Honda Dream CB450 Export 1969-1970

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Honda Dream CB450 Export 1969-1970 Red
Honda Dream CB450 type export model year 1969-1970 is super sports bike equipped with DOHC Engine that produce 45 horsepower and able to achives maximum speed about 180km/h, acceleration of 0-400m in 13.2 seconds. It was released in September 17, 1969. With its high performance, it has been highly evaluated as the “King of Motorcycles” from all over the world, at that era.

With the maintenance of the highway network, Honda Motor company have changed the casters and trails for the purpose of improving stability at high speeds. What's more, the new adoption of a seat with tack rolls that fits snugly allows you to ride continuously for long periods of time without getting tired.
At the same time, Honda Dream CB450 Export with a colorful tank and vivid stripes was newly born, and the CB450 has become two models.

Honda Dream CB450/Export Price & Release date

  • Honda Dream CB450
  • Honda Dream CB450 Export
    ¥268,000 Release September 17, 1969

(The price is the national standard cash price, the conventional price is fixed).
The initial production plan is to produce 4,000 units per month (both for export and domestic production).

1969-1970 Honda Dream CB450 Export Specification changes

 CB450, CB450 exportOld model
Tank capacity12.5L12.5L
13.5L(export only) 

(Because the front fork and offset are changed, the overall length and height remain the same)

New design and improved output! -King of luxurious motorcycles-
New Honda Dream CB450

Nationwide standard cash net price: ¥268000
Release date: November 1

A large, high-speed, high-performance motorcycle equipped with a unique DOHC engine. A dynamic and dynamic design with the style of a champion full of mobility. Both the engine and the frame have been further refined.

The Honda Dream CB450 started exporting along with domestic sales in April 1965, and was highly praised around the world as the "King of Motorcycles". , We are proud of the name of "export star".


  • Maximum output of 45 horsepower! A maximum speed of 180km/h!
    Incredible output of 101 horsepower per liter. This is the result of Honda's technology 4-cycle 2-cylinder DOHC engine.
  • 0-400m acceleration in 13.2 seconds!
    World's best amazing acceleration. Fully demonstrate the technology of participating in the World GP. It is a mobility that does not allow other vehicles to follow even when overtaking.
  • Return-type 5-speed transmission
    You can always choose the ideal gear ratio to suit all driving conditions, and fully demonstrate the characteristics of the high-output engine.
  • New type oil and high-pressure nitrogen combination rear suspension
    First appearance on a motorcycle, excellent road holding performance during high-speed cornering, rough road driving, etc. , the ride comfort has improved dramatically.

