Honda CBX125 CUSTOM (JC12) 1984-1993

1984-1993 Honda CBX125 CUSTOM (JC12) Specs & American-style Touring Motorbike Photos Collection

Honda CBX125 CUSTOM 1984
Honda CBX125 Custom.
「ホンダ・CBX125カスタム」 Model year: 1984-04-11.

The Honda CBX125 Custom is an American touring motorbike model that debuted in April 11, 1984 as a 125cc model for the Honda CBX series. On the same day, a road sports CBX125F with a cowl was also released. The engine installed in the 125cc CBX adopted an RFVC system with a hemispherical combustion chamber and four valves arranged radially. By increasing the combustion efficiency, it was intended to achieve both an increase in output and an improvement in fuel efficiency. The CBX125 Custom is an American custom model suitable for long touring, and the engine is 15ps, which is a little quieter than the CBX125F. It had a short type megaphone muffler, a wide 16-inch diameter rear tire, and a low seat height of 730 mm. After receiving a minor change in 1987 to improve quietness, the model was discontinued in 1993 after minor changes such as changing the engine characteristics and the gear ratio of the 5-speed transmission.

The engine installed in this CBX125F/CUSTOM uses a groundbreaking RFVC system in which four valves are arranged radially in a hemispherical combustion chamber. This has made it possible to expand the diameter of the intake and exhaust valves, greatly improving combustion efficiency and intake and exhaust efficiency.・15PS/10,500rpm), maximum torque of 1.1kg-m/9,500rpm (custom, 1.1kg-m/9,000rpm), and 64km/L (50km/h level running test value) fuel economy.

In addition, by adopting a dual intake carburetor, the intake efficiency is improved from low speed to high speed, realizing a sensitive response from low speed to high speed.
The frame uses a lightweight and highly rigid semi-double cradle. Suspension is telescopic on the front wheels and a swing arm on the rear wheels.
Brakes are equipped with dual piston calipers and hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels. In addition, the CBX125F is equipped with lightweight boomerang-shaped all-aluminum sports Comstar wheels on the front and rear wheels, with 16-inch front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels. The CBX125 Custom is a compact on-road sports bike with 18-inch front wheels that accentuate the American image and 16-inch small-diameter wide tires on the rear wheels.
As a result, Honda's 125cc class sports bikes have expanded to 9 models and 11 types, meeting the needs of a wider range of customers.

Honda CBX125 CUSTOM 1984 Price

Sales plan (domestic/annual) : 4,000 units planned.
National Standard Cash Price : ¥289,000.
(Hokkaido and Okinawa prices are 8,000 yen higher. In addition, some remote islands are excluded.)

Other Key Features of Honda CBX125 CUSTOM

  • Equipped with halogen headlights with a large amount of light (35W/36.5W). (F is round, custom is square)
  • Low seat height of 730mm with good foot grounding. (custom)
  • A short-cut twin megaphone muffler that accentuates the American fearlessness is adopted. (custom)
  • Equipped with a large tooling box that is convenient for touring. (custom)

Honda CBX125 CUSTOM Photos Gallery

Honda CBX125 CUSTOM JC12
1987 CBX125 CUSTOM image.
The CBX125 Custom has a black body color and a more calm coloring to improve its image
1992 Honda CBX 125 CUSTOM
1992 CBX125 Custom photo.
This model has a more toned and calm image, such as arranging pinstripes on the fuel tank and side covers
Honda CBX125 CUSTOM 1993 Black
1993 CBX125 CUSTOM picture.
This time, the gear ratio has been changed in consideration of smooth driving in the medium and low speed range, and usability has been improved by adopting an easy-to-operate push-cancel turn signal switch and an MF battery that does not require refilling water. As for the body color, the CBX125 Custom has a calm image with pinstripes on the black fuel tank.

Since its release in 1984, the CBX125 series has been the only 125cc class equipped with a DOHC radial valve (RFVC) engine, and has been well received by a wide range of age groups as an economical, easy-to-handle, light-riding bike.

1984 Honda CBX125 CUSTOM Main Specifications

Honda CBX 125 is equipped with an air-cooled, 4-cycle, DOHC, * RFVC (Radial Four Valve Combustion Chamber) single-cylinder engine (total displacement of 124cm3), April 11, 1984 Two types of high-performance road sports bike, "Honda CBX125F equipped with a mount type fairing for enjoying light riding" and "American style Honda CBX125 Custom suitable for long touring etc." was released at the same time.

 CBX125FCBX125 Custom
Total length (m)1.9402.050
Width (m)0.6800.785
Total height (m)1.1201.110
Wheel Distance (m)1.2801.360
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.1800.175
Seat height (m)0.7700.730
Vehicle weight (kg)117121
Dry weight (kg)105112
Capacity (persons)22
Fuel consumption (km/L)64 (50km/h level running test value) 64 (50km/h level running test value)
Slope climbing ability (tanθ)0.36 (about 20 degrees)0.36 (about 20 degrees)
Minimum turning radius (m)2.22.2
Engine modelJC11E Air-cooled 4-cycle DOHC 4-valve single cylinderJC11E Air-cooled 4-cycle DOHC 4-valve single cylinder
Total Displacement (cm3 )124124
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)58.0×47.058.0×47.0
Compression Ratio11.011.0
Max output (PS/rpm)17/11,50015/10,500
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)1.1/9,5001.1/9,000
Carburetor modelPF35APF40A
Starting methodSelf-operatedSelf-operated
Ignition methodNon-contact CDINon-contact CDI
Lubrication methodPumping splash combination methodPumping splash combination method
Lubricant capacity (L)1.21.2
Fuel tank capacity (L)1210
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil springWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeConstant mesh 6-speed returnConstant mesh 5-speed return
Transmission ratio1st gear3.0003.000
2 speed2.0621.941
3 speed1.5781.450
4 speed1.3331.173
5 speed1.1531.000
6 speed1.041-
Reduction ratio 1st/2nd 3,315/3,0003,315/2,933
Caster (degrees)27°00′30°00′
Trail (mm)90122
Tire sizeFront80/100-16 45P90/90-18 51P
Rear90/90-18 51P110/90-16 59P
Brake typeFrontHydraulic disc brakeHydraulic disc brake
RearMechanical leading trailingMechanical leading trailing
Suspension methodFrontTelescopicTelescopic
Frame formatSemi-double cradleSemi-double cradle


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