Honda Benly SL175 1970

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Honda Benly SL175 1970
1970 Honda SL175 photo in new original condition.
ホンダモトスポーツ ベンリイSL175. Release Date: June 5th 1970
The Honda Benly SL175 is a well-balanced motosport vehicle that combines powerful power, agility, and ease of handling required for harsh off-road riding in mountain wilderness. The durable high-performance 4-cycle 174cc engine, tough frame, and active safety equipment have already been proven overseas.

Honda Benly SL175 is a full-fledged off-road model based on the CB175. A unique steel pipe double cradle is used. Due to weight reduction, it is 116kg lighter than the 130kg of the CL175, which is a scrambler model. A small tank that rises diagonally is characteristic. It was released in Japan on June 5th 1970 after gaining popularity in the overseas release of the same year. Displacement 174 cc.

Since February 1970, Honda has exported 9,800 units mainly to the United States, and anounched that Honda Benly SL175, which has been highly evaluated, sold as a healthy motor sports in Japan.

1970 Honda Benly SL175 Main Features

  • Equipped with a newly designed high-performance 19-horsepower engine, the engine performance is fully demonstrated through a 5-stage transmission.
  • A black cobra-type muffler and a highly rigid double cradle frame create a wild body style suitable for motosport
  • High safety considerations, such as reflectors that can be easily seen from all sides at night, an ignition kill switch that can stop the engine in an emergency, and an easy-to-read instrument layout

With the launch of the new SL175, the Honda 175 series is complete.

*CB175...Sports type
*CL175...Scrambler type
*SL175...Motosport type


As a sports bike designed especially for leisure sports in mountainous wilderness, a sports motorbike to enjoy playing like a MOTOCROSS, it can also be easily driven on general roads and highways to its destination. This is the newest series of the Honda motorcycle group with flexibility. Its features include a 4-cycle OHC engine that is tough and tenacious in all kinds of harsh driving and smoothly produces high output, a double cradle type frame, long stroke cushions, special pattern tires, high fenders and ground clearance, and a wide range. Up handle and engine protector, fearless black muffler, and various safety equipment suitable for wild sports.
This Honda Motosport series is now 3 models.


Honda Motosport series 3rd edition! Honda Benly SL175 Appearance

A new and more attractive machine has been added to the popular motosport with its innovative design and overwhelming power. Full of powerful performance for any off-the-road. Highway touring is also light and you can aim for the unknown wilderness, and the range of sports has expanded remarkably.
With the birth of this SL175, the Motosport series has been added to the lineup, and the Honda 17 5 series has also been completed.

Tough and powerful engine

  • The 4-cycle air-cooled OHC, 8° forward tilt, parallel 2-cylinder engine is 174cc, 19 horsepower, maximum speed of 120 km/h, hill climbing ability of 30 degrees, and is highly durable.
  • Constant engagement 5-stage transmission. The shift pattern is 1-(N)-2-3-4-5, (return type) adopting a full-fledged sports mission.
  • Twin carburetors with special elliptical venturis are lightweight, compact, strong at low and medium speeds, and provide smooth acceleration and accurate off-the-road response.

A fearless body suitable for running in the wilderness

  • The frame body is a double cradle type, lightweight and highly rigid.
  • The front wheel suspension uses a telescopic type with a stroke of 153mm and an aluminum alloy bottom case.
  • The tire has a large diameter with a special block pattern, and shows stable running even on rough terrain or touring.
  • The black type cobra type muffler is full of wild charm and symbolizes the style of the motosport machine.
  • Equipped with a number of equipment suitable for wide sprinting, such as high ground clearance, a wide up-handle with a bridge, and an engine protector.

Easy to use and safe mechanism

  • Uses a convenient one-touch opening and closing seat.
  • Reflectors are installed on the front and back of both sides of the body, making it safe to check from all sides even at night.
  • Brake lamps light up for both front and rear brakes.
  • Equipped with an ignition kill switch on the right side of the steering wheel that can stop the engine without taking your hands off the steering wheel in an emergency.
  • The separate type meter is set at a high position, making it easy to see and accurate.
  • A fearless black muffler on the left and right sides of the engine, which boasts toughness, further emphasizes the image of motosport. The heavy muffler also has a built-in spark assuring device to prevent forest fires.
  • The seat is a semi-double, tuck roll type that holds the body securely.

Extremely safe for high-speed and city driving

  • Large tail lights and turn signals with high illuminance. Switches and levers are laid out for easy handling. Reliable braking performance, large special pattern tires that grip any road surface, reflectors on both sides of the front forks and taillights, and an ignition kill switch are installed to ensure safety.

Engine Performance Curve/Driving Performance Curve/Specifications

Honda Benly SL175 technical image
Appearance of four-sided view of Honda Benly SL175

1970 Honda SL175 Specs

HONDA Benly SL175 (model:)
Launched 1970
displacement 174cc
Max output19PS / 9500 RPM
EngineAir-cooled 4-stroke parallel 2-cylinder OHC
Tank capacity8L
Engine oil capacityL

Honda Benly SL175 1970 Price

Selling price at the time : ¥169,000

Planned monthly production of 5,000 units
[Including exports]

History About Honda SL Series

A series that adopts a double gradle frame with a dual purpose model that also serves as a successor to the CL series after emphasizing off-road running performance. The following models were manufactured and sold.

  • July 1969 Benry SL90
  • June 1970 Benry SL175
  • September 1970 Benly SL125S

The Honda SL175 is equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke 2-cylinder engine shared with the CB175/CL125, and the SL125S is equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine shared with the CB125S/CL125S. The model was changed to a CB vertical engine.

By 1975, the SL90 had changed to the XE75, the SL125S to the XL125, and the SL175 to be a discontinued model.


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