Honda CL50 (A-CD50) 1997

1997 Honda Benly CL50 (A-CD50) Specs, Price & Photos Gallery | A Uniquely Styled 50cc Sports Bike Reminiscent of The 1960s Scrambler

Honda CL50 1997
1997 Honda Benly CL50 photo.
Release date: 1997-04-21).「ホンダ ベンリィ CL50」with redesigned fuel tank.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has created a unique 50cc sports bike with the image of a '60s scrambler (bike for rough terrain), such as a fuel tank with knee grip rubber and a fearless up muffler. Honda Benly CL50 model year 1997 was released from April 21.

This 1997 Benly CL50 is a model inspired by the design of the predessor, scrambler 70s Benly CL50, which was released in 1967 and was well received by young people.  
The unique style of the slim and streamlined fuel tank with knee grip rubber, the semi-long type seat, and the fearless up muffler is simple and retro that matches the trends of the modern young generation. It has become a style.  
 Equipped with an air-cooled, 4-cycle, OHC, single-cylinder engine that has a reputation for high reliability and economy, it is intended to provide a smooth and light driving feeling.  
Honda's lineup of 4-cycle 50cc sports bikes includes 5 models and 6 variations: Benly CL50, Benly 50S/50S SP, Dream 50, Jazz, and Magna 50 to meet the needs of a wide range of users. It is assumed that it can respond to.

Main Features of Honda Benly CL50 Model Year 1997

Benly CL50 Engine

  • The engine is an air-cooled, 4-cycle, OHC, single-cylinder Benly 50S/CD50 that has a good reputation combined with a rotary 4-speed transmission. It also has high economic efficiency due to the fuel consumption of the ground measurement value).

CL50 Body and Suspension

  • The front suspension is equipped with off-road bike image boots. The rear suspension also has exposed coil springs to enhance the image of an off-road bike.
  • The front and rear 17-inch tires use a block pattern.
  • The backbone-shaped frame creates a light and slim styling.

1997 Benly CL50 Styling

  • The slim fuel tank has a capacity of 5.8 liters, and the use of knee grip rubber creates a retro '60s feel.
  • The adoption of a semi-long type seat and an up-handle with a bar enables a relaxed and flexible riding position.
  • The coloring is designed to shine in a wide range of locations, from the city to the outdoors, by adopting a Max Silver Metallic fuel tank and a vivid Monza Red frame and headlight case.

1997 Honda CL50 Specifications

Main specs of Honda Benly CL50 model year 1997:

Common NameBenly CL50
Minimum ground clearance(m)0.200
Seat height(m)0.770
Vehicle weight/dry weight(kg)79/74
Fuel consumption rate (km/L) 30km/h level running test value100.0
Minimum turning radius(m)1.9
Engine modelCD50E (air-cooled, 4-cycle, OHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder)
Total Displacement(cm3 )49
Inner Diameter x Stroke(mm)39.0×41.4
Compression Ratio10.0
Max output(PS/rpm)4.0/7,000
Max Torque(kgm/rpm)0.44/6,000
Carburetor modelPB3A
Starting methodKick method
Ignition device typeCDI magnet ignition
Lubrication methodCombined pumping and splashing method
Lubricant capacity(L)0.8
Fuel tank capacity(L)5.8
Clutch typeWet type single plate coil spring
Transmission typeConstant mesh 4-speed rotary
Transmission ratio1st gear3.272
2 speed1.937
3 speed1.350
4 speed1.043
Reduction ratio (primary/secondary)4.312/3.307
Caster (deg)/Trail (mm)27°35′/79
Tire sizeFront2.75-17 41P
Rear2.75-17 41P
Brake typeFrontMechanical leading/trailing
RearMechanical leading trailing
Suspension systemFrontTelescopic
RearSwing arm type
Frame formatBackbone

Honda CL50 1997 Price

Planned sales volume (Japan domestic/annual) : 5,000 units.
Manufacturer's suggested retail price inJapan at that time was 195,000 yen

Example of regional suggested retail price: Hokkaido is 8,000 yen higher, Okinawa is 5,000 yen higher, excluding some other areas.
Reference price. Excludes consumption tax.


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