Honda Dream CB550FOUR 1974

1974-1975 Honda Dream CB550FOUR (CB550F) History, Overview, Specs, Price & Photos Gallery

Honda CB550F
Photo of Honda CB550 FOUR.
An awesome classic naked motorbike with 4-cylinder, 4-carburetors and 4 mufflers. 
Honda Dream CB550FOUR is a high-performance classic motorcycle equipped with an OHC parallel 4-cylinder engine with a 544cc displacement (2mm larger bore than the CB500Four / the predessor) and 4 exhaust mufflers.

Since its launch, the Honda Dream CB500FOUR has been loved by many fans due to its unique 4-cycle OHC 4-cylinder engine, 4 carburetors, and 4 mufflers. We have pursued ease of handling in every detail. In order to improve ease of use, especially at medium and low speeds, Honda upgraded it to 550cc and released it as CB550 FOUR. Honda CB550FOUR is more powerful than the base CB500Four and more compact than the CB750Four. With fascinating smooth running and handling.

The Honda Dream CB 750 FOUR has been enhanced with several safety measures, such as an overlap type that does not turn off the light momentarily when switching between the upper and lower headlights, and a neutral safety starter that does not activate the starter motor when the gear is engaged.

Honda Dream CB550 FOUR Release Date

On February 14, 1974, Honda Motor released the large motorcycle Honda Dream CB550 FOUR as the successor of CB500Four, and has added safety measures to the large motorcycle Honda Dream CB 750 FOUR.

Honda Dream CB550FOUR 1974
Picture of Honda Dream CB550 FOUR model year 1974. Color: Black.
Old motorcycle restoration ideas.

Main Features of Honda Dream CB550FOUR


  • Equipped with a new engine (CB550FOUR) that further improves usability at medium and low speeds
    Displacement 544cc
    Maximum output 50PS/8,500rpm
    Maximum torque 4.4kg-m / 7,500 rpm

Handy Equipment

  • Uses tank cap with key (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)
  • Retractable footrest (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)

Enhanced safety

  • A blinker buzzer is used to prevent forgetting to put out the direction indicator.
    (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)
  • Easier to see with larger rearview mirrors on the left and right as standard equipment.
    (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)
  • The turn signal switch is a 2-motion type.
    (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)
  • The headlight overlap type is adopted, and the light does not turn off when switching between the top and bottom of the light, making it safe.
    (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)
  • The size width of the rear tires has been increased from 3.50 inches to 3.75 inches to improve driving stability.
  • The meter has been enlarged to make it easier to see.
  • The adoption of a neutral safety starter prevents the starter motor from operating when the gear is engaged, preventing it from jumping out.
    (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)
  • A mudguard cover is attached to the disc brake.
    (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)
  • Three-system fuses with separate main switch, headlights, and taillights are used.
    (CB750FOUR) (CB550FOUR)
Honda CB550FOUR 1975
Image of Honda CB550FOUR 1975.

1974 Honda CB550FOUR Main Specifications

The Honda CB550 was a 544 cc (33.2 cu in) four-cylinder standard motorcycle made by Honda from 1974 to 1978. It is a development of the earlier CB500, and like its predecessor, the original CB550K had 4 exhaust pipes and 4 silencers. Here is main specs of Honda CB 550 FOUR model year 1974:

Motorcycle name/modelCB550Four
Model year1974
Total length2,110
axis distance1,405
Ground clearance155
Inner Diameter x Stroke58.5×50.6
Compression Ratio9.0
Max output50ps/8,500
Max Torque4.4Kg-m/7,500
ClutchWet multiplate
Tank capacity14L
Front BrakeHydraulic Disc
Rear brakingLot style leading trading
Front tire size3.25-19-4pr
Rear tire size3.75-18-4pr
Fuel consumption33km/L
Speed change5-speed return
Transmission ratio 12.353
Transmission ratio 21.636
Transmission ratio 31.269
Transmission ratio 41.036
Transmission ratio 50.900
Front wheel suspensionTelescopic
Suspension type rear wheelSwing arm type

1974 Honda Dream CB550FOUR Price

  • Dream CB 550 FOUR 355,000 yen
  • Dream CB 750 FOUR 395,000 yen

CB550FOUR Production Plan : 10,000 units (monthly production)
Dream CB 750 FOUR (monthly production) : 10,000 units

Honda Four (CB550F) Parts and Accessories

You might also interested to check the price of spare parts or accessories for Honda Four (CB550F) motorbike.

