Honda Benly SL90 1969-1970

Information About 1979-1970 Honda Benly SL90 Specs & Photos - Classic Lightweight Motosport Machine

1969 Honda Benly SL90
Picture of The Honda Benly SL90 Model Year 1969.
〈ホンダベンリィSL90〉. Body Color: Blue.
Release date: 1969-08-01.
Honda Benly SL90 was a full of wildness sports scrambler with 4-cycle OHC engine that is perfect for motocross sports that dynamically run on rough roads such as mountainous wilderness, sandy areas, and rocky areas. Featuring a highly rigid double clay frame and large diameter tires, high ground clearance and long stroke cushions.

New release of Wild Scrambler with a different image of a sports motorcycle! .
1969 Honda Benly SL90

A sports scrambler that runs freely on all kinds of off-the-roads has finally been born on 1969-08-01. The low center of gravity and high cooling efficiency of the engine is toughness itself, the highly rigid double cradle frame and large diameter tires that can withstand rough roads, high ground clearance and long stroke cushions, powerful brakes, etc., a wild world. A motorcycle that runs exhilaratingly, that is the newly released Honda Benly SL90.

◎Honda's 4-cycle OHC engine, the best in the world

  • Maximum output: 8 horsepower, hill-climbing power: 20 degrees, maximum speed: 95 km/h, CL90-based engine obtains flat torque with a particularly efficient handling exhaust system, demonstrating tenacious yet stable driving performance. To do.
  • The cam chain tensioner uses an oil damper and is automatically adjusted by a spring. Lubrication forces the oil to be double-filtered to keep the engine running smoothly and withstanding long periods of abuse.
  • Handle levers and clutches that operate lightly and nimbly to match hard scrambles, and a 4-speed forward/return type transmission.

◎ Body mechanism for running in the wilderness

  • The main body of the frame is a double cradle type made of steel pipes, and the head pipe part in particular adopts a solid triple down tube structure.
  • The front wheel suspension is a telescopic oil damper type, and the bottom case is made of aluminum alloy. The rear wheel suspension is a swing arm type, with a steel pipe rear fork and a manually adjustable chain guide to prevent dangerous chain detachment. Both the front and rear cushions have a long stroke for a comfortable ride in the mountain wilderness.
  • Tires are 2.75-19 for the front wheels and 3.25-17 for the rear wheels. In this class, combined with the super-large size, proper alignment of the vehicle body, and powerful brakes, the handling stability is even better.
  • Unique up-style muffler with high safety, thick soft seat that fits perfectly to the body, high front and rear fenders and ground clearance, large number bracket that prevents splashes of muddy water, wild that captures the hearts of young riders It's a tank of touch, and has all the mechanics to take you through the wilds to your heart's content.

Product Information
A Wild And Challenging Style! A Mechanism That Hides Intense Power
1970 Honda Benly SL90!

1970 Honda Benly SL90
Honda Benly SL90 Photo in New Condition. Model Year: 1970.
Body Colour: Green.
Release date: 1970-05-01.

The Honda SL90, which cut the top of the Honda SL series and was well received as a full-fledged motosport motorcycle, has improved its performance with his new engine, and has been redesigned into a wild style, giving it a stronger and more intense personality. Reborn as a new model.

1970 Honda Benly SL90 Main Features

  • Body design with a new sensation that makes dynamic motocross riding stand out
  • Equipped with a newly designed high-performance 9-horsepower engine
  • Employment of a 5-speed transmission that fully demonstrates engine performance and an easy-to-handle Brimley kick
  • Lightweight and highly rigid double cradle type pipe frame
  • Riding safety has been further improved, such as the seat position that matches the appropriate handle shape, and it demonstrates outstanding power for rough road riding.

The birth of theHonda Sports Machine 90 Trio, consisting of the CB90 and CS90, along with the new SL90, will further enrich the enjoyment of healthy and masculine motorsports.

1970 Honda SL90 Engine: Maximum output 9 horsepower, 5-stage transmission, with primary kick

4 cycle OHC 89cc, maximum output 9 horsepower, maximum torque 0.75kg-m, compression ratio 9.5, it is a high performance that stands out in this class. It is a full-fledged off-the-road machine that exhibits smooth, tenacious, and stable power under any harsh conditions, and dynamically demonstrates its true potential through a 5-stage transmission when attacking the wilderness.

