Honda Benly CL65 1968

Information About 1968 Honda Benly CL65 - Specs, Features & Pictures

Honda CL65 1968
1968 Honda Benly CL65 photo.
Color: Red. Release date : March 23, 1968.
Fresh, sporty and luxurious lightweight motorcycle Honda Benly CL65 that you can enjoy.

Honda Motor company announced the launch of a Scrambler type lightweight utility vehicle Honda Benry CL65 in 1968. This is a sister model of the Benly CL50, and has a deluxe specification frame and powerful tough performance.

Features [Honda Benly CL65]

  • The torque at low and medium speeds is especially strong
    The tenacious 4-cycle OHC engine has ample output at 6.2 horsepower, and the ability to climb hills is 18 degrees, which is much higher than the CL50. Because it is held, it can easily handle continuous uphills and rough roads in mountainous areas, and it can be difficult to top throw in crowded urban areas.
  • Large-capacity clutch
    Similar to the Benly CL50, it has a smooth feel and is durable enough to use half-clutch continuously.
  • Deluxe and light T-bone frame
    A light and torsion-resistant T-bone frame with deluxe chrome-plated fenders, sturdy up handle with bar, sporty up muffler, half chain case, road grip. Adopts perfect equipment such as large-diameter tires with good block pattern that is strong on rough roads, and has excellent stability.
  • Two-seater OK!
    Two-seaters can be enjoyed with spacious double seats and pillion steps.

1968 Honda Benly CL65 Specifications

Type grade nameBENLY CL65
Release month3
Destination/specificationsDomestic model
Total Length (mm)1780
Width (mm)755
Total height (mm)995
Vehicle weight (kg)77
Ride capacity (persons)2
Motor typeCL65E
Motor type4-stroke
Number of cylinders1
Cylinder arrangementSingle cylinder
Cooling methodAir cooling
Displacement (cc)63
Cam valve drive systemOHC (SOHC)
Inner diameter (cylinder bore) (mm)44
Piston stroke (mm)41.4
Compression ratio (:1)8.8
Max Power (PS)6.2
Max output speed (rpm)10000
Maximum torque (kgf・m)0.48
Max Torque Speed ​​(rpm)8500
Fuel supply systemCarburetor
Clutch typeWet/single plate
Transmission typeRotary, 4-speed
Transmission and operation methodFoot shift
Transmission ratio1st gear 2.691/2nd gear 1.824/3rd gear 1.299/4th gear 0.958
Power Transmission SystemChain
Frame typeT bone
Suspension system (front)Telescopic fork
Suspension system (rear)Swing arm type
Tire (front)2.50-17
Tire (front) structure nameBias
Tire (front) ply rating4PR
Tire (rear)2.50-17
Tire (rear) structure nameBias
Tire (rear) ply rating4PR

National Standard Cash Net Price of the Honda CL65 at the time was ¥65,000. Initial production was scheduled for 5,000 units (including CL50 per month in the year of 1968).


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