank, it is possible to cool the engine efficiently and increase the shared load on the front, contributing to more secure vehicle body behavior.
In addition, the range of motion of the electrically movable screen, which can be adjusted steplessly, has been extended by 40 mm compared to the conventional model, and the total range of motion has been increased to 180 mm to further improve windproof performance.
For the suspension, the large-diameter aluminum wheels that contribute to excellent running performance and the ABS that acts on the front and rear wheels to increase the sense of security during braking will continue. It is adopted.

Fully advanced equipment and various convenient functions

As a new advanced equipment, by blinking the hazard lamp at high speed, an emergency stop signal that quickly notifies the following vehicle of sudden braking, and a "USB socket" that is convenient for charging mobile terminals in the inner box on the left side of the front is adopted. The "Top Box 35L Smart Key System Type" has been newly set, which enables more convenient unlocking of the top box by linking the Honda SMART Key system with a genuine accessory sold separately. In addition, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and Honda SMART Key system will continue to be standard equipment.

Styling with a strong presence that matches the image of advanced driving

For the styling, each part was designed according to the image of evolved driving. The turn signal of the mirror part that has been redesigned to a sporty shape and the spoiler shape that is provided under the headlight. The air intakes and air outlets placed in various places are combined on the body side of the aggressive line to create a powerful and more stylish design.
The coloring is pearl horizon white that expresses a smart and modern atmosphere, matte gun powder black metallic that gives an aggressive impression, and "indie gray metallic" that expresses strength and individuality. It is available in 3 colors.

  • * ABS is a system that assists the rider's braking operation. As with vehicles that are not equipped with ABS, sufficient deceleration is required in front of corners, etc., and it is not possible to handle unreasonable driving. When ABS is activated, kickback (swing back) notifies the system operation
  • * TYPE-C connector that can be inserted on both sides
  • * Based on the signals from the front and rear wheel speed sensors and throttle position sensor, the fuel injection amount is controlled to control the engine torque and suppress the slip of the rear wheels. Also, HSTC is not a slip-free system. It is a system that assists the rider's accelerator operation. Therefore, it cannot handle the same unreasonable driving as a vehicle without Honda Selectable Torque Control.

2021 Honda Forza Price

Honda Forza comes with four exclusive color choices, namely Pearl Horizon White, Indy Gray Metallic, Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic and Candy Rosy Red, Honda Forza is marketed at the Jakarta,Indonesia with On The Road (OTR) price of IDR 90,313,000.

Planned sales volume (Japan domestic market/annual) : 2,000 units.
Manufacturer's suggested retail price of Honda Forza in Japan (including 10% consumption tax) : 658,900 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 599,000 yen).


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