Honda CB125JX 1980-1981

Information About 1980-1981 Model Honda Benly CB125JX, A Light 125cc Road Sports Motorbike Specs, Pictures

Honda CB125JX 1980
1980 Honda CB125JX photo in new condition.
. Body Colour: White. Release date: 1980-04-15
1980-1981 Honda CB125JX specs: ● Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC 2-valve single cylinder ● 124cc ● 14PS/10000rpm ● 1.0kg-m/9000rpm ● 97kg ● 2.75-18・3.00-17 ● 198,000 yen

Since 1975, Honda has improved the CB125JX, a lightweight single-cylinder road sports motorcycle that has been well received for its excellent mobility, durability and economy, and has also renewed its design. This model was released on April 15th, 1980.

In 1980, it underwent a full model change and renewed its style. It has been redesigned from the rounded style of the past to a square design that is typical of the 80's. The design of the fuel tank, side covers, seats, etc. has also been renewed. The engine has been redesigned with a sharp square shape, and the engine has improved mid-low speed by reviewing the carburetor, ignition timing, and intake and exhaust valves.

This Honda CB125JX was developed as a simple, compact and affordable motorcycle. The 124cc 14-horsepower engine has improved carburetor, ignition timing, intake and exhaust valves, etc., and is equipped with improved torque and durability at low and medium speeds, making it easier to handle. At the same time, the design of the fuel tank, side covers, seats, etc. has been renewed to create a more sophisticated and sporty style.

1980 Honda CB125JX Price

Sales plan: 3,000 units a year in Japan.
The standard cash price in the year of 1980 was 198,000 yen (excluding some remote islands; Hokkaido price was 203,000 yen)

1980 Honda CB125JX
1980 Honda CB125JX picture.
Color: Black.
Classic motorcycle restoration.

1980 Honda CB125JX Main Features

  • For the engine, improvements to the carburetor, optimized ignition timing, larger diameter intake and exhaust valves, and changes to the shape of the muffler have improved torque performance at medium and low speeds and improved ease of handling. Durability has also been improved by improving the bearing at the big end of the connecting rod and the piston ring.
  • In terms of body design, the fuel tank and side covers have been changed, and sharp stripes have been added to create a fresh and sophisticated design.
  • A free-valve system is used for the front suspension. It improves ride comfort and maneuverability. In addition, the rear suspension has 5 levels of spring strength adjustment.
  • Considerations for safe driving include brighter headlights, various indicator lamps concentrated in one place for improved visibility, and front disc brakes with improved feel by changing brake calipers. there is
1981 Honda CB 125JX
ホンダCB 125 JX image.
Old naked lightweight sport touring motorbike.
Color: White.

1980 Honda CB125JX Specifications

Here is the specs table of Honda CB125JX model year 1980-1981:

Motorcycle nameHonda CB125JX
Model production periode1980-1981
PredessorBenly 125JX 1975
Total length (m)1.880
Width (m)0.730
Total height (m)1.030
Length (m)1.205
Vehicle weight (kg)Drying:97 Maintenance:106
Fuel tank capacity (L)11
Fuel consumption (km/L)60 (50km/h level running test value)
Engine spec4-cycle OHC air-cooled single cylinder
Total Displacement (cm3)124
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)56.5×49.5
Max output (PS/rpm)14/10,000
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)1.0/9,000
Starting methodKick method
Transmission5 speed return
Frame formatDiamond format
Tire sizeFront2.75-18-4PR
Brake typeFrontMechanical disc
RearLeading Trailing

The last specification change was in 1982. Here, square eye headlights were adopted, and the meter was changed from a two-lens type to a square type.


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