1971 Honda Benly CB50

Information About Honda Benly CB50 Model Year 1971 Specs and Photos Gallery

Honda Benly CB50 1971
Honda Benly CB50 photo.
ホンダベンリイCB50. Color: White.
Release date: June 1, 1971.
In 1971, the Honda Benly CB50 appeared as the successor model, which was given the title of "CB" for the first time in the 50cc class, is equipped with a newly designed vertical OHC engine on a newly developed diamond frame.

A classic lightweight sport model, Honda Benly CB50 has power performance that is easy to handle even at medium and low speeds, and has friendly styling. This new product is equipped with luxurious equipment for the first time in the lightweight class, and has further enhanced safety considerations such as a helmet holder and speed warning display.
With this, Honda's CB series (super sports series) has 11 classes of models ranging from 50cc to 750cc displacement, and we are able to respond to a wider range of customer requests.

1971 Honda Benly CB50 Main Features

For your safety

  • Helmet holder... Adopted next to CB500. Even when you leave the car, you don't have to worry about carrying a helmet, and it is actively convenient to wear a helmet.
  • Speedometer...At 30km/h or more, the display turns red to warn the user of overspeeding.
  • Safe driving label: A slogan such as wearing a helmet is affixed to the tank.

Easy to handle and sporty

  • Frame: A new diamond-shaped pipe frame has been designed to match the engine designed for 50cc super sports. Lightweight and highly rigid, it is suitable for light sports driving.
  • Tachometer: This is the first equipment in the 50cc class that is essential for sports driving.
  • Muffler: A megaphone type that emphasizes a sporty image. This is also my first time in this class.
  • Handle: Semi-up type, easy to handle for anyone. Matches the seat for an excellent driving position.
  • Even if the engine is in gear, the primary kick mechanism allows the engine to start immediately, making it easy to start.
  • Three bright body colors (gold, orange, and white) are available.

Newly designed compact 4-stroke OHC upright engine

  • Engine layout: The cam chain, oil pump, primary kick, etc., have adopted a highly reliable structure that is equivalent to that of a high-end model.
  • Engine characteristics: Flat engine characteristics suitable for driving in urban areas, emphasizing smooth handling at medium and low speeds.
  • Maintenability…By adopting the same separate camshaft holder as the CB750, maintainability has been improved.
  • Mission... 5 stages. The shift fork shaft is a separate shaft to give a soft change feeling.

In addition, in consideration of customer safety, when the Benry CB50 was released, a campaign was held to present original helmets for purchasers of this model (from June 1st to August 31st). I will.

In this way, in order for all customers to ride safely and comfortably, we will actively promote the wearing of helmets together with the newly devised helmet holder.

1971 Honda Benly CB50 Photos Gallery

1971 Honda Benly CB50 White
Picture of The 1971 Honda Benly CB50.
CB50 initial model that appeared in 1971 (Showa 46). The front and rear wheels are 17 inches.
1971 Honda Benly CB50 engine
Air-cooled 4-stroke vertical engine of 1971 Honda Benly CB50.
The maximum output is 6.0PS/10,500rpm, and the maximum torque is 0.41kg-m/8,500rpm.
In 1971, the only sports model equipped with a 4-stroke engine was the Benly CB50.
1971 Honda Benly CB50 restoration
Restored 1971 Honda Benly CB50 photo.
The 42mm x 35.6mm short-stroke engine is geared toward sporty ultra-high revs.

1971 Honda Benly CB50 Price

(national standard cash price) : 75,000 yen
Monthly production plan: 4,000 units (including exports)

1971 Honda Benly CB50 Specifications

1971 Honda Benly CB50 Dimmension Specs
1971 Honda Benly CB50 dimension specs in standard / original condition.
Appearance all-sided view Honda Benry CB50.

dimension mtotal length1.780
wheel distance1.180
Ground clearance0.160
Weight kgVehicle weight74(W)
Capacity (persons)1
PerformancePaved flat road fuel efficiency (km/L)85(30km/h )
Slope ability0.24
Minimum turning radius (m)1.9
Braking and stopping distance (m)7.0 (initial speed 35km/h)
MotorCooling method and cycleAir cooling 4 cycles
Number and arrangement of cylinders12° anteversion 1. Horizontal
Valve arrangementOverhead camshaft type
Combustion chamber shapeHemispherical
Total Displacement (L)0.049
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)42.0×35.6
Compression Ratio9.5
Compression pressure (kg/cm2-rpm)12.0-1,000
Max output (PS/rpm)6.0/10,500
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)0.41/8,500
Starting methodKick method
Ignition methodMagnetic ignition
Air purifier modelUrethane foam
Fuel tank capacity (L)7
Lubrication methodPumping type/splash type
Lubricant capacity (L)0.9
BatteryType and number6N2-2A・1
Voltage Capacity6V-2AH
Power transmissionMechanism from engine to transmissionEngine-Clutch-Transmission (spur gear type)
Same reduction ratio4.437
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
TransmissionTypeConstant mesh
How to operateLeft foot movement return method
1st gear ratio3.083
2nd speed1.882
Third gear ratio1.400
4th speed1.130
5 speed0.960
Mechanism from transmission to rear axleChain
Same reduction ratio3.153
Steering systemSteering angle°Both left and right 43°
Running gearCaster(°)63
Trail (mm)75
Tire sizeFront2.50-17-4PR
BrakeBrake type modelFrontWire type Leading Trading
RearRod Leading Trading
Operation methodFrontRight manual
RearRight Foot Movement
Suspension systemSuspension systemFrontTelescopic
RearSwing arm type
Frame formatDiamond format
Combined lightNumber light (3W white)
Direction indicatorFront8W(orange)
Rear8W (Orange)
Instruments, etc.Harmonic typeFlat electric type
Speed meter formatOverflow method


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