Honda CB500T 1974-1976

1975-1976 Honda Dream CB500T Specs, Features & Pictures Gallery

Honda CB500T
Honda Dream CB500T photo.
A clasic 2-cylinder touring motorcycle, model year 1974.

The Honda CB500T was a Honda motorcycle sold in 1975 and 1976. It closely resembled the model it was derived from, the 5-speed version of the CB450 that was discontinued in 1974.

1974 Honda CB500T
1974 Honda CB500T picture.
70s style CB-Twin series.restoration ideas.

The Honda Dream CB500T, released in December 1974, was the pinnacle model of the CB-T (twin) series equipped with a parallel twin engine. The air-cooled 4-stroke parallel 2-cylinder engine with a displacement of 498cc adopted a cam drive system of DOHC, whereas the CB550FOUR (4 cylinders) of the same era was OHC. It was equipped with a high mechanism that seems to be the highest peak of a two-cylinder engine. This engine used a safety starter that only operated when the transmission was in neutral or when the clutch was disengaged. The main key is an easy-to-use double-sided key that doubles as a steering wheel lock that can be operated while riding. The frame was equipped with a semi-double cradle, 5-speed transmission, front disc brake, odometer, trip meter, and tachometer.

Honda Dream CB500T 1975
ホンダドリームCB500T  1974-12-04
An old classic 500cc motorcycle in original condition.

This motorcycle was developed as the highest model of a 2-cylinder machine with a rich personality, equipped with a highly reliable DOHC high-mechanism engine, quiet, easy to handle even at low and medium speeds, and a calm design. Safety and anti-pollution measures have also been taken into consideration.

Honda Dream CB500T Features

  • Equipped with a 498 CC 4-cycle air-cooled upright 2-cylinder DOHC engine with advanced mechanisms
  • A power chamber is used in the exhaust pipe. Quiet exhaust sound and easy-to-use low- and medium-speed torque
  • A design with a cool and calm atmosphere
  • Enhanced safety and anti-pollution measures

CB500T Engine

  • 4-cycle DOHC 2-cylinder engine.
  • By adopting a power chamber for the exhaust pipe that improves exhaust efficiency and further enhances combustion efficiency in the low to medium speed range, it brings out flat low to medium speed torque and makes it easier to ride.
  • A 5-speed transmission with a gear ratio that makes effective use of power.

Motorbike Body

  • The design of the tank, seat, and side covers creates a sober and subdued atmosphere.
  • Low and highly stable seat. You can get a riding position with less fatigue born from ergonomics, such as a steering wheel that fully considers maneuverability.
  • The front suspension adopts a long stroke Seria 12 type with light unsprung weight. Combined with the high road surface followability of the rear, it is easy to handle.
  • Thick rear tires (3.75S18) for greater driving stability

Safety pollution control, other equipment of CB500T

  • A check mark indicating the wear limit of the brake pad and lining is placed in an easy-to-see position.
  • The synergistic effect of the glass wool stuffed into the muffler end and the power chamber creates an extremely quiet exhaust sound.
  • The main, front, and rear electrical systems are separated, and a 3-system fuse for easy maintenance.
  • Equipped with a 2-motion turn signal switch that allows for light touch switch operations such as changing course. Moreover, the blinker pilot lamp is left and right independent.
  • Equipped with a safety starter that operates only when in neutral or when the clutch is disengaged to prevent it from jumping out.
  • It also has a built-in thin headlamp and position lamp with 50/40W illuminance.
  • Large rearview mirrors on both the left and right sides of the vehicle are standard equipment to increase rearward visibility and aid in safe driving.
  • Equipped with a lock/center switch that can be operated while riding. Easy-to-use double-sided keys are used.

1974 Honda CB500T Major Specifications

Motorcycle name/modelHonda Dream CB500T
Total length (m)2.150
Width (m)0.835
Total height (m)1.135
Length (m)1.410
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.140
Vehicle weight (Kg)206
Fuel consumption (Km/L)
(60Km/h time constant driving test value)
Slope climbing ability (tan)0.37 (about 20 degrees)
Minimum turning radius (m)2.3
Engine modelAir-cooled 4-cycle DOHC 2-cylinder
Total Displacement (cc)498
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)70.0×64.8
Compression Ratio8.5
Max output (PS/rpm)41/8,000
Max torque (Kg-m/rpm)3.8/7,000
carburetorCV butterfly type x 2
Starting methodBoth kick and cell
Lubrication methodCombination of pressure feed and spray method
Lubricant capacity (L)2.8
Fuel tank capacity (L)16
Clutch typeWet multi-plate, 7 coil springs
Transmission typeConstant mesh type
Transmission operation methodLeft foot type
Transmission ratio1st2.277
2 speed1.521
3 speed1.230
4 speed1.000
5 speed0.844
Steering angle (degrees)Left: 40° Right: 40°
Caster (degrees)62°30′
Trail (mm)110
Tire size Front3.25S19-4PR
Brake typeFrontHydraulic disc
RearLeading Trailing
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic
RearSwing arm
Frame formatSemi-double cradle
Headlight50W/40W 170φ
Taillight8W (combined number light)
HornSwirl electric 95 horn
SpeedometerEddy current type (integrator and trip meter built-in)
TachometerEddy current

Approved by the Ministry of Transport

Honda Dream CB500T Release date

December 4, 1974

Honda Dream CB500T Price

365,000 yen (national standard cash price)

Production Plan

Monthly production: 5,000 units (including exports).

Developed as the highest model of a 2-cylinder machine, it is equipped with a highly reliable DOHC high-mechanism engine. It was equipped with a safety starter that operates only when in neutral or when the clutch is disengaged to prevent the engine from popping out, a center ignition switch that also serves as a lock that can be operated while riding, and an easy-to-use double-sided key.


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