Features of each part

  • Improved performance and increased horsepower!
    Taking advantage of the high level of technology born from our valuable racing experience, we improved the intake and exhaust valve system and the combustion chamber to improve intake and exhaust efficiency from low speed to high speed. rice field.
  • Torsion bar type valve spring
    The valve mechanism is compact and exhibits stable performance at high speed rotation. The excellent maintainability around the valve is already well-established.
  • Luxury Needle Roller Bearing
    The crank bearing uses a new needle roller bearing for 4-point support. Needle roller bearings are used in the main part of the transmission, and the rotation is smooth. Less horsepower loss, more durability in high-speed and harsh driving.
  • Perfect oil lubrication
    Forced lubrication by plunger pump, highly efficient double filtration by mesh and centrifugal systems. This lubrication method is completely safe even for continuous high-speed rotation.
  • Wet-type multi-plate large-capacity clutch
    Clutch Engagement is smooth, shocks are minimal, and it withstands rough use in city driving and hilly roads, and boasts unparalleled durability.
  • Negative pressure servo type double carburetor
    Even intake air is obtained according to the driving conditions from low speed to high speed, and it is smooth even during sudden acceleration.
  • Quiet and efficient air cleaner
    The two air cleaners are housed in a silencer integrally molded with resin to eliminate suction noise, and the left and right connections provide a good suction balance. , The filtration area works effectively, and the inhalation efficiency is outstanding.
  • Semi-5 bull cradle type frame
    Combined with increased pipe diameter, increased torsional rigidity, improved front alignment, and extended wheelbase (2.5mm), Steering stability is greatly improved.
  • Fatigue-free riding position
    The handle is a semi-up type with increased width and height. He pursued ease of operation based on ergonomics for the seat, meters, switches, pedals, etc. Detailed consideration has also been given to anti-earthquake measures, enabling agile driving and fatigue-free long-distance continuous driving.
  • Stable Telescopic Suspension
    The front fork is equipped with a powerful and stable telescopic suspension that minimizes fluctuations in front alignment and provides excellent shock absorption and road surface following. The bottom case is made of aluminum alloy with low unsprung weight, which increases rigidity and improves operability.
  • Rear suspension uses both oil and high-pressure nitrogen gas.
    The combination of oil and high-pressure nitrogen gas eliminates the loss of damping action due to foaming, and prevents the effects of temperature changes and oil fatigue. less. Excellent durability, good trackability to the road surface, and excellent running stability. It is used only in luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz.
  • Safe large-diameter tires
    Excellent road grip and safe wet holding. Designed with a large clearance with the fender, it can be installed up to 4.00-18. There is plenty of room for snow chains as well.
  • Improved shift feel
    Ball bearings are used in the shift drum. A new mechanism has been adopted for the stopper, and it operates reliably and lightly. In addition, special consideration has been given to prevent chain jumps, ensuring safe operation even at high speeds.
  • Separate gauges
    Gauges are stand-alone gauges that emphasize the unique wild appearance and create a functional mood. It is easy to check and has made it easy to install his sports kit.
  • Simple maintenance and inspection mechanism
    The seat can be opened and closed at the rear with one touch. is extremely easy to maintain and inspect.
  • Completely safe design
    The front brake is a powerful and reliable large-diameter 2-lead type. Lights are as large as passenger cars. All the operations during driving are in one hand, and the tips of the levers are ball-shaped, and the protruding objects such as the pedals are rounded to ensure safety.

September 4, 1969
HONDA 1300 Strong sales August registration 3,859 units!
-N360 elongation rate 133.3%-

  • The production and sales of the HONDA 1300 are progressing smoothly, with production in August at 4,024 units (1,691 units in the previous month) and registrations at 3,859 units (985 units in the previous month), a significant increase of 391.8%. showed.
  • Honda N series registrations for August were 24,072 units (27,003 units in the previous month), 89.1% of the previous month, but this is due to seasonal factors, and compared to the same month of the previous year, 115. We show 2% and increase. As a result, the total number of reports from January to August this year is 214,827 units (184,711 units in the previous year), 116.3%, indicating the direction of expanding light vehicle demand.
  • Passenger car N360 was 15,005 units (17,810 units in the previous month), 84.3% compared to the previous month, but 124.8% compared to the same month last year (12,019 units in the same month last year). 131,592 units (98,734 units in the previous year) showed an extremely remarkable growth rate of 133.3%.
  • Commercial vehicles LN360 and TN360 were 9,067 units (9,193 units in the previous month), 98.6% compared to the previous month, and 102.2% compared to the same month last year.

Changes in N series notifications

 January-August totalA/B%φ
This year (A)Occupancy rate %Last year (B)
Passenger vehicle N360131,59240.398,734133.3
Light Van LN36033,65521.334,00599.0
Truck TN36049,58024.051,97295.4

August report results

 August volumeJuly volumeMoM changeAugust last year VolumeYear-on-Aug
Passenger car N36015,00517,81084.312,019124.8
Light Van LN3603,6503,638100.33,576102.1
Truck TN3605,4175,55597.55,296102.3
Total24,07227,00389.120,891 115.2
  • Automobile exports in August were 2,791 units (2,100 units in the previous month), and motorcycle exports were 80,863 units (73,527 units in the previous month).


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