Honda Benly CL90 1970

1970 Honda Benly CL90 Overview, Specs & Classic Scramble Motorcycle Pictures Collection

Honda Benly CL90 1970
Photo of Honda Benly CL90 model year 1970 in original condition.
1970 Honda Benly CL90 is a classic scramble model sportbike part of Benly CL series, equipped with high performance upright 4-stroke OHC 89cc engine with a maximum output of 9 hp, a maximum torque of 0.75 kg-m, and a new diamond frame design.

Honda Motor company has adopted a new high-performance engine and a new diamond frame design, and full model change for the scrambler Honda Benry CL90, which was very popular among young people in 60s/70s era.

1970 Honda CL90 Main Improvements

Safety measures

The diameter of the headlight lens has increased, improving the illuminance performance. A switch is also installed in the front wheel braking system, and the brake lights are turned on by braking either the front or rear wheels.


The engine is almost upright, exhibits 9PS/9500rpm, and adopts a primary kick system for the starting device. The body uses both steel plates and steel pipes to reduce weight and improve rigidity, making it adaptable to all conditions of sports and practical driving.

Exterior design

The exterior design has been renewed by adopting a diamond frame and changing the tank design.

Easy to use! Innovative design and improved performance
Full model change Honda Benly CL90

The Honda CL90, a junior scrambler that runs lightly on all roads, is particularly easy to operate and easy to ride, and has significantly improved performance, and the design is perfect for young riders. It is a dynamic new machine that does not choose a new road.

High Performance Engine

Equipped with a 4-cycle OHC 89cc engine with a maximum output of 9 horsepower, a maximum torque of 0.75 kg-m, and a compression ratio of 9.5. It has a characteristic, lightness that does not require special techniques, and is easy to use. Equipped with a 4-stage transmission rotary change and a primary kick system, you can drive easily even in a crowded city.

Body with dynamic design and excellent steering stability

Based on a diamond frame made of strong steel pipes, it has a wild up handle with a bar, a colorful tank with bright stripes, a low and spacious dual seat, and an up muffler and block with a high noise reduction effect and a fearless image. The comfortable design that takes advantage of all aspects, such as the patterned front and rear tires and the suspension that can withstand rough roads, demonstrates excellent steering stability.

Large safety measures suitable for high performance

With headlights as the center, lights with large lens diameter and high brightness, easy-to-read speedometer, reliable and reliable brakes, and braking lights for both front and rear wheels, etc. It is a safe car that can be used with confidence for any purpose with equipment.

1970 Honda Benly CL90 Specifications

1970 Honda CL90 specs
Appearance four-sided view of Honda CL90.
ホンダベンリイ CL90 1970-03-25.
dimension mtotal length1.870
wheel distance1.215
Ground clearance0.150
Weight kgVehicle weight93
Capacity (person)2
PerformanceMax speed (km/h)95
Paved flat road fuel efficiency (km/L)80(30km/h)
Slope ability0.44
Minimum turning radius (m)1.9
Braking and stopping distance (m)14 (initial speed 50km/h)
MotorCooling method and cycleAir cooling 4 cycles
Number and arrangement of cylinders15° forward tilt 1 cylinder
Valve arrangementOverhead camshaft type
Combustion chamber shapeHemispherical
Total Displacement (L)0.089
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)48×49.5
Compression Ratio9.5
Compression pressure (kg/cm2 )12/1,000
Max output (PS/rpm)9/9,500
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)0.75/7,000
Starting methodKick method
Ignition methodBattery ignition
VaporizerType and number1 PW20
Air purifier modelDry type (urethane foam)
Fuel tank capacity (L)7.5
Lubrication methodPumping method
Lubricant capacity (L)1.0
BatteryType and number6N6-3B-1 piece
Voltage Capacity6.0AH
Power transmissionMechanism from engine to transmissionGears
Same reduction ratio4.055
Clutch modelWet multi-plate
TransmissionModelConstant mesh
How to operateLeft foot movement
1st gear ratio2.769
2nd speed1.722
3rd gear ratio1.272
4th speed1.000
Mechanism from transmission to rear axleChain
Same reduction ratio2.928
Steering systemSteering angle degreeBoth left and right 43
Running deviceCaster(°)64°10′
Trail (m)0.075
Tire sizeFront2.50-18(4PR)
brakebrake type typebeforeinternal extension expression
RearInternal expansion expression
Operation methodFrontRight manual
RearRight Foot Movement
Suspension systemFrontTelescopic
RearSwing arm type
Buffer typeFrontHydraulic
Frame formatDiamond format
Combined lightNumber light (6V-3W white)
StoplightV-W (Color)6-10 (Red)
Direction indicatorType modelElectromagnetic hot wire
Instruments, etc.Harmor typeElectric spiral
Speedometer typeVortex type
Rear reflectorModelRR30 (tail light included)

1970 Honda Benly CL90 Price

National standard cash net price at the time was 90,000 yen.
Release date: March 25, 1970.
Monthly production of 8,000 units was planned. [Including exports]


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