Body design that always leads the times with a new sensation

  • The double cradle type pipe frame has a strong frame rigidity comparable to that of a big machine, and can withstand severe motosports.
  • The front wheel is a telescopic oil damper type, the bottom case is made of luxurious aluminum alloy, and the rear wheel is a swing arm steel pipe type. Combined with the tires and up fenders, it demonstrates outstanding off-road performance.
  • Thorough pursuit of the riding position, such as the correct handlebar position, Y-shaped tank and low seat, created a novel design that perfectly matched the dynamic scramble driving, and it is an ergonomic design that directly leads to safety. . Adopting vivid coloring, pure white stripes symbolize the dynamism of running through the wilderness.

Recent status of motorcycles

  • The total production volume of two-wheeled vehicles since our founding exceeded 13 million units. 13,281,006 units…(Total production as of the end of March 1945) This is the world's highest production output by a single company.
  • The recent demand for our products has been extremely strong both in Japan and overseas. 104.5% compared to the same period) Furthermore, production in April is planned to reach a record high of 160,000 units.
  • In terms of exports as well, exports from January to March this year were 278,087 units (105.7% compared to the same period last year). This year's exports are expected to reach record highs.

60s Motorcycle Production Trends

 Gross production
Internal export production
Gross industry production
40 years1,465,762597,2942,176,855
41 years1,422,949558,0842,413,388
42 years1,276,203602,533
43 years1,349,896818,6852,234,048
44 years1,534,882851,2372,568,405
January to March 1944390,184
January-March 1945407,714278,087 

○Overseas, especially in Europe and the United States, motorcycles are popular

(1) As a major means of transportation for commuting to school or work
(2) Off-road use at the destination in a camper or trailer
(3) Young people who can directly prevent delinquency (4) Regardless of age or gender, large-displacement vehicles can be driven on public roads in an orderly fashion, just like a four-wheeled vehicle. and other trends are seen.

1970 Honda SL90 restoration
1970 Honda Benly SL90 Dimmension.
Appearance of four-sided view

Honda SL90 Price

  • Price of Honda Benly SL90 model year 1969
    Nationwide standard cash net price: ¥89,000.
    Release date: August 1, 1969.
    Production plan: 6,000 units per month for the time being
  • Price of Honda Benly SL90 model year 1970
    National Standard Cash Net Price : ¥93,000.
    Release date : May 1, 1970.
    Planned monthly production of 6,500 units [Including exports]

1970 Honda Benly SL90 Specifications

Here is the standard specs of Honda Benly SL90 model year 1970 for your restoration project refferences.

dimension mtotal length1.915
wheel distance1.255
Ground clearance0.195
Weight kgVehicle weight96
Capacity (person)2
PerformanceMax speed (km/h)95
Paved flat road fuel efficiency (km/L)80(30km/h)
Slope ability0.46
Minimum turning radius (m)1.9
Braking and stopping distance (m)14 (initial speed 50km/h)
MotorCooling method and cycleAir cooling 4 cycles
Number and arrangement of cylinders15° forward tilt 1 cylinder
Valve arrangementOverhead camshaft type
Combustion chamber shapeHemispherical
Total Displacement (L)0.089
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)48×49.5
Compression Ratio9.5
Compression pressure (kg/cm2)12/1,000
Max output (PS/rpm)9.0/9,500
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)0.75/7,000
Starting methodKick method
Ignition methodBattery ignition
VaporizerType and number1 PW20
Air purifier modelDry type (urethane foam)
Fuel tank capacity (L)7.5
Lubrication methodPumping method
Lubricant capacity (L)1.0
BatteryType and number6N 6-3B-1 piece
Voltage Capacity6V-6AH
Power transmissionMechanism from engine to transmissionGears
Same reduction ratio4.055
Clutch modelWet multi-plate
TransmissionTypeConstant mesh
How to operateLeft foot movement
1st gear ratio2.500
2nd speed1.722
3rd speed1.333
4th speed1.083
5 speed0.923
Mechanism from transmission to rear axleChain
Same reduction ratio3.285
Steering systemSteering angle degreeBoth left and right 45
running gearcasters61°25′
Trail (m)0.095
Tire sizeFront2.75-19(4PR)
BrakeBrake type modelFrontInternal expansion expression
RearInternal expansion expression
Operation methodFrontRight manual
RearRight Foot Movement
Suspension systemFrontTelescopic
RearSwing arm type
Buffer typeFrontHydraulic
Frame FormatDouble Cradle
LightsHeadlightsV-W6-25 25
Combined lightNumber light 6V-3W (white)
StoplightV-W (Color)6-10 (Red)
Direction indicatorType formatElectromagnetic hot wire
Instruments, etc.Harmonic typeElectric flat type
Speedometer typeOverflow type
Rear reflectorModelRR30 (tail light included)


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