Honda Super Cub 50 & 110 "Weathering with You" version Special Edition

2020 Special Edition Honda Super Cub 50 & Honda Super Cub 110 "Weathering with You (Tenki no Ko)" ver. | スーパーカブ50・『天気の子』ver. in Pink White Color

2020 Honda Super Cub 50 Weathering with You version
Photo of Honda Super Cub 50 - tenki no ko ver. in Summer Pink color.

Honda Super Cub 50 "Weathering with You" ver. and Super Cub 110 "Tenki no Ko" version are colored under the supervision of the "Weathering with You" anime movie production committee. Adopted the reproduced "Summer Pink". It has a special specification together with the brown sheet. In addition, a sticker exclusively for "Weathering with You" edition is placed on the upper inside of the leg shield to create a more special feeling.

The movie "Weathering with You" has attracted 10 million spectators and exceeded the box office revenue of 14 billion yen, making it the No. 1 blockbuster movie released in 2019. In the play, a pink super cub with a lively character Natsumi running around the city with the main character Hodaka Morishima appears. A special exhibition vehicle that reproduces this Super Cub as a motif appeared in the photo spot of the "Weathering with You" exhibition that started in Tokyo in September of the same year, and became a hot topic among many customers.

Honda Super Cub 110 Tenki no Ko ver.
Picture of 2020 Honda Super Cub 110 "Weathering with You version."

Honda has prepared Super Cub 110 "Weathering with You vers." with the same specifications as the vehicle for this special exhibition as a rental vehicle at Honda GO BIKE RENTAL, which started service in April 2020. Since it has been well received mainly by young people, it has been sold this time.

*Honda motorcycle dealers who entered the motorcycle rental business from Honda motorcycle dealers.
*Dedicated stickers are not for sale (sold when attached to the vehicle).
*Audience mobilization, box office revenue, 2019 movie No. 1 source source "Weathering with You" production committee.
*Part of Honda's measures to revitalize the motorcycle market.

Honda Super Cub 50 & Super Cub 110 "Tenki no Ko" Edition Specifications

Common name Super Cub 50 Super Cub 110
Car name/model Honda 2BH-AA09 Honda 2BJ-JA44
Overall length x Width x Height (mm) 1,860 x 695 x 1,040
Wheelbase (mm) 1,210 1,205
Minimum ground clearance (mm) ★ 135
Seat height (mm) ★ 735
Vehicle weight (kg) 96 99
Riding capacity (person) 1 2
Minimum turning radius (m) 1.9
Engine model/type AA04E/Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder JA10E/Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder
Total displacement (cm) 49 109
Inner diameter x stroke (mm) 37.8 × 44.0 50.0 × 55.6
Compression ratio ★ 10.0 9.0
Maximum output (kW [PS]/rpm) 2.7 [3.7]/7,500 5.9 [8.0]/7,500
Maximum torque (N ・ m [kgf ・ m]/rpm) 3.8 [0.39]/5,500 8.5 [0.87]/5,500
Fuel consumption rate (km/L) Constant fuel consumption value (km/h) 105.0 (30)
When one person is on board
62.0 (60)
When two people are on board
WMTC mode value ★
69.4 (Class 1)
When one person is on board
67.0 (class 1)
When one person is on board
Fuel supply device type Electronic Controlled Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Starting method ★ Self-type (with kick type)
Ignition system type ★ Full transistor battery ignition
Lubrication method ★ Pumped splash combination type
Fuel tank capacity (L) 4.3
Clutch type ★ Wet multi-plate diaphragm spring type
Transmission type Always meshing 4-stage return
Gear ratio 1 speed 3.181 2.615
2 speed 1.705 1.555
3 speed 1.190 1.136
4 speed 0.916 0.916
Reduction ratio (1st ★/2nd) 4.058/3.538 4.058/2.500
Caster angle (degrees) ★/Trail amount (mm) ★ 26 ° 30´/72 26 ° 30´/73
Tires before 60/100-17M/C 33P 70/90-17M/C 38P
Rear 60/100-17M/C 33P 80/90-17M/C 44P
Brake type Front/Rear Mechanical reading trailing
Suspension method Front Telescopic
Rear Swing arm type
frame format backbone

Anime Weathering with You (Tenki no Ko) Super Cub scene
Special accessories and stickers of Honda Super Cub special edition motorcycle in anime movie Weathering with You 2019.

Price of Honda Super Cub "Weathering with You ver."

Super Cub 50 Tenki no Ko ver. planned sales volume (Japan domestic/annual) : 500 units.
Manufacturer's suggested retail price for Super Cub 50 Weathering with You ver. in Japan (including 10% consumption tax) : 269,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 245,000 yen).

Super Cub 110 "Weathering with You" ver. Planned sales volume (Japan domestic / annual) : 1,500 units.
Manufacturer's suggested retail Super Cub 110 "Tenki no Ko" edition price (including 10% consumption tax) : 313,500 yen (main unit price excluding consumption tax 285,000 yen).


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