Honda Benly CL135 1970

1970 Honda Benly CL135 & CB135 Classic Sport Bike Specs, Price & Photos Gallery

Honda Benly CL135 1970
1970 Honda Benly CL135 picture. Scramble-style old motorbike.

Honda Benly CL135 is a touring sports bike that runs smoothly from medium-low speed in urban areas to easy access to highways. Honda Benly CB135 and Benly CL135 were announced on September 25, 1970 and released on the 27th of the same month. It was based on the CB125K1 engine, the inner diameter was expanded by 2.0mm to 46.0mm, and the displacement was increased to 136cc, making it a normal motorcycle (light motorcycle) that could run on highways. The maximum output is almost the same at 15ps/11,000rpm (14ps/10,000rpm for CL), and since other basic components are also shared, the distinguishing point is the emblem that indicates the displacement on the side cover. By 1973 production was discontinued.

1970 Honda Benly CL135
Photo of Honda Benly CL135 model year 1970. Color: Blue.

1970 Honda Benly CB135 & CL135 Main Features

  • The first 136cc class smooth engine in a wheeled vehicle
    Equipped with a 4-cycle air-cooled, 8-degree forward tilt parallel 2-cylinder, 136cc OHC engine. I'm here. The adoption of this engine will demonstrate new mobility from city areas to highways.
  • Safety considerations
    Side reflectors are installed on both sides of the body to make it easy to see from the side at night. It is equipped with a full range of safety equipment, such as a stop lamp that lights up in both front and rear braking.
  • Light and durable body
    Highly rigid and lightweight semi-double cradle type frame body with highly maneuverable telescopic oil dampers on the front wheels and a highly rigid swingarm suspension on the rear wheels. adopted. In addition, the meter is a full-fledged sports type, separate type with an ideal position.
  • New 135 Series with Distinctive Features
Honda CL135 Blue
Image of Honda CL135 1970. Classic motor in good condition.

Honda Benly CL135/CB135 Price

Release Date: September 27, 1970.
National Standard Cash Net Price at that time:

  • Honda CB135 ¥153,000
  • Honda CL135 ¥148,000

Monthly production plan was 2,000 units in the series

Honda CL135 Engine
Photo of 1970 Honda Benly CL135 Engine.

1970 Honda CL135 Specifications

Type grade nameBENLY CL135
Model change classificationNew appearance
Release month9
Destination/specificationsDomestic model
Total length (mm)1930
Width (mm)810
Total height (mm)1030
Wheelbase (mm)1280
Minimum ground clearance (mm)155
Dry weight (kg)112
Vehicle weight (kg)120
Minimum turning radius (m)2.0
Ride capacity (persons)2
Fuel consumption rate (1) (km/L)55.0
Metric (1)At 50km/h
Motor type4-stroke
Number of cylinders2
Cylinder ArrayParallel (Serial)
Cooling methodAir cooling
Displacement (cc)136
Cam valve drive systemOHC (SOHC)
Inner diameter (cylinder bore) (mm)46
Piston stroke (mm)41
Compression ratio (:1)9.5
Max Power (PS)14
Max output speed (rpm)10000
Maximum torque (kgf・m)1.1
Max Torque Speed ​​(rpm)8000
Fuel supply systemCarburetor
Fuel tank capacity (L)9
Cruising range with full tank (approximate/reference value)495.0
Engine starting methodKickstarter
Engine lubrication methodWet sump method
Engine oil capacity*Total capacity (L)1.2
Clutch typeWet, multi-plate
Transmission typeReturn type, 4-speed transmission
Transmission and operation methodFoot shift
Primary reduction ratio3.875
Secondary reduction ratio3.133
Transmission ratio1st gear 2.615/2nd gear 1.610/3rd gear 1.190/4th gear 0.879
Power Transmission SystemChain
Frame modelSemi-double cradle
Caster angle64°
Trail amount (mm)86
Brake type (front)Mechanical double leading
Brake type (rear)Mechanical leading trailing
Suspension system (front)Telescopic fork
Suspension system (rear)Swing arm type
Tire (Front)2.75-18
Tire (front) structure nameBias
Tire (front) ply rating4PR
Tire (front) typeTube tire
Tire (rear)3.00-18
Tire (rear) structure nameBias
Tire (rear) ply rating4PR
Tire (rear) typeTube tire
Wheel rim width (front)1.6
Wheel Rim Width (Rear)1.6
Standard specified tire pressure (at passenger capacity/front)1.80
Standard designated tire pressure (at passenger capacity/after)2.00
Headlight Rating (Hi)25W/25W
Tail light rating (braking/tail light)17W/5.3W
Honda CL135 restoration
Honda CL 135 in a workshop.
Classic sportbike restoration.

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