Honda Super Cub 50 PRO

All About Honda Super Cub 50 PRO - Review, Specs and Price | スーパーカブ50 プロ (2BH-AA07)

Honda Super Cub 50 PRO is a light motorcycle with small 49cc 4-stroke engine, but very reliable for daily delivery and transportation. Full of professional equipment. Adopting small diameter 14 inch tires that contribute to excellent maneuverability, and equipped with a large front basket and rear carrier with excellent loadability. Equipped with a front brake lock mechanism that is convenient when parking and a reinforced side stand that contributes to a sense of stability when loading. Uses energy-saving and long-life LED headlights. Adopts a position lamp that can be used by turning on the key even when the engine is stopped. This is a motorcycle that is very suitable for short distance delivery man.

Honda Super Cub 50 PRO-Blue
Photo of Honda Super Cub 50 PRO. Color: Seychelles Night Blue.

The basic design just like Super Cub 110 PRO version but with smaller engine capacity. The body color is set to one color of calm Seychelles Night Blue suitable for the business scene.

Honda Super Cub 50 PRO Specifications

  • Known as Super Cub 50 Pro
  • Model : Honda/2BH-AA07
  • Overall length x width x height (mm) : 1,860 x 720 x 1,050
  • Wheelbase (mm) 1,225
  • Minimum ground clearance (mm) ★ 131
  • Seat height (mm) ★ 740
  • Vehicle weight (kg) 108
  • Riding capacity (person) 1
  • Minimum turning radius (m) 1.9
  • Engine model/type : AA04E/air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder
  • Total displacement (cm3) : 49
  • Inner diameter x stroke (mm) : 37.8 x 44.0
  • Compression ratio ★ 10.0 9.0
  • Maximum output (kW [PS]/rpm) 2.7 [3.7]/7,500
  • Maximum torque (N・m [kgf・m]/rpm) 3.8 [0.39]/5,500
  • Fuel consumption rate (km/L) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism notification value
  • Fixed fuel consumption value (km/h) 93.0 (30) "when one person is on board"
  • WMTC mode value ★
  • (Class) 69.4 (Class 1) "When 1 person is on board" 67.0
  • Fuel supply device type Electronic type "Electronic control fuel injection device (PGM-FI)"
  • Starting method ★ Self-type (with kick type)
  • Ignition system type ★ Full transistor type battery ignition
  • Lubrication method ★ Pumped splash combination type
  • Fuel tank capacity (L) 4.3
  • Clutch type ★ Wet multi-plate diaphragm spring type
  • Transmission type Always meshing 4-speed return
  • Gear ratio
    • 1st speed 3.181
    • 2nd speed 1.705
    • 3rd speed 1.190
    • 4th speed 0.916
  • Reduction ratio (1st ★/2nd) 4.058/3.307
  • Caster angle (degrees) ★/Trail amount (mm) ★ 26 ° 30´/57
  • Front tire size : 70/100-14M/C 37P
  • Rear tire size : 80/100-14M/C 49P
  • Brake type : Front/Rear Mechanical reading trailing
  • Suspension method
    • Front : telescopic type
    • Rear : swing arm type
  • Frame format backbone
■ Numerical values of type approval application form based on the Road Transport Vehicle Law (★ items are Honda published specifications)
■ Manufacturer/Honda Motor Co., Ltd. *The fuel consumption rate is the value under the specified test conditions. It depends on various conditions such as the customer's usage environment (weather, traffic jam, etc.), driving method, vehicle condition (equipment, specifications) and maintenance condition. *The constant fuel consumption value is the fuel consumption rate based on the actual measurement of driving at a constant vehicle speed. *The WMTC mode value is a calculated value based on the exhaust gas test results measured in the driving mode, which is an international standard including starting, accelerating, and stopping. Driving mode classes are categorized by displacement and top speed *A change mechanism that is a return type while driving and a rotary type only when the vehicle is stopped.

Honda Super Cub 50 Pro Price

Manufacturer's suggested retail price (including consumption tax) : 258,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 235,000 yen).

Honda Super Cub 50 PRO Fuel consumption rate

Fuel consumption rate: 93.0km/L (30km/h constant fuel consumption value).

If you want similar bike with a bigger engine capacity, you can check and compare it with Honda Super Cub 110 PRO.


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