Honda CRF50F (AE04) 2022-2023

Information About 2022 Honda CRF50F (AE04) - Mini Trails Overview, Specs, Features & Photos

Honda CRF50F 2022 Pink
Image of Honda CRF50F (AE04) Model Year 2023.
Colour: Pink White.
The Honda CRF50F, an off-road play bike for kids. The CRF50F is a learning tool, a bonding opportunity, and nonstop fun.

Honda CRF0F was introduced in September 2003 as the 2004 model. However, it was not a brand-new model, and was given the same series name as the motocross racer at the time of release, taking advantage of the minor changes of the XR50R. As an off-road bike for kids, it was a model following the QR50 released in 1982, the Z50R from 1992, and the XR50R from 1999. Equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke 50cc engine, the transmission adopts a 3-speed transmission with an automatic centrifugal clutch that does not require clutch operation + bottom neutral. The rear suspension is a cantilever swing arm. It's a perfect kids dirtbike.
*This model that cannot be driven on public roads.

Widely recognised as the quintessential mini bike, the CRF50F is Honda's longest-running off-road model and the choice of first-time riders the world over. Featuring an easy-to-operate automatic centrifugal clutch and a throttle limiter,
kids can ride it safely. Honda CRF50F is the perfect bike to begin a kids motorcycle journey on.

2022 Honda CRF50F
2022 Honda CRF50F photo.
(Model: AE04). 2022-09-16. Body Color: Red.

2022 Honda CRF50F (AE04) Main Features

  • New graphic that descends from the CRF series competition model
  • Air-cooled 4-stroke 50cc engine with an emphasis on ease of use
  • Easy-to-operate automatic centrifugal clutch & easy-to-understand gear position bottom-neutral 3-speed transmission
  • Excellent bottom toughness with a fork protector Front suspension & cantilever type rear suspension
  • Frame body suitable for racing use
  • Throttle limiter with safe design that regulates throttle opening. *Throttle limiter can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  • Earth-friendly multi-layer structure fuel tank & blow-by gas reduction system
  • Ignition key switch to prevent sudden engine start
  • Weight limit 40kg or less
Honda CRF50F Features
Honda CRF50F Features.

Tough as nails. And best of all, a ton of fun. Features like its four-stroke engine mean they’ll enjoy smooth power delivery. The automatic clutch means they can focus on the fundamentals without worrying about stalling. Thanks to the adjustable throttle limiter and keyed ignition you can control its power and who gets to ride. Big-bike graphics inspired by our factory motocross champions make them proud to ride, and there’s even a fresh, new color scheme this year in addition to the classic Honda red. The CRF50F is a winner in all categories—especially when it comes to great memories.

2022 Honda CRF50F Main Specifications

Common nameCRF50F
Car name and modelHonda AE04
Total length (mm)1,302
Width (mm)581
Total height (mm)774
Wheel Distance (mm)911
Minimum ground clearance (mm)152
Seat height (mm)548
Vehicle weight (kg)50
Engine typeAir-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder
Total Displacement (cm3 )49.5
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)39.0×41.4
Compression Ratio10.0
Carburetor modelPA42H (main bore Φ11mm)
Starting methodKick method
Ignition device typeCDI magnet ignition
Lubrication methodCombined pumping and splashing method
Fuel tank capacity (L)2.6
Clutch styleAutomatic centrifugal
Transmission typeConstant mesh 3-speed return (bottom neutral)
Transmission ratio1 speed3.272
2 speed1.666
3 speed1.190
Reduction ratio (primary/secondary)4.058/2.642
Caster angle (degrees)25°00´
Trail amount (mm)32
TireFront2.50-10 33J
Rear2.50-10 33J
Brake typeFrontMechanical leading/trailing
RearMechanical Reading/Trailing
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic type (cushion stroke 96mm)
RearCantilever type (axle travel 70mm)
Frame formatBackbone


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