Honda Dream CB250 & CB350 Senior 1971 1972

Information About Honda Dream CB250 Senior and Honda Dream CB350 Senior Model Year 1971/1972, Old Motorcycle Specs, Classic Sportbike Photos

Honda Dream CB350 Senior 1971
1971 Honda Dream CB350 Senia picture.
The 1971 Honda Dream CB250/350 Senior type is a classic super sports motorbike that actively pursues safety by applying disc brakes and other popular equipment to this class for the first time.

These products was added to the CB250/350 Export models that was sold as high-end models, further expanding the range of choices for customers of this popular type.

Honda CB250 Senior Overview

1971 Honda Dream CB250 Senior
1971 HONDA CB250 Senior photo.
Release date: 1971-06-01. Displacement: 249 cc.

It was added in June 1 1971 as a derivative model of the Dream CB250. The specs are almost the same as the 1971 minor change version export. Export and Senia are often confused, but the difference between Export and Senia is that the Senia is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake on the front and an aluminum front fork outer. The handle has been changed to an up handle. In 1971, the main unit price of the Senia was 212,000 yen, which is higher than the 204,000 yen export model.

Honda CB350 Senior Overview

1972 Honda CB350 Senior
1972 Honda Dream CB350 Senior image. Body Color: Blue.
Restored Old collectible motorcycle photo.

The Honda Dream CB350 Senior was released in June 1 1971 (at that time) as a super sports model. As the name Senia (senior) was given, it was a high-end model of the CB350 export that had already been sold. The biggest feature is that a disc brake was adopted for the front brake. When it first appeared in the mid-1960s, disc brakes were considered equipment for large models. A 325cc air-cooled 4-stroke parallel 2-cylinder OHC engine was mounted on a semi-double cradle frame, combined with a 5-speed return transmission, telescopic forks, and front and rear 18-inch wheels. Equipped with helmet holder and kill switch. In 1972, it underwent a minor change to reduce exhaust noise. Along with that, the maximum output was also lowered from 36ps to 32ps.

Pricelist of The Honda Dream CB250/350 Senior in Year of 1971

  • Honda CB250 Senior 1971 price : ¥212,000
  • Honda CB350 Senior 1972 price : ¥219,000

(national standard cash price)

Monthly production plan : 6,000 units

Honda CB250/350 Senia Key Features

With positive safety considerations

  • Front wheel disc brakes…………The first equipment in the 250/350 class. Braking from high speed is safe. Hydraulic type provides sharp response, smooth and reliable braking effect. No need to worry about brake lock.
  • Helmet holder ……… CB500, CB50, followed by a holder with a lock. It is convenient for the rider to wear a helmet.
  • Speed ​​warning light: Installed between the speedometer and tachometer. The red display on the speedometer will warn you of overspeeding.
  • Ignition kill switch: Installed in a position where you can operate it instantly with your right fingertip. The engine can be cut off immediately in case of emergency.
  • Increased size of the tail light and side reflectors … Safety has been improved by improving visibility at night.
  • New tank design. The design features sharp black and white stripes, emphasizing the light image.

Easy to handle for touring

  • Front and rear suspension: The front is a twin-tube telescopic damper with high shock absorption. The rear has been improved to a twin-tube double-acting damper, which improves the front-to-rear balance and further improves driving stability.
  • Riding position……By changing the shape of the handlebars (vehicle width 775→770mm・vehicle height 1,075→1,115mm), the riding posture has become even better. You won't get tired of long-distance touring.

Honda Dream CB250 vs CB350 Senior Specifications

Here is the table of standard technical specs of Honda Dream CB350 Senior and Honda Dream CB250 Senior:

Motorcycle NameCB250 SeniorCB350 Senior
Length×width×height (m)2.090×0.770×1.1152.090×0.770×1.115
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.1500.150
Vehicle weight (kg)168168
Fuel consumption (km/L)45(50Km/h)45(60Km/h)
Slope climbing ability (tanθ)0.370.37
Braking and stopping distance (m)13.5(50km/h)13.5(50km/h)
Engine model4-cycle OHC4-cycle OHC
Two cylindersTwo cylinders
Total Displacement (cc)249325
Max output (PS/rpm)27/10,000(JIS)32/10,000(JIS)
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)2.0/9,000(JIS)2.3/9,000(JIS)
Starting methodKick-type self-type combinationKick-type self-type combination
Transmission typeConstant mesh typeConstant mesh type
Transmission ratio1st gear2.3532.353
2 speed1.6361.636
3 speed1.2691.269
4 speed1.0361.036
5 speed0.9000.900
Frame formatSemi-double cradle formatSemi-double cradle format
Tire sizeFront3.00-18-4PR3.00-18-4PR
Shock absorber typeFront wheelCylindrical single-actingCylindrical single-acting
Rear wheelCylindrical double-actingCylindrical double-acting


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