  • Fuel Tank Switch Valve Petcock for Honda Cb550f Cb550k Cb750a Cb750f Cb750k Motorcycle 16mm x 1.5mm New - .
    Nut threading is 16mm x .51mm.
    22mm hex nut.
    Package include 1pc. ZY. Silver.
  • 1976-1977 HONDA CB400F REGULATOR/RECTIFIER HONDA CB350F-750F, Manufacturer: PROCOM, Manufacturer Part Number: ESR240-AD, Stock Photo - Actual parts may vary. - $99.00.
    l. ProCom. .
  • New Starter Solenoid Relay Honda CB550 CB750 A F K Super Sport Hondamatic - .
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    High Quality!!.
    Fast Shipping!!. A-Z Moto. .
  • NE Brand - Engine Top End Gasket Set - Honda CB500K CB550K CB550F 1971-78 - .
    . 4into1. .
  • Voltage Rectifier Regulator Fits Honda CB 400cc CB 500cc CB 550cc CB 750cc - .
    High quality aftermarket item
    Fitment(Honda only): Please make sure this part fits your motorcycle before you purchase CB 400cc F 1976-1978,CB 500cc F 1973-1977,CB 550cc F/K3 1975-1978 CB 750cc K1-K8 F1/F2 SOHC 1975-1976. Uptogreen. .
  • Motion Pro 02-0005 Black Vinyl Clutch Cable - $10.99.
    Black vinyl coil wound housing.
    Meets or exceeds OEM quality.
    Inner nylon sleeve for longer life and smooth operation. Motion Pro. Black. 02-0005
  • Honda / Kawasaki Condenser - CB350F CB400F CB500 CB550 CB750 KZ400 KZ440 - .
    Honda / Kawasaki Condenser
    Fits CB350F CB400F CB500 CB550 CB750 KZ400 KZ440. 4into1. .
  • Shock Absorber Set - Chrome - Honda CB750, CB650, CB550, CB500, CB400, CB350 - .
    Fits:CB750K (69-78),F (1975-78),A (1976-78).
    Fits: CB750C (80-82),CB750SC (82-83), CB700SC (1984-86).
    Fits: CB650 (79-82),CB650C (80-81),CB500K (71-73),CB550F (75-77). ACS. .
  • K&S Front Left/Right Turn Signal Assembly With Amber Lens - Honda CB400F Super Sport/CB550F 1975-1977 / CB500T 1975-1976 / CB550K 1975-1978 / CB650 1980-1982 / CB650C Custom 1980-1981 / CB650SC 1982 / CB750A Hondamatic 1976-1978 / CB750C Custom/ CB9 - .
    . K&S. .
  • 1977 Honda CB550F Super Sport Pod Filter Kit - Chrome - 4 Ea - 1 1/2in. x 2 1/2in., Manufacturer: Uni, PK 3 STREET BIKE FILTER - .
    Fits: 1977 Honda CB550F Super Sport, PK 3 STREET BIKE FILTER.
    Pod Filter Kit - Chrome - 4 Ea - 1 1/2in. x 2 1/2in..
  • Production : 1974 to 1978
  • Predecessor : Honda CB500
  • Successor : Honda CB650
  • Class : standard motorcycle
  • Engine : 544 cc (33.2 cu in) air-cooled 8-valve SOHC transverse four
  • Bore / stroke : 58.5 mm × 50.6 mm (2.30 in × 1.99 in)
  • Compression ratio : 9.0:1
  • Transmission : 5-speed
  • Suspension : Front: 35 mm telescopic forks
  • Rear: Twin shocks with adjustable pre-load
  • Brakes : single single-caliper front disc, rear drum
  • Tires : Front: 3.25 x 19 in
  • Rear: 3.75 x 18 in
  • Rake, trail : Rake: 64°, trail: 105 mm
  • Seat height : 805 mm (31.7 in)
  • Fuel capacity : 14 litres (3.7 US gal)

The CB500Four remained in the program at the same time and was not replaced until 1977 by the CB550 K3 (production code 374) so as not to disappoint the drivers of the "four-into-four exhaust system" they had come to love. All in all, the 550 was a well-balanced bike with a very refined engine and technical improvements compared to the 500 Four.


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