Honda CB500 Four 1971-1978

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Honda CB500 Four
1971 model Honda CB500 Four picture.
Release Date: 1971-04-01
Honda Dream CB500 Four or Honda CB500Four is a standar classic large sport motorbike equipped with air-cooled, 8-valve, SOHC, transverse inline-four cylinder 498 cc (30.4 cu in) engine produced by Honda from 1971 to 1978.

CB500FOUR History

The Dream CB500 Four was a large sports bike released in April 1971. An air-cooled 4-stroke parallel 4-cylinder OHC engine with a displacement of 498cc is mounted on a double cradle frame. The transmission was a 5-stage return type, and hydraulic disc brakes were adopted for the front wheels. The wheel size is 19 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear. A helmet holder, ignition kill switch on the right grip, pilot lamps such as turn signal lights and gear neutral indicator lights were installed together. It also complied with the "noise regulations for new motorcycles" from April 1971. The Dream CB500 Four was the second 4-cylinder CB since the Dream CB750 Four appeared in 1969.

The Honda CB500 Four was a motorcycle introduced by Honda early in the 1970s, appearing at the London Racing and Sporting Motorcycle Show in February, 1972. It was similarly styled to the CB750, but smaller and lighter, with the manufacturer's claims of 50 bhp output and a top speed of 115 mph.

Honda Motor company launched a type of sports motorcycle, the CB500Four, nationwide from April 1st 1971. This new model offers ample handling and proactive safety considerations that you wouldn't expect from a large class.

Advanced ideas such as a helmet holder, speed warning light, passing switch, position lamp, ignition kill switch and front brake stop switch were introduced.

Honda Dream CB500FOUR 1971
Honda Dream CB500 Four photo (ホンダドリーム CB500FOUR).
A collectible original classic 70s Japanese style motorcycle in good condition.

Main Features of The Honda CB500 FOUR

Large class with new technology

  • 4-cylinder, OHC engine: A parallel 4-cylinder, OHC high-performance engine that has succeeded in reducing weight and size by adopting a patent-pending cam bearing processing method. Safe overtaking acceleration and plenty of extra horsepower. In addition, it is equipped with a 5-speed transmission that fully brings out the wide range of torque characteristics unique to the 4-cycle.
  • Using a forced opening/closing carburetor: A unique link mechanism (coupling device) is used to open and close the throttle valve. Especially when closing, it has two independent return mechanisms, enabling safer and more reliable throttle operation.
  • Equipped with 4 carburetors and 4 mufflers……By equipping each cylinder with independent carburetors, exhaust pipes and mufflers, intake and exhaust efficiency is improved, and combustion efficiency is improved by adopting a hemispherical combustion chamber. .
  • Body: The light and compact body is easy to handle for a large class, and exhibits stable maneuverability from city driving to high-speed driving.

Safe and easy to handle

  • Helmet holder: A practical model helmet holder is adopted for the safety and convenience of the rider. (See attachment)
  • Speed warning light: The scale of the speedometer turns red at 80km/h or more to warn you of speed. (Already adopted for CB750 and CB450)
  • Front-wheel disc brakes: Demonstrates stable braking ability, especially at high speeds.
  • Riding position: Based on our accumulated development experience, we have created an ideal design that is safe and reduces fatigue.
  • Passing switch: This switch also functions as a horn button. When pressed horizontally, the main lamp flashes to warn the car in front of you, such as when overtaking. Used for the first time in motorcycles.
  • Pilot lamp panel……The turn signal, high beam, oil, and neutral lamps are all placed in easy-to-see positions.
  • Large headlamps: High beam 50W, low beam 40W, effective diameter 170φ bright and wide illumination lamps. (same as CB750)
  • Position lamps: At twilight, the location of the car is clear and safe.
  • Ignition/kill switch: An emergency stop switch is installed on the right side of the steering wheel, allowing you to quickly stop the engine without taking your hands off the steering wheel in an emergency.
  • Front brake stop switch: The stop lamp lights up even when the front brake is applied, which is effective in preventing rear-end collisions.

Quiet cars to meet new noise regulations

By improving the internal structure of the muffler and connecting the upper and lower mufflers to create a large silencer chamber, exhaust noise is reduced.
In addition, it satisfies the "noise regulations for new models" that will be enforced from April 1st.

Four sides view of Honda Dream CB500 Four
Appearance four-sided view of Honda Dream CB500.
Technical image for the classic motorcycle restoration refference.

