Honda Dream CB400FOUR 1974

1974 Honda Dream CB400 FOUR Specs, Cafe Racer Style Motorcycle, Sport-Touring Bigbike Photos Collection

1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR
ホンダドリームCB400FOUR picture. Model year: 1974-12-04.
Body colour: Red
1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR is a classic Japanese long-touring motorbike equipped with a 4-stroke OHC 4-cylinder 400cc 37-horsepower engine and a 6-speed transmission. It was released in December 4, 1974

The CB400FOUR (CB400 Four) was released in Showa 49 as a renewal version based on the old CB350 Four. Equipped with the only SOHC 4-cylinder engine in its class, it incorporated the styling of the cafe racer, which had been trending overseas, and became a hot topic with a low conch handle and a beautiful muffler like a wind instrument. Initially, it had a displacement of 408cc, but due to the revision of the license system in October 1975 (Showa 50), a 398cc specification was also prepared from March 1976 (Showa 51).

Honda Dream CB400 Four, which appeared as a manufacturer's genuine cafe style and recorded strong sales in Japan and overseas. There are quite a few models such as the Z2 and CB750 that have experienced extreme price drops at one point, but Yonfor has maintained its high popularity without a big price drop. Let's take a look at the features and weak points of such a rare out-of-print car.

By adopting a unique collective exhaust system that leads four exhaust pipes to one muffler, this motorcycle creates ample power and a quiet and unique sound, and is completely new in terms of styling. type of motorcycle.

In addition, safety measures such as the front wheel hydraulic disc brakes that demonstrate their power for braking at high speeds, and switches that are concentrated at hand, have been carefully considered.

1974 Honda CB 400FOUR front rear view
Front and Rear View Photo of The 1974 model Honda Dream CB400FOUR.

1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR Features

  • A new design symbolized by a collective muffler.
  • A highly reliable 408cc 4-cylinder OHC 37-horsepower engine that demonstrates stable performance not only in urban driving but also in long cruising.
  • A 6-speed transmission with a wide gear ratio that draws out the full power.
  • Handlebar, seat, and footpeg positions that provide a riding position with high control stability.
  • Enhanced safety and anti-pollution measures.

1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR Main Features

1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR Engine
Engine of The Old Honda Dream CB400FOUR 1974.


  • 4-cycle OHC 4-cylinder 37-horsepower engine
  • The exhaust gases emitted from the four cylinders are collected in a large-capacity collection chamber, and by promoting the exhaust of the other cylinders according to the explosion sequence of the multi-engine, sufficient power can be obtained, and at the same time, the mutual interference of the exhaust. It also brought about a remarkable silencing effect. This work is further enhanced by a thick, high-capacity muffler with three separators, producing a surprisingly quiet and smooth sound.
  • A wide ratio 6-speed transmission that enhances the range of use and draws out power effectively.


  • Semi-double cradle frame with high rigidity and excellent resilience.
  • The low handlebars and seat, along with the appropriate step position, provide a highly stable riding position.
  • Large, slim and racy fuel tank, raised tail end, and 4 into 1 muffler create a design full of functional beauty.

Safety pollution control, other equipment

  • A check mark indicating the wear limit of the brake pad and lining is placed in an easy-to-see position.
  • Equipped with a safety starter that operates only when in neutral or when the clutch is disengaged to prevent it from jumping out.
  • The transmission is equipped with a stopper that prevents the gear from jumping.
  • Equipped with a 2-motion blinker switch that can be operated with a light touch to change the course, etc., and the blinker pilot lamp is independent left and right.
  • It also has a built-in thin headlamp and position lamp with 50/40W illuminance equivalent to that of a car.
  • The main, front, and rear electrical systems are separated for easy maintenance with a 3-system fuse.
  • Large rearview mirrors on both the left and right sides are standard equipment for widening the rear view and helping safe driving.
  • Equipped with a lock/center switch that can be operated while riding. Easy-to-use double-sided keys are used.

1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR Photos Gallery

Honda Dream CB400FOUR 1974
Classic 1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR photo in red colour.
1974 Classic Honda Dream CB400 FOUR Yellow
Image of The Old Honda Dream CB400 FOUR model year 1974.
Paint restoration. Color : yellow.
Honda CB400 FOUR Dream Old 1974 Blue
Original cafe racer style 1974 Honda CB400 FOUR Dream series.
Body Color: Blue.

1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR Price

Price : 327,000 yen (national standard cash price).
Monthly production plan: 5,000 units (including exports)

1974 Honda Dream CB400FOUR Main Specifications

Specs Table of Honda Dream CB400 FOUR model year 1974
Total length (m)2.050
Width (m)0.705
Total height (m)1.040
Length (m)1.355
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.150
Vehicle weight (Kg)185
Fuel consumption (Km/L)
(60Km/h time constant driving test value)
Slope climbing ability (tan)0.37 (about 20 degrees)
Minimum turning radius (m)2.3
Engine modelAir-cooled 4-cycle OHC 4-cylinder
Total Displacement (cc)408
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)51.0×50.0
Compression Ratio9.4
Max output (PS/rpm)37/8,500
Max torque (Kg-m/rpm)3.2/7,500
CarburettorPW 20×4
Starting methodBoth kick and cell
Lubricant capacity (L)3.5
Fuel tank capacity (L)14
Clutch typeWet multi-plate, 7 coil springs
Transmission typeConstant mesh type
Transmission operation methodLeft foot type
Transmission ratio1st2.733
2 speed1.800
3 speed1.375
4 speed1.111
5 speed0.965
6 speed0.866
Steering angle (degrees)Left: 41° Right: 41°
Caster (degrees)63°30′
Trail (mm)85
Tire sizeFront3.00S18-4PR
Brake typeFrontHydraulic disc
RearRod leading trailing
Headlight50W/40W 154mmφ
Taillight8W (combined number light)
HornFlat electric 93 horn
SpeedometerEddy current type (integrator and trip meter built-in)
TachometerEddy current

According to the new model vehicle registration figures under the Road Transport Vehicle Act.


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