Honda Ape 50 and Ape 100 Special Edition 2008

2008 Honda Ape 50 and Ape 100 Special Color Limited Edition - Sportbike Specs, Photos Galery

Honda has adopted a special body color for the sports bike Ape 50 and Ape 100, the mini version naked sportbikes that are similar or a little bigger than Honda Monkey/Gorilla. Released on January 25 (Friday) 2008 for a limited time, Honda Ape 50 Special and Ape 100 Special were equipped with a compact air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC single cylinder engine in a slim body.

2008 Honda Ape 50 Special Color
2008 Honda Ape 50 Special picture in new original condition.

This time, the "Ape 50 Special" and "Ape 100 Special" are colored to make the image of the famous car "Dream CB750FOUR" *2 of the past year, and the "Ape 50 Special" In addition to adopting candy blaze orange, it is equipped with chrome-plated headlight covers, chrome-plated handlebars, and special side cover marks. In addition, the Ape 100 Special has a pearl coral leaf blue color scheme, chrome-plated headlight covers, two-tone seats with piping, and luxurious gold-painted front and rear wheels.

The Ape series adopted 50cc in February 2001, 100cc in February 2002, and in January 2003 adopted plated parts for the handle and top bridge, and buffed the crankcase cover. Released deluxe type. Furthermore, in December 2007, the Ape 50 was further improved by adopting an electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI) that contributes to further improvements in environmental performance, excellent startability, and smooth running. The compact body is equipped with a return-type 5-speed transmission that allows you to experience the fun of changing gears, and it is a model that has been well received by a wide range of people.

  • Limited order period: The order period is from January 21, 2008 to March 9, 2008
  • The Dream CB750FOUR was exhibited as a prototype at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show. The use of a 4-cylinder engine that incorporates advanced racing machine technology and a stately style have fascinated many motorcycle fans. It was launched in Japan in 1969 and became a big hit.It is a representative model of Honda's road sports.
2008 Honda Ape 100 Special Limited Edition
Photo of Honda Ape 100 Special Limited Editon.
For Restoration Inspiration.

Price of 2008 Honda Ape Special Edition

    Manufacturer's suggested retail price at that time (year of 2008).
  • Ape 50 Special : 278,250 yen (265,000 yen without consumption tax).
  • Ape 100 Special :294,000 yen (280,000 yen without consumption tax).

Prices (including recycling costs) do not include insurance premiums, taxes (excluding consumption tax), and miscellaneous costs associated with registration.

    Planned sales volume (domestic/annual)
  • Ape 50 Special : 1,000 units (Limited time order)
  • Ape 100 Special : 1,000 units (Limited time order)

2008 Honda Ape Special Main Specifications

NicknameApe 50 SpecialApe 100 Special
Car name/modelHonda JBH-AC16Honda BC-HC07
Total length (m)1.7101.715
Full Width (m)0.770
Total height (m)0.970
wheelbase (m)1.1851.190
Minimum ground clearance (m)0.1550.160
Seat height (m)0.715
Vehicle weight (kg)8487
Fuel consumption rate (km/L)93.0
(30km/h level running test value)
(60km/h level running test value)
Capacity (persons)12
Minimum turning radius (m)1.92.0
Engine model/typeAC16E・
Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder
Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder
Total Displacement (cm3 )4999
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)42.0×35.653.0×45.0
Compression Ratio9.29.4
Max output (kW [PS]/rpm)2.7 [3.7]/8,0005.1 [7.0] / 8,000
Maximum torque (N・m[kg・m]/rpm)3.6[0.37]/6,0007.0 [0.71]/6,500
Fuel supply system modelElectronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI)Carburetor PB5QA
Starting methodKick method
Ignition device typeFull transistor battery ignitionCDI magnet ignition
Lubrication methodCombined pumping and splashing method
Fuel tank capacity (L)5.5
Clutch typeWet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission typeConstant mesh 5-speed return
Transmission ratio1 speed3.083
2 speed1.882
3 speed1.400
5 speed0.9600.923
Reduction ratio (primary/secondary)4.437/3.2854.437/2.200
Caster angle (degrees)/Trail amount (mm)28°30′/89.0
Tire sizeFront120/80-12 55J
Rear120/80-12 55J
Brake typeFrontMechanical leading/trailing
RearMechanical leading trailing
Suspension systemFrontTelescopic
RearSwing Arm Type (Prolink)
Frame formatDiamond


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