Honda Dream CB500 Four Specifications

Also calledHonda CB500 Four K model
1971–1973 (US)
SuccessorHonda CB550
Engine498 cc (30.4 cu in), air-cooled, 8-valve, SOHC, transverse inline-four
Bore / stroke56 mm × 50.6 mm (2.20 in × 1.99 in)
Compression ratio9:1
Top speed100 mph (160 km/h)
Power50 hp (37 kW) (claimed)
Ignition typeElectric start
Transmission5-speed manual, chain final drive
SuspensionFront: 35 mm telescopic forks
Rear: Twin shocks with adjustable pre-load
BrakesSingle front 267 mm disc, rear drum
TyresFront: 3.25×19"
Rear: 3.50×18"
Rake, trail64°, 105 mm
Weight185 kg (408 lb) (dry)
Fuel capacity14 L (3.1 imp gal; 3.7 US gal)

Honda Dream CB500Four Price

Japan national standard cash price: 335,000 yen.
Monthly production plan: 6,500 units (including exports).

Honda Four (CB500) Parts and Accessories

You might also interested to check the price of spare parts or accessories for Honda Four (CB500) motorbike.

  • Voltage Rectifier Regulator Fits Honda CB 400cc CB 500cc CB 550cc CB 750cc - .
    High quality aftermarket item
    Fitment(Honda only): Please make sure this part fits your motorcycle before you purchase CB 400cc F 1976-1978,CB 500cc F 1973-1977,CB 550cc F/K3 1975-1978 CB 750cc K1-K8 F1/F2 SOHC 1975-1976. Uptogreen. .
  • 1971-1973 Honda CB500 Four Heavy Duty Non Oring Chain - $49.98.
    . Volar Motorsport, Inc. .
  • Motorcycle Honda CB350 CB360 CB400 CB500 CB550 CB650 CB750 CB1300 Mirrors - $33.60.
    Size:10 mm standard thread.
    Shell made of High grade ABS material with Triple Chrome Plating,Bracket made of High rigidity Metal with Triple Chrome Plating.
    Feature: Good weather ability, High toughness and Smooth surface,Quality Test: Durability test, Chemical resistance and Sudden impacts test. Z10. .
  • SpeedMotoCo CX500 Cb750 cb350 cb550 Honda fork gator cafe racer black 33mm 34mm 35mm 36mm 37mm forks - .
    cafe racer fork gator.
    fits up to 36mm forks.
    most Japanese bikes. SpeedMotoCo. black.
  • Black Rubber Silvery Motorcycle Front Foot Peg for Honda CB 400 CBF 500 CBF 600 CBF 1000 CBR 1100 XX CB 250 CB 600 Hornet - .
    Honda CB 400, CBF 500, CBF 600, CBF 1000, CBR 1100 XX, CB 250, CB 600 Hornet.
    Size :Rubber 9cm * 3 cm
    Color : Sliver&Black.
    Material : Aluminum Alloy and Rubber. 99Parts. Black.
  • Savior Fuel Tank Switch Valve Petcock for Honda CB400A CB400T CX500 TRL200 XR185 XR200 - .
    High quality Fuel Switch.
    Fit Honda XL250S XL350 CB400A CB400T CX500 TRL200 XR200.
    Petcock Outlet OD is 6mm. Savior. .
  • Adjustable short Brake and Clutch Levers for HONDA CBR500R/CB500F/X 2013-2015,CBR250R 2011-2013,CBR300R 2014-2016,CB300F/FA 2014-2016,CB400F/CB400R 2013-2015,GROM MSX 2014-2016-Black - .
    6 Position Lever Adjustment stainless steel fasteners.
    Precision Machined Pivot Bore To Ensure A Perfect Fit.
    Perfect fitment without any modification. RIDE IT. Black.
  • Starter Relay Solenoid Honda CB 175 200 350 400 450 500 550 750 CH 125 NH 80 - .
    High quality aftermarket item
    Replaces OEM# 35850-431-007 / 35850-HB3-771 / 35850-HB3-000 / 35850-371-670 / 35850-306-670. Baibon. .
  • Shock Absorber Set - Chrome - Honda CB750, CB650, CB550, CB500, CB400, CB350 - .
    Fits:CB750K (69-78),F (1975-78),A (1976-78).
    Fits: CB750C (80-82),CB750SC (82-83), CB700SC (1984-86).
    Fits: CB650 (79-82),CB650C (80-81),CB500K (71-73),CB550F (75-77). ACS. .
  • Shock Absorber Set - Honda CB750, CB650, CB550, CB500, CB400, CB350 - .
    Fits: Honda CB750K (1969-78),CB750F (1975-78),CB750A (1976-78),.
    CB750SC (1982-83), CB700SC (1984-86),CB650 (1979-82), CB650C (1980-81).
    CB500K (1971-73), CB550F (1975-77), CB550K (1974-78). ACS. .


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