Honda CBX750F Bol d'Or (RC17) 1985

Specs & Photos Gallery of 1985 Honda CBX750F Bol d'Or" with full fairing

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has added a full fairing to the Honda CBX750F, which is highly rated for overall performance such as ride comfort and handling, to reduce rider fatigue due to wind and rain while driving. The equipped Honda CBX750F Bol d'Or was released on a limited basis from May 17, 1985.

Honda CBX750F Bol d'Or 1985
Picture of 1985 Honda CBX750F Bol d'Or.
「ホンダCBX750Fボルドール」 Release date:1985-05-17];

This CBX750F Bol d'Or is equipped with a full fairing to reduce rider fatigue from wind and rain during long rides. In addition, the use of a full fairing that is integrated with the body creates an elegant style. In order to make driving even more comfortable, a ventilation system has been newly adopted that allows air to flow from the front of the fairing into the driver's seat as needed.
Equipped with a DOHC, 16-valve, in-line 4-cylinder, 747cc engine, it achieves a high output of 77PS/9500rpm and fuel economy of 36km/L (60Km/h level running test value), while In order to improve maintainability, a hydraulic valve clearance automatic adjustment mechanism that does not require tappet clearance adjustment, an AC generator that does not require brush replacement, a hydraulic automatic cam chain tensioner that reduces engine noise, and a clutch wire elongation adjustment that is not required. It uses a hydraulic clutch.

Honda CBX750F Bol d'Or Price in 1985

Limited sale (Japan domestic/annual) : 2,000 units.
National Standard Cash Price was 750,000 yen

(Hokkaido and Okinawa prices are 10,000 yen higher. In addition, some remote islands are excluded).
The body adopts a double cradle type frame that pursues light weight and high rigidity through computer analysis. The suspension uses an air-assist system that allows the load to be adjusted according to the driving conditions on the front wheels, and Honda's original pro-link rear suspension that allows the load to be adjusted in three stages on the rear wheels. It is equipped with a torque response anti-dive mechanism (TRAC) that controls the sinking of the body, making it excellent in ride comfort and road surface followability.
The brakes are fully equipped with double discs with dual piston calipers on the front wheels and single discs on the rear wheels to improve overall performance. In addition, the new integrated dual headlights with a fearless design and inner pockets on the left and right sides of the fairing (with a key on the right side) are convenient for storing small items. ing.

1985 Honda CBX750F Bol d'Or Main Specifications

Predessor1983 Honda CBX750F
Total length (m)2.145
Width (m)0.735
Total height (m)1.285
Length (m)1.465
Seat height (m)0.800
Vehicle weight (kg)247
Dry weight (kg)225
Fuel consumption (km・L)36.0 (60km/h level running test value)
Engine typeRC17E
Total Displacement (cm3 )747
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)67.0×53.0
Compression Ratio9.3
Max output (PS/rpm)77/9,500
Max torque (kg-m/rpm)6.5/7,500
Starting methodSelf
Ignition methodFull transistor
Fuel tank capacity (L)22
Transmission typeConstant mesh 6-speed return
Tire sizeFront110/90-16 59H
Rear130/80-18 66H
Brake typeFrontHydraulic double disc (dual piston caliper)
RearHydraulic disc (dual piston caliper)
Suspension methodFrontTelescopic type (with cylindrical air spring)
RearSwing arm type (Prolink)
Frame FormatDouble Cradle


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