Honda TL125 (JD06) 1983

Honda TL125 Model Year 1983 (JD06), A Lightweight and Slim 125cc Trekking Motorcycle Specs & Photos

Honda TL125 (JD06) 1983 blue
1983 Honda TL125 picture.
Model JD06. Color: Blue.

Honda Motor released the trekking bike Honda TL125 in April 21st 1983, for leisurely touring around the magnificent nature such as fields and mountains.

This Honda TL125 was developed as a versatile sports bike that can be used not only for trekking but also for touring and trial riding, and it also has a fashionable look that blends in with the urban scene. The engine is equipped with a highly reliable 4-cycle 124cc single-cylinder 9.3 horsepower engine. The front suspension uses a semi-air type and the rear uses a pressurized type. In addition, the body is designed for trial riding, and the lightweight (dry weight 89kg) and slim shape with a fresh and unique design make it a highly sporty and fashionable bike.
As a result, Honda's trekking bike series is enriched with three models: Silk Road (CT250S), CT110 and this time TL125. This makes it suitable for a wider range of users.

1983 Honda TL125
Photo of Honda TL125 (JD06) model year 1983.

The Honda TL125 model followed the Bials TL125 (1973) and the Ihatov TL125S (1981), and like the two predecessors, it had a trial bike-like body configuration (small fuel tank and seat, large ground clearance, large-diameter wheels. etc.), and had square headlights and a mini visor that seemed to be off-road bikes in the 80's. The engine was a 124cc air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder OHC, and it was the first time since the Bials TL125 that it emphasized tenacity in the mid-low speed range. The gear ratio of the 5-speed transmission was set lower in the 1st and 2nd gears in order to enjoy trekking and trial driving. On the other hand, the top 5th gear is a cruising gear, so it was possible to go out from home in the city and enjoy a trial as it was. In 1988, it received a minor change, with a slightly longer seat and an accessory bag. Adopted batteryless electronics.

Honda TL125 Price at the year of 1983

Sales plan (domestic/annual) : 5,000 units (planned).
National Standard Cash Price : 253,000 yen.
(Hokkaido and Okinawa prices are 5,000 yen higher. Excludes some other remote islands.)

1983 Honda TL125 Main Features

  • The 4-cycle 124cc, 9.3 horsepower, durable and tenacious engine was developed for ease of use in the low-to-mid speed range, and has powerful torque suitable for trials and off-road driving. In addition to obtaining characteristics, it also has excellent economy (fuel consumption 60km / L: 50km / h constant driving test value).
  • The front suspension employs a semi-pneumatic system that offers excellent ride comfort and road-following performance. Combined with the inverted pressurized damper of the rear suspension, it enhances ride comfort and running performance.
  • By using high-strength steel pipes with a square cross-section for the main pipe and down tube of the frame, the weight of the frame alone is 6.8 kg, contributing to the lightweight design of the vehicle body.
  • The lightweight (dry weight 89kg) and slim body design provides excellent maneuverability and a low seat height (800m/m). It is designed to meet a wide range of uses, such as trial driving.
  • Various equipment
    ・Easy-to-read speedometer and indicator lamps arranged functionally.
    ・Easy-to-use steering lock integrated main switch.
    - 35W/36.5W square halogen headlight.

*[Trekking bike]
 TREKKING (English) means "to take a slow trip on an oxcart, to make a tough trip", and is currently used as a national sports term for "walking in the mountains, skiing on flat ground". It is used mainly for walking exercise for health and recreation, such as gliding, and for "nature's bosom tours."
Honda further develops this meaning and advocates the enjoyment of leisurely touring around magnificent nature on a two-wheeled vehicle.

1983 Honda TL125 Specifications

Total length (m)2.080
Width (m)0.825
Total height (m)1.105
Length (m)1.310
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.300
Seat height (m)0.800
Vehicle weight (kg)96
Dry weight (kg)89
Capacity (person)2
Fuel consumption (km/L)60.0 (50km/h level running test value)
Slope climbing ability (tanθ)0.55 (about 29 degrees)
Minimum turning radius (m)1.6
Steering angle (degrees)62
Engine modelJD06E air-cooled 4-cycle OHC single cylinder
Displacement(cm3 )124
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)56.5×49.5
Compression Ratio9.0
Max output (PS/rpm)9.3/8,000
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)0.92/4,500
Carburetor modelPC04
Starting methodPrimary kick
Ignition methodContactless CDI
Lubrication methodCombination of pressure feed type and splash type
Lubricant capacity (L)1.1
Fuel tank capacity (L)6.5
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeConstant mesh 5-speed return
Transmission ratio1st2.769
2 speed2.125
3 speed1.450
4 speed1.000
5 speed0.724
Reduction ratio (primary)3.866
Caster (degrees)26°30′
Trail (mm)86
Tire sizeFront2.75-21-4PR
Brake typeFrontMechanical leading trailing
RearMechanical leading trailing
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic (with cylindrical air spring)
RearSwing arm (coil spring)
Frame formatDiamonds
1987 Honda TL125 (JD06) 1983 Rothmans HONDA RACING TEAM
1987 Honda TL125 (JD06) image.
Livery color: Rothmans HONDA RACING TEAM

Since its release in April 1983, "Honda TL125", which has been very popular as a trekking machine, has been participating in the World Road Race Championship series since the 1984 season. "Rothmans HONDA RACING TEAM". / Lausanne Blue” was released on April 25 1987 as a new coloring model.


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