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Honda CBR400F Formula 3released on August 31, 1985 with the aim of reducing the weight and improving the performance of the sports bike Honda CBR400F series. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has made some improvements such as weight reduction and performance improvement of CBR400F series ("Honda CBR400F" and "Honda CBR400F Endurance") that equipped with 4-cycle in-line 4-cylinder engine. In addition, the "Honda CBR400F Formula 3 (Three)" type, which is newly equipped with a single-seater seat (single seat) as standard equipment also added to the series.

1985 Honda CBR400F Formula 3
Photo of Honda CBR400F Formula-3, model year 1985.

ThisHonda CBR400Fseries newly adopts a collecting pipe muffler of a straight pipe diffusion type exhaust (straight booster exhaust) system with high exhaust efficiency obtained from racing activities, and at the same time reduces the weight of each part of the car body (CBR400F, dry weight, 176 kg → 174 kg)/CBR400F Endurance/Dry weight/183kg → 181kg) has realized a smooth and powerful low/medium speed power feeling, and the handling performance has been further improved. In addition, the body is equipped with a square cross-section pipe frame that pursues light weight and high rigidity, a new aluminum 3-spoke full cast wheel, and an aluminum swing arm, as well as a stelenless muffler, duralumin handles, and steps (formula). High-quality materials such as 3) are used to create a luxurious sports bike.

In terms of equipment, the body color that makes the most of the vivid contrast and stripes, the innovative temper color (high temperature quenching color) is adopted for the exhaust pipe, and the rear cowl integrated single seat with a fearless style is installed as standard (Formula 3). It is equipped with a full range of equipment suitable for high-performance sports bikes.

* Straight pipe diffusion type exhaust system
The conventional exhaust system has a structure called a three-pass system in which the exhaust passes through three pipes, but the system adopted this time adopts a simple and highly efficient structure called a single pipe diffusion system in which the exhaust passes through one pipe while diffusing. System.

1985 Honda CBR400F Formula 3 Specifications

Here are the specifications of Honda CBR400F VS CBR400F Endurance VS Honda CBR400F Formula 3 :
&CBR400FCBR400F EnduranceCBR400F Formula 3
Overall length (m)2.0352.045
Overall width (m)0.7100.7200.700
Overall height (m)1.0751.200
Wheelbase (m)1.390
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.135
Seat height (m)0.7900.780
Vehicle weight (kg)191198195
Dry weight (kg)174181178
Riding capacity (persons)221
Fuel economy (km/L)40 (60km/h constant-land driving test value)
Minimum turning radius (m)2.6
engine modelNC07E, air-cooled 4 cycle DOHC 4-valve 4-cylinder
Total displacement (cm3)399
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)55.0 × 42.0
compression ratio9.6
Maximum output (PS/rpm)58.0/12,300
Maximum torque (kg-m/rpm)3.6/11,000
Carburetor modelVE53
Starting methodSelf
Ignition methodTransistor type
Lubrication methodPumped splash combination type
Lubricating oil capacity (L)3
Fuel tank capacity (L)18
clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
transmission typeAlways meshing 6-stage return
Gear ratio1st speed2.769
2nd speed1.850
3rd speed1.478
4th speed1.240
5th speed1.074
6 speed0.965
Reduction ratio 1st/2nd2.565/3.133
Caster (degree)27°00 ′
Trail (mm)98
tire size(Front) 100/90-16 54H (Rear) 110/90-18 61H
Brake model(Front) Hydraulic double disc (Rear) Hydraulic single disc
Suspension method(Front) Telescopic (Rear) Swing arm
frame formatDouble grader

1985 Honda CBR400F Formula 3 Price

National standard cash price at that time when it was in new condition in Japan 1985 : (Prices in Hokkaido and Okinawa are 9,000 yen higher. Excluding some other remote islands).
Sales plan (domestic/annual plan):
  • Honda CBR400F : 8,000 units
  • Honda CBR400F Endurance : 8,000 units
  • Honda CBR400F Formula 3: 5,000 units (limited)


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