1970 Honda Dream CL450 Scrambler

1970 Honda Dream CL450 DOHC Twin Cylinder Specs & Photos

Honda Dream CL450 DOHC Model Year 1970
1970 Honda Dream CL450 Scrambler photo.
Release Date : September 25, 1970.
The Honda CL450 model year 1970 was a scrambler model or dual sport motorcycle powered by 444cc DOHC parallel-twin cylinder engine. The basic was same with CB450; the differences between the models were the gastank, braced handle bars and off-road-style high-level exhaust pipes on the CL450, etc.

Honda Motor company has recently launched a big street scrambler Honda Dream CL450 and a Honda Dream CB450 Senior aimed at long-distance touring in the highway era. Developed and released.

The large motorcycles CB450, CB450 Export, and CB750Four, which are popular for their excellent high-speed stability and ease of handling, have been redesigned and released at the same time in response to the demand for safer and more comfortable driving. This brings the number of Honda large motorcycles to 5 models, and we now have a variety of variations that can meet the advanced demands of customers.

Variation list

New model Honda Dream CL450 Scrambler, New model Honda Dream CB450 Senior High-speed touring vehicle with disc brakes, New Honda Dream CB450 Export sporty high-speed touring vehicle, New Honda Dream CB450 Practical use High-speed touring bike, New Honda Dream CB750 Four High-performance high-speed touring motorcycle.

Features of the new model Honda Dream CL450

1970 Honda Dream CL450
〈ホンダドリーム CL450 スクランブラー〉.
Old Antique Classic Big Dual Sports Trail-Adventure Motorbike picture.

Based on the Dream CB450, which has a high-performance DOHC engine and a highly rigid frame, it has adopted a number of safety features and a mechanism and style suitable for dynamic scramble driving.

DOHC with high combustion efficiency and few mechanical noise elements. 43PS. 4 cycle 450cc engine

Extensive safety equipment

  • Equipped with an engine kill switch, you can stop the engine while holding the steering wheel in an emergency
  • Stop lamps that light up during both front and rear braking
  • Side reflectors for easy viewing from all sides at night
  • The front fender is curled to improve safety in the event of contact

A mechanism that allows you to enjoy exciting scrambling

  • Highly rigid double coodle type frame
  • Comfortable driving posture, excellent balance between up-handle and large seat suitable for driving on rough terrain
  • The minimum ground clearance is high, and the crankcase is protected with a protector
  • Exhaust pipe muffler with protector is up type to prevent contact with the road surface

New model Honda Dream CB450 Senior

A large motorcycle for high-speed long-distance touring that incorporates positive safety mechanisms into the highly reliable Dream CB450.

New Safety Mechanism

  • Disc brakes of Honda Dream CB750 installed for excellent braking effect
  • Equipped with the same large size front tires as the CB750 for improved ride comfort
  • A warning lamp is installed, and when the speed exceeds 80km/h, it lights up to make you aware of the high speed
  • Engine kill switch
  • Side reflectors
  • Stop lamp that lights up when braking either front or rear
  • Curled front fender
  • The seat is thicker and the ride is more comfortable

New Honda Dream CB450
New Honda Dream CB450 Export

It has become a high-speed touring car with more safety equipment such as warning lamps, side reflectors, and brake lamps that light even when braking with the front brake.

New Honda Dream CB750FOUR

The Honda Dream CB750FOUR, one of the world's leading ultra-high-performance vehicles, will be released with further improvements in operability, handling, and ride comfort.

Main Improvements

  • Changed seat shape for easier riding
  • Further reduces shock and noise when changing gears, improving driving operability
  • Changed carburetor structure for improved handling and maintenance
  • The design of the case and lens of the speedometer and tachometer has been made more novel
1970 Honda CL450 Motorcycle Technical Image
1970 Honda CL450 Dimmension / Sizes.
Appearance four-sided view HONDA Dream CL450.

1970 HONDA Dream CL450 DOHC Main Specifications

Popular NameDream CL450
Overall length2.080
Overall width0.860
Overall height1.150 (m)
Engine type4-cycle 2-cylinder DOHC
Total displacement444cc (27.1 cu in)
Transmission / Gearbox5-speed
Vehicle weight178kg (dry)
Seat Capacity2 persons
Minimum ground clearance0.155m
Maximum power output43ps/8,000rpm
Maximum torque4.0kgm/7,000rpm
Compression ratio9.0
Maximum speed170km/hour
Gradability20 degrees
0-400m acceleration13. 5 seconds (Top speed: 155km/h)
Fuel consumption rate35km/l (60km/h)
Shift forward5-speed return type
Starting methodcombined with kick and sell
Front Tire Size3.25-19-4PR
Rear Tyre Size3. 50-18-4PR
Front & Rear Brakes TypeDrum

1970 Honda Dream Price List

National standard cash net price of honda dream in new condition in 1970

Production plan (including export)

  • Honda Dream 450 Series Monthly Production : 5,000 units
  • Honda Dream CB750Four Monthly Production : 5,000 units


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